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Questions involving the ban from flagging when one has too many declined flags.

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What's a "good" helpful flags percentage?

The flag suspension that triggers on 25% flags declined in the last 7 days could possibly impact me depending on how exactly things drain from "waiting for review" vs land into "helpful&...
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Rejected duplicate answer flags [duplicate]

When reviewing answers to How to resize Image with SwiftUI? I found some duplicate answers: which were ...
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"Very Low Quality" answer flags all declined around the same time

Just now I had 3 "Very Low Quality" answer flags that all received "declined - a moderator reviewed your flag, but found no evidence to support it", resulting in me getting flag ...
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Should code screenshots and unformatted posts be flagged Very Low Quality?

The very low quality flag says: This question has severe formatting or content problems. This question is unlikely to be salvageable through editing, and might need to be removed. But I got 6 of ...
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Why was I banned from flagging...? [duplicate]

I just noticed I got banned from flagging and wonder why. I suspect a manual ban, as I can't see any logic behind my recent flags. And the flags that got declined are already from a few days back, so ...
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Flagging warning?

I was about to flag a question for something better suited for Server Fault. When doing so I noticed I had a warning about a declined flag which is new for me. Is this a new change or does this mean I'...
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Why I can raise flags if I am flag-banned?

Sometimes I raise flags that maybe are not accepted by a moderator. This is the normal behavior of Stack Overflow. And I receive the message that I cannot post flags for one week. But still I ...
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Declined Flag Feedback

My focus in 2018 is gaining more experience in moderating questions and answers. As a result I've been hitting the review queues hard. And as a result of that I earned myself a ban on flagging - 4 ...
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Fixing a declined flag

My flag was declined after the edits on the question. I have been through similar question so I have clarity why my flag was declined. I understand that the declined flag can't be made helpful ...
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Does Retract Flag lead to flag ban?

What happens if I retract flag more number of times? Does it lead to flag ban?
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I have been given a flag ban but I don't agree with it [duplicate]

It appears that I've been flag banned: I guess it's because I've had 3 flags declined in 7 days? But I'd say these declines are either incorrect or at worst marginal: First question: TBH, I ...
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Triage review for off-topic questions and Unsalvageable action

I start reviewing Triage questions, taking into account Stack Overflow's policy on off-Topic questions. Being careful to apply SO policy during my review, there are a lot of off-topic questions ...
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Banned from Flagging - How to avoid?

I get a ban from flagging because to many flags on the last 7 days are declined. The declined posts are the following (all flagged with not an answer): What does the error "Bad gateway" ...
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Offer "last 7 days" view for flag history

TL;DR Please put some visuals into the flag history view to show what exactly is meant by "the last seven days". I was briefly getting the "please review" notice when I flagged something, and went to ...
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Can't go to Triage because "Too many of my flags are declined" [duplicate]

I've become active on StackOverflow very recently. I started reviewing posts through 'review' link on the top and flagged several posts on Triage. Yup I might have committed mistakes in the ...
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Flag restriction review

Some of my recent Flags were found to be invalid which resulted in me not being able to flag anymore. When I tried to review the flagged content again to know where I went wrong, I found that those ...
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Banned from flagging, even though flag turned out to be useful

I flagged a question, because it should have been moved to Code Review. My flag was declined, but then the question was moved to Code Review. How come I am still banned from flagging if the flag ...
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Too many declined flags [duplicate]

I want to flag a question few minutes ago, but I couldn't. This is the screen Too many of your recent flags have been declined- So I clicked to review , and I saw this; 2 declined counts too many?...
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Why am I banned after a single helpful flag after flag ban?

Till today morning I was banned for flagging, then raised one flag which deemed helpful and I'm banned again. Did I miss some which were waiting for review (if so, which are they), or is there ...
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How to enjoy the Triage review when you are flag banned?

I'm currently banned for flagging (for some low quality flag mistakes, with which I can live, never mind). What's worse is that it complicates the Triage review because the Unsalvageable button opens ...
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Attention: some of your recent flags have been declined

When someone gets a declined flag, they get the following message when they try to flag another post: Attention: some of your recent flags have been declined - please review them before flagging ...
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How can I improve my flagging behavior as long I'm banned from flagging? [duplicate]

I'm currently banned from flagging, but I can't see a way, how I can get rid of that ban. I also can't see from my flagging history what actually makes the balance between being flagging banned or ...
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My flags are being declined

So my flags on bad posts aren't good enough, according to some, but all my flagged posts have minus something votes and all of them are closed... Like this one, for example What's the problem ?
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When can you flag again after recent flags have been declined?

If one has had a recent streak of flags being declined, when does one get the permission back?
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What detrimental effect do declined flags have? [duplicate]

What detrimental effect do declined flags have, and do I have any come-back on those declined flags? I've just noticed (as I don't normally keep track of these things) that a flag that I raised on a ...
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Why was I banned from flagging? [duplicate]

On my newest flag page there is only one declined flag - for 19 oct. And suddenly... banned. Investigation? Screenshot of newest flags:
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How can I review a flag?

I tried to flag a post but I got this message: Your last flag was declined - please review it before flagging this post! This message is linked to my Flagged Posts list, but I don't see any option ...
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Too many declined flags to flag post

So I've been lurking on the First Post queue, and as such have been flagging some dodgy posts. I go to flag this one as 'Not an Answer' and I can't because 'Too many of your recent flags have been ...
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Yet another llame "STOP! Look and Listen" [duplicate]

I clicked on "add comment", because I wanted to add some thougts to the question. The result? Well, listen to what? Commenting is a review failure? Why leave the "add comment"-option open then? The ...
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Banned for "Declined - old question"?

I'm in Too many of your recent flags have been declined - please review them instead of flagging this post! hot water (Allow recovery from flag hellban). I apologize me and the moderator disagree on ...
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I'd like to be able to flag again

I ran into one of those bad questions that spawns a raft of bad answers. I flagged several as non-answers or extremely low quality. A mod disagreed, and now, no more flagging for moi. All flags lead ...
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For how long are the flagging rights disabled for a user? [duplicate]

It was a mistake on my part due to my negligence of the rules. I chose other (needs ♦ moderator attention) as flags on 3 consecutive occasions because I wasn't sure of the type of flag to use in cases ...
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Flag banned after getting a helpful flag

I was flagging questions asking recommending tools or library when I received this after getting a helpful flag on this question: I had this message directly, without having the usual warning : ...
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Are there something like "flag banned" for many declined flags? [duplicate]

I can't find the answer in the help center. Is there any flag ban for many declined or disputed flags? If so, how many declined flags are needed to get banned? For example, I have 233 helpful flags ...
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