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Questions and discussion about Meta questions that are tagged with [featured]. For questions about the Featured Questions tab of the questions page, use [bounties] instead.

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How can I find recently featured topics?

I recall there was some old question which was featured. Now it's no longer tagged featured and I want to find it. How can I find all meta posts that were featured at any point?
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Featured MSO Question not in the Featured list on SO

The burnination effort for code-smell is featured on meta: And it did show up on the featured question list before. But now it got knocked out by a second Hot Meta Post: Is this intended behaviour ...
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Code snippets with personal templates

I'll start with the question: Is there a way to create a template for the stack-snippets? I often find my self "building" a working code example with some boilerplate code just to demonstrate simple ...
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Featured Meta.SE post shows on main sidebar but not meta

Today the post Setting Up a HackerOne Security Bug Bounty Program shows up on the sidebar on the main site But, when you visit meta, it is missing Is this a bug or do we not show the featured Meta....
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Featured question does not remove after gave the bounty

Today I got an issue (I am not 100% sure it is an issue). Featured question does not remove from after given the bounty. I have added a bounty for this question: Why does TypeScript accept a value as ...