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For issues with how Stack Overflow looks or works that are specific to Firefox.

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Add a 256x256 icon to support top sites in Firefox

Currently, Firefox shows only a screenshot of the Stack Overflow page, if it's added to the top sites in the Firefox start page (in contrast to HN). Can this be fixed? It's really easy to do so and ...
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Duplicates in chat feed ticker

There's been a drop-down feed ticker in the MATLAB & Octave room on SO chat for a long time. Last night we noticed that each post started appearing twice in the feed: The raw RSS feed contains ...
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Weird behavior in Firefox

Firefox 42.0 on Win7 Pro x64 Since I switched to the new navigation in SO I've been seeing slow responsiveness and spikes in CPU usage. The overall feel is of a very sluggish UI that sometimes ...
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Scrolling through "similar questions" resulted in visual tearing/overlap

I started to type a question and when I scrolled through the similar questions box there was some sort of overlapping visual bug:
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SO Favicon not appearing in browser tabs in some versions of Firefox

I just noticed that the favicon is missing for Stack Overflow in some versions of Firefox. It's missing whether I'm logged in or out, in a private session or normal, and regardless of whether I have ...
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Transparent scrollbars with no ends in text entry boxes look terrible

Maybe this is a subjective issue, but I hate how the transparent scrollbars that I see in all of the text boxes on Stack Overflow don't use all the space in the box. I don't mind how the bar itself ...
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Layout issue when subscribed to popular tag

I noticed a minor layout issue if you are subscribed to a popular tag. If you hover over a tag it shows you a popup with the tag-wiki description and some other basic info. The "unsubscribe | rss" ...
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Question blanks out if edited while looking at vote to close dialog

I've had several occasions now where I'm looking for a duplicate of a question. While I'm searching through the results looking for an appropriate duplicate, the question is edited (I get the "...
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Chat high CPU usage and `replace is not a function`

When Chat such as (nothing interesting about that; it's currently empty) is open in Firefox, it takes up high CPU: The console is constantly spamming ...
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Homepage at session restore shows relative dates from the last time you closed Firefox

I've noticed in Firefox 43 in win10 x64, the following: (provided that in Firefox Options you have set: General|When Firefox starts|Show my windows and tabs from last time and the Don't load tabs ...
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Incorrect text wrapping of site links when viewed on iPad with Firefox/Safari

When viewing the Stack Overflow Profile or Activity pages on an iPad using Firefox or Safari, some of the link texts are incorrectly wrapped to the next line. Also, some of the border lines are ...
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I see not wrapping comments on Firefox 42.0

I see not wrapping comments on Firefox 42.0. Take a look at this answer's comment. There is no problem on IE 11 and Google Chrome 47.0.2526.80m versions. I search on MSO as comment wrap and only ...
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Performance Problems With Stack Overflow

Not sure where the issue lies, but tonight I have received red connect failed dialogs when trying to show additional comments or when checking my inbox to select new comments. Simply refreshing the ...
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Mobile: Edit review queue, after 40/40 daily reviews, does not list time to next review any longer

I've been reviewing suggested edits on the main SO for a while now. Until a few days ago, after filling the daily limit of 40 review decisions, there would be a message stating, in part, "Come ...
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Job recommendations tag names too long

With long tag names, the tag boundaries can overlap with the recommendation box border. Reproduced with Firefox 56.0.2 64bit, not reproducable with Chrome 61.0.[...] 64bit or Edge 40.15063.674.0.
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A user's hat is shown in topbar on the review page

I noticed that there is a hat shown in the left side of the topbar on the review page. The hat links to a user's profile page. I suppose this user is a recent reviewer. I am using Firefox 50.1.0. I ...
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Username text design distortion for all pages of Stack Overflow

Just observed today, while I was browsing my answers on Stack Overflow: As you can see, the letter V's starting point is hidden due to the shadow on the profile image. This is the area where it is ...
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Pressing the back button after editing a question only refreshes the edit page

This is a navigation bug in Stack Overflow. I go to my user page, and I click on the "Questions" tab. I click on a question, I edit that question, and I try to return to my user page. I press the ...
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Can't edit answers in Firefox 31.5.0

I'm unable to edit answers with 31.5.0. The edit link exists and can be clicked, but then the whole answer simply vanishes. Not edit box, nothing. Update: Regarding Which browsers are officially ...
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Clicking on inbox notifications in mobile Firefox on iOS takes me to footer of linked page

Since I think a couple of weeks back, clicking on inbox notifications in Firefox on iOS to open them in a new tab now opens the desired page, but scrolls it down to the bottom of the page rather than ...
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Cannot filter questions on iOS Firefox

Steps: Go to any SE site and select the filter dropdown menu Change the view to, say Active. Hit done Expected: The view changes. Actual: The view doesn't change and also if you click anywhere ...
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Not entering to Stack Overflow using Firefox on Windows

Up to the last hour, everything is good; I can enter and use Stack Overflow without any hassle, but suddenly now I'm not able to enter this site using Mozilla Firefox, see the below image: but on ...
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Images not shown in firefox portable

I used stackoverflow sice some days in firefox portable version 49.0.2. There are the images at the beginning of the top bar missing: Also the images for the editor i can not see: Is it a bug or is ...
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Browser intermittently complains about Stack Overflow's SSL certificate

It's now happened several times lately that when I attempt to visit, Firefox gives me this page: Did Not Connect: Potential Security Issue Firefox detected a potential ...
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