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For issues with how Stack Overflow looks or works that are specific to Firefox.

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Can't edit answers in Firefox 31.5.0

I'm unable to edit answers with 31.5.0. The edit link exists and can be clicked, but then the whole answer simply vanishes. Not edit box, nothing. Update: Regarding Which browsers are officially ...
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Why does my Stack Overflow login not work on other, linked, Stack Exchange sites? (in Firefox only)

I have an account on, and other, linked, Stack Exchange sites. The Stack Overflow account has it's own username/password, plus I have associated it to my Google login. While I am ...
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Border under Featured tab is one pixel off in Firefox

On Firefox the border under the Featured tab is lower than the rest of the line by one pixel. It looks OK on Chrome and Internet Explorer. This is still not solved, and isn't a duplicate - this is ...
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Stack Overflow redesign: visual problems in Firefox 34

The below is visible seen with Firefox 34 (Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr)). In Chrome it's not as visible, or not visible at all. I didn't test it on Firefox under Windows yet. Somehow the old design ...
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1 answer

Messy SO interface on Firefox

I have realized that something happened with SO design but last few hours I'm having hard time to read some comments. screenshot from this page I use the latest Firefox only and can't tell does this ...
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Hot Network Questions icons are fuzzy

On high DPI systems, the icons for Hot Network Questions are much higher resolution on Chrome than on Firefox. I believe the problem is in the media query you're using: @media only screen and (-moz-...
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Stack Overflow sign in page wrong rendering on Firefox

When I try to sign in to Stack Overflow or another Stack Exchange service, it seems that css & javascripts are not loaded correct. firefox 28.0 ubuntu 12.04 64 bit
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Why does Stack Overflow looks abnormal sometimes? [closed]

Sometimes Stack Overflow/meta looks a little bit different than usual; really horrible in fact. See the screenshots below. this video shows my problem when i view meta. I'm using Mozilla Firefox 32....
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Cannot stay logged in on Stack Overflow

I just switched my browser from Chrome to Firefox because I was having trouble using Chrome in our network and wanted to give Firefox a shot. When using Chrome I could log into my Stack Overflow ...