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For issues with how Stack Overflow looks or works that are specific to Firefox.

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Scrolling through "similar questions" resulted in visual tearing/overlap

I started to type a question and when I scrolled through the similar questions box there was some sort of overlapping visual bug:
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Cannot stay logged in on Stack Overflow

I just switched my browser from Chrome to Firefox because I was having trouble using Chrome in our network and wanted to give Firefox a shot. When using Chrome I could log into my Stack Overflow ...
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Alignment issue in the Activity tab in Firefox browser

There is an alignment issue in the Activity - bounties tab. When one or more bounties are active for the user, the bottom border of the bounties tab is missing in the Firefox browser. When selecting ...
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Tags input placeholder text cut off

Notice how the input's placeholder text has been cut off. OS: Windows 10 Browser: Chrome (69.0.3497.92 (Official Build) (64-bit))
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A required TLS feature is missing. Error code: MOZILLA_PKIX_ERROR_REQUIRED_TLS_FEATURE_MISSING

Suddenly, today I am having issues connecting to from Firefox: An error occurred during a connection to A required TLS feature is missing. Error code: ...
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Border under Featured tab is one pixel off in Firefox

On Firefox the border under the Featured tab is lower than the rest of the line by one pixel. It looks OK on Chrome and Internet Explorer. This is still not solved, and isn't a duplicate - this is ...
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Stack Overflow broken with Firefox and Adblock Plus [closed]

I'm using Firefox 61.0.2 (64-bit) with Adblock Plus, and since today, Stack Overflow is completely broken for me. It looks like this: Console output: When using Chrome or disabling Adblock, ...
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New comment flagging dialog is unusable on Firefox

In the screenshot below, the flag dialog is positioned so far left and up that most of it is off the screen. Neither the flag options nor the Submit or Cancel buttons are visible. Firefox 58.0.1 on ...
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Cursor goes to the bottom of the question when editing it

I just noticed this on now when editing (a) question(s) and meta (so far): When I click on the "edit" option for a question, that the cursor now goes to the bottom of the question ...
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Messy SO interface on Firefox

I have realized that something happened with SO design but last few hours I'm having hard time to read some comments. screenshot from this page I use the latest Firefox only and can't tell does this ...
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Alignment issue with Documentation - topic and discussion tabs are stacked [closed]

There is an alignment issue in the Documentation Beta. The topic and discussion tabs are misaligned in the Firefox browser. Firebox: 50.1.0 OS: Windows: 8.1 Link for the reference: https://...
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Minor alignment issue in Developer Beta tab in Firefox

There is a minor alignment issue in the Developer Story Beta tab. It bottom line is not matching with the remaining tab's bottom line in the Firefox browser. It is not affecting the readability, just ...
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The “Close” button for the snippet “Full page” doesn’t work when site isolation is enabled

If you create a snippet in a question or an answer and click on “Full page” then the “Close” button is not clickable. Am I the only one to whom this happens? This was tested in Firefox, Safari and ...
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Can't edit answers in Firefox 31.5.0

I'm unable to edit answers with 31.5.0. The edit link exists and can be clicked, but then the whole answer simply vanishes. Not edit box, nothing. Update: Regarding Which browsers are officially ...
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Pressing the back button after editing a question only refreshes the edit page

This is a navigation bug in Stack Overflow. I go to my user page, and I click on the "Questions" tab. I click on a question, I edit that question, and I try to return to my user page. I press the ...
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NoScript blocking certain links on Stack Overflow

I am using Firefox 45.0 with the NoScript plugin (version and today I noticed that I cannot use certain links in Stack Overflow anymore. When I disable NoScript, the problem disappears. For ...
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