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This tag was used for older questions about how to use the former "First posts" review queue). (DO NOT USE FOR QUESTIONS ABOUT THE CURRENT QUEUES. For questions about the current "First answers" and "First questions" queues, use the [first-answers] or [first-questions] tag instead.)

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Review First Posts Queue audit questions discourage substantive/personalized comments

It is exhausting when I spend some time crafting an encouraging comment for a question or answer that needs improvement, and then I am told "I passed the test". It leads to me wanting to game the ...
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Why does clicking "No Action Needed" on an already-deleted post fail the audit? [duplicate]

While going through the First Post queue over the past few days, I have noticed a trend that has plagued me with a 2 day review ban. Numerous times I have stumbled across "Test" posts to see if you ...
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Review "First Posts" audit failed on commenting [duplicate]

I was reviewing first posts when I came along this post: Replace the string of special characters in c# I wanted to go ahead and comment giving suggestions to use StringBuilder instead of string. As ...
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Is this a bad first post audit? [duplicate]

I've just failed an audit in the first post queue. Which annoyingly has resulted in my being review banned (no complaints, it's there for a reason). And while the answer is low quality, I would argue ...
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1 answer

Upvoting a First Posts review audit doesn't actually upvote the post

This post recently showed up as a First Posts review audit. I (correctly) upvoted it as a reasonable post and passed the review audit; however, when I looked at it later, my upvote hadn't actually ...
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1 answer

What was the proper way to flag this answer?

I came across this answer in the First Posts Review Queue. Obviously, it was bad, so I went to flag it. (It's since been deleted, but it said something about praising some dude because he would save ...
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Why does pressing 'Enter' after entering a comment while reviewing new user's first posts cause the 'No Action Needed' button to be pressed?

Why is it that, when reviewing a user's "First Posts", that if you type in a comment for that post, then press Enter, the comment does not get entered and instead the "No Action Needed" button is ...
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How should I respond to low quality first post that is already commented

When reviewing first posts I come across low quality posts that I would normally give a comment pointing to MCVE, but a prior reviewer did so first. Should I Skip or "Looks Ok"?
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2 answers

Question protected by Community appears in Review Queue

I seem to be having bad luck with questions coming up in my review queues lately... The review item in question is this one: (now I'm having ...
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2 answers

Answer with untested code

During a review of a First Post, I got the following answer on this question to review : It is the "I don't know if this would work though" that makes me feel uncomfortable. There has been asked a ...
46 votes
3 answers

Failed known-bad audit after flagging because I'm Done was not enabled

I recently reviewed a post where I flagged a post as Not an Answer. Now usually the "I'm Done" button is highlighted after I flag or if it's a test it automatically shows the result but this time the "...
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How did this appear in the first posts queue? [duplicate]

I just saw this answer in the First Posts queue, even though this user has more than a hundred answers. How is this possible? Am I misunderstanding the purpose of the First Posts queue as existing ...
4 votes
2 answers

Understanding poor quality answers

In First Posts Review, this post is flagged as poor quality and I'd like to understand why so I'm able to apply the principle to other reviews. It's my understanding that a poor quality answer is ...
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0 answers

"First post" review test failed and got suspended [duplicate]

I was reviewing this post and I thought it would be good to edit it. But when I clicked on 'edit', it said that the post is removed and cannot be edited or deleted. Since the post is deleted already, ...
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Problem in 'First Post' audit system [duplicate]

I had recently figured out a way by accident to identify whether a post is an audit or not, in First Posts, or in any other review type which allows the reviewer to edit the post. Although, I could ...
33 votes
1 answer

First Posts review audit failed because of downvoting

I was reviewing First Posts when I came across the following answer: This error suddenly started happening to me, like between 8am and noon one day. I fixed it with the link from @tong-zhang ...
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Failed review on first post [duplicate]

I was reviewing question about android and problem with google maps: I failed the review, because I added a comment that users should also post ...
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Why did I fail this audit question?

I would like some clarity as to why I failed this audit question. My thought was that this was a good question but did not belong on Stack Overflow because it was not of a programming nature. ...
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1 answer

Why is this a failed first-post audit? [duplicate]

I believe I've found a question that does not fit the standards of an audit. This question is clearly too broad about getting started with a ...
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1 answer

Why did I fail this first post audit? [duplicate] Just in case you can't see the answer in question there, it's: You just need to wrap img and figcaption inside figure tag :) It turns out ...
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14 votes
2 answers

How is this not an answer?

I was failing a review and I am just wondering why. I had doubts that this might be on the short side for an answer, but on the other hand, it gives the complete steps in words. The OP is about the ...
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Bluffing answer reviews! [duplicate]

I had a little bit of spare time and I thought of going through and reviewing things on Stack Overflow. I just had a look in an answer that was a one-liner, definitely not providing a solid solution....
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Bypassing Review by Deleting Comment

I was just reviewing this post in the First Posts queue. The answer needed a some formatting around the code blocks so I typed out a comment letting the user know, enabling the I'm Done button ...
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I fixed one of my questions, is this the proper way of editing a question for the better of the community helping to lift the question ban?

Here , I included a question which I tried editing so that it will be better. I have tried consulting the Help Forums and for the first time people. I'm just posting here if this could be considered ...
8 votes
1 answer

Why both options were enabled in first post review at today's morning?

I have seen a peculiar thing while reviewing first post at today's morning. Could you observe something different? Ow, No Action Needed and I'm Done, both the options were enabled simultaneously! ...
3 votes
0 answers

Allow flagging of link-only answers when reviewing first posts

Can the flagging options on first posts be modified, so people with the close-votes privilege can cast a close vote? When reviewing first posts, I cannot flag link-only answers as link-only. The ...
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1 answer

How should I get started reviewing the Late Answers and First Questions/ Answers Queues?

I've just gained 500 reputation and am thinking about doing my part in the First Questions, First Answers, and Late Answers queues. What are these queues for? What do I need to keep in mind to do a ...
56 votes
3 answers

Lame "STOP! Look and Listen" even though I tried to edit a bad post

I was reviewing first posts on Stack Overflow and came across one that needed an edit due to poor quality, I clicked on edit and was shown a page ...