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This tag was used for older questions about how to use the former "First posts" review queue). (DO NOT USE FOR QUESTIONS ABOUT THE CURRENT QUEUES. For questions about the current "First answers" and "First questions" queues, use the [first-answers] or [first-questions] tag instead.)

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How should I get started reviewing the Late Answers and First Questions/ Answers Queues?

I've just gained 500 reputation and am thinking about doing my part in the First Questions, First Answers, and Late Answers queues. What are these queues for? What do I need to keep in mind to do a ...
46 votes
3 answers

Failed known-bad audit after flagging because I'm Done was not enabled

I recently reviewed a post where I flagged a post as Not an Answer. Now usually the "I'm Done" button is highlighted after I flag or if it's a test it automatically shows the result but this time the "...
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56 votes
3 answers

Lame "STOP! Look and Listen" even though I tried to edit a bad post

I was reviewing first posts on Stack Overflow and came across one that needed an edit due to poor quality, I clicked on edit and was shown a page ...
14 votes
2 answers

How is this not an answer?

I was failing a review and I am just wondering why. I had doubts that this might be on the short side for an answer, but on the other hand, it gives the complete steps in words. The OP is about the ...
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22 votes
1 answer

Setting a tag filter in review often returns no results

Bug When a review queue filter is re-applied without changes, no review tasks are returned. Steps to Reproduce Select a review queue. Apply a filter tag (I used python, and also used multiple tags ...
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Why does this count as a failed review audit? [duplicate]

I was given this answer to review in the First Posts category. All I did was leave a comment saying Please explain what your code does and how it does it. Also, please don't copy people's answers. ...
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29 votes
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In first post review, votes aren't validated

When reviewing a first post, if you click the link, then vote on the content, then go back to the review, and then vote on the content again, it looks like both votes are recorded (e.g. 2 upvotes ...
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23 votes
1 answer

Appeal for suspension due to commenting on an question that doesn't have any code

I got suspended for reviewing for 4 days due to this review. I didn't expect that clarifying a question with no code would get me suspended. (I only commented on the question). I was asking what ...
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Commenting on "First Post" review test always leads to a penalty [duplicate]

I was reviewing first posts today and got this test question: (represented by this question) Because the output was included as images, I just ...
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14 votes
1 answer

First post not "no action needed" but already has a pending edit

I recognize that it is a bug / error that it doesn't alert the user that there is a pending edit and that that particular aspect of this problem has been discussed many times before. However, I was ...
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Why did I fail this audit question?

I would like some clarity as to why I failed this audit question. My thought was that this was a good question but did not belong on Stack Overflow because it was not of a programming nature. ...
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