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Questions tagged [filtering]

Use this tag for questions about filtering functionalities that exist in several contexts like search, tags, jobs, reviews. Don't forget to add a specific tag to indicate the correct context.

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11 votes
2 answers

Can I hide questions based on tag name(s) from my feed?

TL;DR; Question is deprecated. The default SO algorithm, made finding the right questions to answer very difficult as questions were all over the place, different tags, many topics. The question was ...
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19 votes
5 answers

Filtering questions by "difficulty" / "level"?

This question is similar to Filter questions by asker's reputation or Ability to ignore questions from low rep users, but does not equate the asker's reputation with the difficulty or level. There are ...
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11 votes
0 answers

Close audits don't respect tag filters [duplicate]

I was just going through the close queue for questions tagged java when a C++ template metaprogramming question popped up. As suspected, this was an audit question. Is noticing the discrepancy enough ...
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78 votes
2 answers

Request for option to filter which networks appear on Hot Network Questions

I think most people would agree that the Hot Network Questions feature is a very nice one. We can see interesting questions we might have input on, or, more commonly, be exposed to interesting ...
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8 votes
2 answers

See only relevant questions?

I want to have a way to see unanswered questions that are related to my tags and topics. Is this implemented? How can I do that? I would love to contribute more with the little knowledge I have ...
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33 votes
0 answers

Close Votes shortcut tags should be tailored per user

Looking at the review queue page, the Close Votes queue has various tag shortcuts to review items by a specific tag: 3 of the items in that list aren't in tags I'm interested in, the other 2 that ...
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  • 22.6k
19 votes
1 answer

Provide an option to filter the triage queue by tags

I propose to add an option to filter triage questions by tags. The implementation can be like in the close queue and the motivation for my request is, well, the same as it was when the close queue was ...
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  • 6,208
48 votes
0 answers

Allow review items to be filtered by watched tags

It would be nice to get items to review (first posts/late answers) based on watched tags (previously called favorite tags). It's hard to review and improve questions that are from a totally unknown ...
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34 votes
0 answers

Review triage questions accordingly to my favorite tags

I had read some topics here, made some triage reviews, and I am still not sure that my reviews are good enough. I often see questions, that have all signs of a good question, but they are about ...
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10 votes
2 answers

Filter Questions that have one of multiple tags and don't have all of multiple tags

I am trying to create a new custom question filter in the new-nav tabs that shows all questions that have at least one of multiple tags, yet do not contain any of certain tags. An example of what I am ...
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48 votes
0 answers

Get more questions on front page when ignoring tags

After finally starting to listen to the SO podcast(a), I decided to take some advice and more intelligently select questions for answering. To that end, I started marking my favourite tags and adding ...
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44 votes
0 answers

Allow wildcard [tag*] filters in the review queues

When I filter questions on the site, I tend to use tags with wildcards: [sql-server*] In the review queues, I just tried to do the same, but the wildcard functionality doesn't appear to work there. ...
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  • 22.6k
22 votes
1 answer

Observing new questions of combination of union and intersections of tags

How can I observe new question of foo tag only if they are also tagged with bar or baz? Real world example: how can I observe java questions which are also tagged with either regex or string Lets ...
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16 votes
1 answer

Is the "Hi" filter working?

I've come across 4 to 6 questions that start with "Hi". It's kind of odd since I don't recall encountering that many in the last month. Most recently, the question is: Convert ImageSource to ...
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42 votes
0 answers

Allow review queues to be easily filtered by "my answer tags"

I'd like to have the ability for a reviewer to filter review queues based on "my answer tags" with some simple GUI toggle action. Review queue filtering has been discussed before: Help Improve The ...
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  • 9,574
30 votes
1 answer

Can we have a "recommendation and off-site resource" filter for the Close Review Queue?

I can only afford to spare 10 minutes a day at most to the task of reviewing questions in the Close Review Queue, but since it's an extremely time-consuming process, I've recently just given up ...
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17 votes
0 answers

Filtering by bounty ignored for new messages pushed from the server

I just noticed small bug while browsing bounty questions. Server is ignoring my "Has bounty" filter and notifies me about new questions without bounty. Here is the screenshot: Clicking this "3 ...
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  • 10k
14 votes
2 answers

How do I filter questions -- for dummies?

There have been similar questions before, but nothing completely basic like I (and presumably others) need. I have some knowledge and would like to contribute, so I click on the big "Questions" ...
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  • 11.4k
10 votes
1 answer

How to filter by "answered"?

There is a "No answers" filter. Is there an "Answered" filter?
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9 votes
1 answer

Tags on review page

Just noticed that Stack Overflow now offers instant tag filtering for the Close Votes review queue: I suppose these tags contain the majority of close-voted questions. Is this true?
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  • 45.9k
5 votes
1 answer

How to filter job queries?

There have been a couple of discussions here whether job posting of some companies should not be allowed and things haven't come to a clear end. On the other hand, can we ignore certain companies ...
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4 votes
0 answers

Custom filter updates ignore tag combinations [duplicate]

I have custom filters that combine tags like this python class When I load the page, I see the results I expect: questions that are tagged with python AND class However, when the page fetches "...
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0 votes
2 answers

Most frequent questions for a tag combination

Tags have the Frequent tab/filter, but, AFAIK, the search result page doesn't have a Frequent tab. I'm wondering if there is a way to find an automatically created "FAQ" for searches of two ...
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  • 36.8k
38 votes
5 answers

Posting link to requires code — breaks my answer

I've had to add a dummy code block to this answer because the answer links to online "compiler" The thing is, the code under the link has nothing at all to do with the answer: the link ...
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27 votes
0 answers

Close vote tag filter should include synonym

Recently postfix got redirected to postfix-mta which means that now, if you visit the close vote queue looking for remaining postfix questions with pending close votes, you see ... nothing. I know ...
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22 votes
0 answers

Switching from "Unanswered" to "All Questions" leaves incorrect tag filter in search box

I recently noticed a weird behavior if I follow the steps on the Stack Overflow home page - Click "Questions" Click "Unanswered button" Make sure "My tags" is selected Click on "All Questions" again....
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16 votes
0 answers

"Unanswered" option to the new custom question filter

Currently the new (and nice) new question filter has 3 option to choose filter: No answer No accepted answer Has bounty As one can see here: As can see here and here, "Unanswered" is not the same ...
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15 votes
2 answers

You can evade the "What have you tried?" filter on Stack Overflow

With an extra whitespace like this: What have you tried? Extra whitespace gets stripped in comments. I know, no big deal, but I figured that I should atleast mention it. smite away
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14 votes
1 answer

"Has recommended answer" filter also includes questions with answers written by a Recognized Member

When I navigate to the R Language Collective page and filter the questions by the "Has recommended answer" attribute, I see questions such as this one which are clearly labeled "Answer ...
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14 votes
1 answer

What broke tag filtering?

All questions appearing here are tagged Python, not C#. On the first refresh, I got R questions, and on the second I got Python questions, but it seems to have resolved itself now. I'd be curious to ...
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10 votes
0 answers

Weird behaviour in the Questions tab when toggling between the "all questions" / "unanswered" buttons

Reproduction steps (Tested with Chrome v.51): I click on the Questions button and redirected to . Now I can toggle between newest / featured / frequent / votes / ...
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7 votes
0 answers

Documentation change history should be filterable [closed]

Why there are no filter in changes history here: I think it will be good to add an option to filter by user, by tag, or by outcome (...
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6 votes
1 answer

How does one filter unanswered questions for 1) my tags 2) in order of most recent?

I can get the most recent, unanswered questions easily enough. Filtering for my tags, however, breaks the ordering so I'm not presented with recent questions. At the moment, the top 5 questions in ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Custom questions filter with multiple AND, OR and NOT is broken

I want to create a custom filter that matches my interests. But I can't seem to get it to work properly. I only want to see questions that: (java OR spring-boot OR spring-data) and NOT android and NOT ...
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3 votes
0 answers

Filter "need answers" questions: hide questions I've down-voted / close-voted

I try to use the "Need Answers" tab for specific tags, because I think it's a great idea / way to make sure Stack Overflow is the place for questions. However, it's not working too well at the moment: ...
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  • 62.7k
3 votes
0 answers

Unanswered questions filters don't work

I tried to filter unanswered questions to specific tags, like so. I used UI filter on this page: I chose some options and the URL were generated:...
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  • 1,378
2 votes
1 answer

Can I have a 'Favorite tags' button for filtering questions?

Is there a way to show questions specific to your favorite tags? I think it would be useful to be able to do this. As a suggestion, I would like to have a button with the title 'Favorite tags'. If ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Is it possible to filter my search by distinct tags? [duplicate]

I know I can use a custom filter to limit searches to questions with javascript or nodejs tags. However, this might include a mixture with vuejs or other tags I'd rather not include. The 'hide' ...
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