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Flag badges are badges awarded for having a specific number of helpful flags and consist of Citizen Patrol (1 flag), Deputy (80 helpful flags), and Marshal (500 helpful flags).

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Is it possible to get the Marshal badge after being privileged with "cast close and reopen votes"

When you get to a reputation of 3000 you earn the privilege to cast close votes. According to the help pages, you're not supposed to raise a flag anymore when you get this privilege, but to just vote ...
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What are "helpful flags" in the Deputy Badge?

I was wondering what are the "helpful flags" in the Deputy Badge. There doesn't seem to be a badge description when you click on the badge. I thought it was the number of times comments where upvoted ...
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I've earned a badge 6 times—is this a bug?

Today, I flagged my first post, hooray. Because of that, I've got the "Citizen Patrol" badge. But not once, but 6 times already, or at least: I got the notification 6 times now. A bug? To be clear: I'...
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How can a user with 1 rep earn the Citizen Patrol badge?

I've just came across a new SO user (user13450655), who had only 1 reputation (at the time of writing the post), but already earned the Citizen Patrol badge. The strange in that is Citizen Patrol is ...
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Concept of flags after you have 3k points [duplicate]

There is a gold badge Marshal which you can have after raising 500 helpful flags. When I was under 3k points 10-20 flags per day was easy to do. The problem came after the 3k threshold, I received ...
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Do you have to be the first to flag a post to receive a 'helpful flag' vote?

When flagging a post, do you have to be the first user to flag a post in order for your flag to be counted as a 'helpful flag'? For example, to receive the Deputy badge you must 'raise 80 helpful ...
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Helpful flags - does second count?

For the helpful flags, of the Deputy badge, if a post is flagged already, for the same cause or different cause, when I flag it, does it count towards my flag score?
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Citizen Patrol badge - Inconsistency in the [flag-badges]

I recently raised my first flag on Meta but even few day later I still hadn't award the "Citizen Patrol" badge (badge doc page) as can see here: I did some research but found none. When I ...
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Marshal Badge requirements causing large backlog

I have noticed from the few times I have flagged in the last year that almost all of them timed out, unreviewed. I was then scheming today, as I often do, on how to get a gold medal easily. ...
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How can I earn the Marshal badge faster?

The Marshal badge's requirements are 500 helpful flags. I have 244. Based on my calculations, the average helpful rate right now on my flags is about 0.682. This means I will need to flag 782 flags to ...
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