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This tag is for proposals of new features on the site, or requests for a change to an existing feature. On posts tagged feature-request, voting may indicate agreement or disagreement with the proposed change, in addition to the quality or usefulness of the post itself.

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-53 votes
1 answer

Sort answers by content length for TLDR people

Sometimes the topvoted answer is too long and complicated and many people want a 1-line solution to their problem. Currently there are 3 ways to sort the answers. It will be great if we can sort the ...
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-54 votes
2 answers

Prevent voting on answers by users who have answers

Here are the requirements of this feature: If a user has already voted on an answer, after making her own answer, her vote on that answer no longer counts. If a user has already has his own answer, ...
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-54 votes
2 answers

Give downvotes more/less weight depending on the voter's reputation

As you know, some people probably doesn't understand because of the poor writing for a question and then cast a downvote. What if the people who have a high reputation can vote down more than those ...
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-54 votes
1 answer

Should Stack Overflow have a programming skill test for asking questions?

There was a huge increase in number of new Stack Overflow members from Asia in 2016-2017, especially from India, that doesn't have any or have very very little programming skills. I have noticed this ...
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-54 votes
3 answers

Prevent people from marking question as duplicates with no experience in the technology

I noticed that way too often a question gets wrongly marked as duplicate. That's a serious problem, because it prevents that the proper answer can be posted and it doesn't allow a discussion if it is ...
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-55 votes
2 answers

Should votes (up-votes, down-votes) be audited?

We currently have an automated audit process for reviewers who decide whether or not to approve edits, close questions, etc. As this question points out, the automated audit process doesn't work very ...
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  • 15.5k
-55 votes
1 answer

A demonic reputation requires a demonic notification?

It just happens to me that my reputation become demonic, thus equals exactly 666! Any chance to make a notification for this rare situation?
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  • 6,630
-55 votes
2 answers

Downvoting other answers

I sometimes get one or multiple downvotes on my positively acclaimed answers without any explanations, which may be due to other answerers trying to get their questions on top. This obviously shouldn'...
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-56 votes
4 answers

Please add pronouns to profiles

Other apps (Zoom, Slack, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram) have created an optional pronouns field in their profile editing tools. Pronouns do not tell the reader about the person's gender or sexual ...
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-56 votes
1 answer

Bring back acceptance rate

I see some users no matter how much you help them, they still neither Upvote or Accept any answer, and this has got to stop! We need to know their acceptance rate.
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-56 votes
1 answer

Questions from dead users should not be editable

In connection with the fifth anniversary of Aaron Swartz's death, there is a discussion on Hacker News that goes like this: codeulike says: This StackOverflow question from Aaron about using rsync ...
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  • 9,737
-57 votes
9 answers

Integrate cryptocurrency tipping

You may have heard of cryptocurrencies - online currencies (Bitcoin, dogecoin, litecoin, etc) that have recently been making headlines. As a cryptocurrency enthusiast, I would like to suggest ...
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  • 7,399
-57 votes
2 answers

Allow new questions to become help threads

Stack Overflow is supposed to the comprehensive collection of programming wisdom, but as mentioned in a Meta discussion about the value of questions and answers (in much more detail than I care to ...
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-57 votes
1 answer

Option to mark a question silly

Here is an example of a really simple question, the answer would come up on a simple search on the INTERNET; but the user has posted the question here: I ...
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  • 27.3k
-57 votes
3 answers

Reputation points for the questioner whose answer gets voted up

When an answer gets voted up, the person who has asked the question should get reputation points added, because at the core of Stack Overflow it is the huge cache of questions by the questioner which ...
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-57 votes
1 answer

A question's score should not be allowed to drop below 0 [duplicate]

If a user did research, read documentation, followed instructions, and looked up similar questions that had been upvoted, the question can be closed or marked as off-topic, but should not be downvoted ...
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-58 votes
2 answers

Can you introduce a Jon Skeet badge?

I was answering a question on Stack Overflow and saw that Jon Skeet was also active and commenting on the original question. I eventually answered the question correctly. So can I have a badge ...
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-60 votes
1 answer

Only enable positive reputation to be awarded on Stack Overflow [duplicate]

I question how useful negative reputation is for meeting the needs of people using Stack Overflow and also for Stack Overflow meeting its objectives. I understand that negative reputation can be a ...
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  • 1,295
-60 votes
2 answers

Does Stack Overflow track the effect of moderator policing?

I just got done reading this: What is Stack Overflow’s goal? And I thought. Wow - right on! For example in the past this type of question would have been OK: What is the difference between :focus ...
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-61 votes
3 answers

Why don't we get rid of reputation points? [duplicate]

This site sells itself as being strictly about questions and answers. I'm willing to grant that it makes sense to vote answers up or down depending on how good they are. I think voting questions up ...
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-62 votes
5 answers

I should be allowed to answer closed questions

Too many times I have read a question and gone away to write and test a solution, only to come back to find that the question has been suspended, usually because it is unclear what you're asking or ...
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-63 votes
1 answer

Trade badges for points

I looked for this topic and got no results, so I am asking the obvious: Could users trade points for badges? For instance: 100 points for a bronze badge, 250 for a silver badge, 500 for a gold ...
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  • 1,167
-64 votes
1 answer

Add voice replies. With option to allow/deny them for asker

Would be good to answer simple questions from mobile. And please, leave your comfort zone and don't tell me you hate voice replies. Future is long time already here. Question was put on hold for ...
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-65 votes
2 answers

Upvote rewards?

Right now we hand out penalties for the "negative" action of downvoting but there are no direct rewards for the "positive" action of upvoting. Should there be some sort of direct reward to voting up ...
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-66 votes
2 answers

See who has upvoted as a new privilege

I feel that it would be a nice to have feature, since it would encourage people to check profiles of people who have upvoted their posts and therefore build a greater sense of community.
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-67 votes
2 answers

Reputation penalty for downvoting instead of marking as off-topic [duplicate]

I got a reputation hit not being aware that the question is off-topic, and people got into arrogant arguments with me instead of explaining in two words that the question was off-topic. Lucky for me, ...
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-72 votes
1 answer

Isn't it time for SPONSORED questions on S/O?

You know, give a little, get a little. Scratch my back and I'll scratch yours! If I have an $800 project due tomorrow and I'm stuck, out of time, just not going to make it and you're able to help ...
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-72 votes
1 answer

Request to let banned users ask one question every week [duplicate]

I noticed that other Stack Exchange sites allow banned users to post, but they limit the number of posts they can post per week to 1. Why wouldn't this site follow suit? I know the system can be ...
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-72 votes
2 answers

Make downvote button on meta disappear

Massive downvotes are demoralizing. Can we make the downvote button on meta disappear so that people don't get afraid to ask more questions about the site? As community is not in favour of making ...
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-80 votes
3 answers

Please add a way to prohibit members from downvoting a legitimate question [duplicate]

I think that Stack Overflow needs to implement some method for a system of checks and balances to prevent members from down-voting legitimate questions. This has progressively become more of an issue ...
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  • 1,677
-81 votes
2 answers

Add a thanks button to the answers

In Quora when somebody answers a question and you find it useful you can thank the user who asked the question. I think this is a great feature, with the main advantage of not scaring away people who ...
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  • 1,834
-82 votes
3 answers

Disable downvotes on questions that get answers [duplicate]

Why on earth questions that get answered (often many answers) can also be down-voted? If a question get answers it means that it is legitimate! So therefore I suggest a new feature request to disable ...
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-86 votes
2 answers

Provide 24*7 Online help centre facility [closed]

Many programmers are struggling during their office time due to critical bugs and doubts. If you provide online immediate assistance it will save lots of developers careers and life too.
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-87 votes
1 answer

Loss of reputation points on downvoting for the down-voter should be proportional to their reputation

I have noticed that people downvote a question which is not of such bad standards also a lot, sometimes to -6 or -7. Is this not unfair to people who are just starting out (in career or in a subject)? ...
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-88 votes
1 answer

Can questions be marked as private by the "asker" after they are answered?

Is there a way to hide/mark-as-private your questions after they have been marked as answered? Such that they can't be found by a google search or so? The only solution I see is to delete them ...
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-90 votes
5 answers

Low-rep users should not be able to ask questions

I have noticed that a lot of the questions I down-vote are from users with a very low reputation (and usually a randomly generated username). Perhaps these users shouldn't be able to ask questions ...
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-90 votes
1 answer

Reputation, Badges and Upvotes should be kept hidden from ALL until the question is marked accepted [duplicate]

Greater reputation, innumerable badges, and the related profile paraphernalia although are good representing maturity and experience on the SE site, it doesn't always implies the person to be a ...
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  • 11.1k
-92 votes
2 answers

We should be able to vote for our posts

Just now, I made an excellent answer and I feel more than entitled to vote for it. Could we please allow users to vote for their own posts?
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  • 1,679
-96 votes
1 answer

ChatGPT should be incorporated into the site [duplicate]

ChatGPT is a tool. We should adopt all useful tools. This site is in the best position to do this adoption. I propose that before the question is published the OP gets the opportunity to read the ...
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  • 16.4k
-97 votes
3 answers

Feature Request: Non-game, no-edit Stack Overflow

I think it would be nice to have an opt-out version of Stack Overflow that removes the gaming "reputation" points and lowers this site back to the original purpose without all the extra fluff. ...
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-129 votes
2 answers

Introduce an "urgent" tag [duplicate]

There are a number of good reasons why you shouldn't add "This is really urgent!!!11" to the body of your question. It distracts users from what you're asking and may be considered rude and demanding ...
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-129 votes
1 answer

Change to the down vote point system

We all know down voting a question (Q) is free - and long may it stay so. And we all also know down voting an answer (A) costs the answerer 2 rep and the down voter 1 rep. If the latter was changed ...
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  • 4,417
-134 votes
5 answers

Rename the Necromancer badge

I would like the 'Necromancer' badge to be renamed to something more neutral, please. Generally this term refers to a person practising black magic or witchcraft. I earned this badge but I don't want ...
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  • 1,045
-136 votes
3 answers

Flagging a post as a duplicate should cost reputation points

As of now one of the ways to perform a point-free aggressive action against a poster is to flag the post as a duplicate leaving one more avenue that opens the system to abuse. There should be a speed-...
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-180 votes
2 answers

Why not charge $0.99 per question?

Sure, it might slap the Kumbaya open forum model in the face but how about charging $0.99 per question? The board gets a piece, the person who's answer is accepted gets a piece, and the moderators get ...
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  • 11.6k
-336 votes
4 answers

Shop system. Reputation points buyable for real currency

Make a shop system, in which we can buy reputation packs for real money. There should be daily limit on how much of reputation we can buy a day. There could be also other features to buy. Here are my ...
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