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The featured page is a tab which lists questions with an active bounty.

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How to see bounty question counts per tag?

Favorite tags was replaced with tag watching. Now when I go to the featured tab, there's no list of tags in the sidebar sorted by featured question count. I don't have a screenshot, but it looked ...
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Add feature to increase bounty reputation [duplicate]

It think it would be a good idea to let users increase bounty reputation when the bounty is still open. This should only go one way. One should be able to increase the bounty but should not be able to ...
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Should I be concerned about Featured Questions inflating votes?

In the last few weeks on Meta, I've seen a handful of questionable audit cases involving not particularly great questions that had received a ton of upvotes. In several of these cases, the voting ...
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Search operator for featured question - How to search featured question?

When we search a question on Stack Overflow we could use operators There are many nice search operators like answers:0, lastactive:48h, score:-1 etc. It ...
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How does a bounty draw more attention to your question?

I asked this question for which I never received a correct answer. I recently added a bounty to the question but since have not seen any new views. After spending reputation points, I was expecting ...
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