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This tag is for proposals of new features on the site, or requests for a change to an existing feature. On posts tagged feature-request, voting may indicate agreement or disagreement with the proposed change, in addition to the quality or usefulness of the post itself.

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Make it easier to get to Teams from the public sites [closed]

Firstly, Stack Overflow's contact page identifies that this community is where feedback should be shared. To share product feedback on our products, please visit our community here . With that said, ...
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2 answers

Why low rep users edits end up in a review queue when they edit an answer of a highly active rep user [closed]

Yesterday, I was reviewing a 35-minute-old edit of a user with 100+ rep points. The answer he was editing was a user who had 30k+ rep. In my opinion, that edit should not end up right away in a review ...
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1 answer

Print as pdf / document the status of our profile in Stack Overflow

Could we possibly have this feature? Where Stack Overflow will give us the summary of our profile, which would be legitimate. Like including "Reputation", "gold / silver / bronze medals&...
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40 votes
1 answer

Add ChatGPT ban as a reason for deletion in the "Why and how are some answers deleted?" page in the Help Center

Stack Overflow currently has a temporary policy in place to delete answers that are found to be copied from ChatGPT. This is also confirmed and endorsed by a separate Help Center page. At least for ...
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1 answer

Should there be support for the same question being visible to multiple communities, to handle cases of overlap?

A frequent occurrence with the algorithms tag is that questions get downvoted or closed by people who think such questions are better suited for Mathematics or Computer Science. I don't know if ...
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Trigger MRE error on

There are 20 posts containing a link to, some of which are questions not providing any minimal reproducible example. The site itself states “This paste expires in <30 days.”. Thus, most ...
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35 votes
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Multiple notifications for the same post should be marked "read" as a group

Create some trackable content inside Stack Overflow (e.g., leave a comment on a question) Someone responded with two or more separate comments tagging me I receive two or more notifications that lead ...
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16 votes
0 answers

Update First Questions Queue feedback to start with "Please edit your question"

Recently I reviewed the first question and selected the "Question needs some code option". The end result was that the user posted code as a comment under the question, which is obviously ...
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23 votes
1 answer

Extend the selection area of each item in the various option dialogs

As an example, on the "Share feedback" dialog, I have to click on the <label> element to select the relevant option, but the labels don't fit the whole size of the option, so I have to ...
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-26 votes
2 answers

Why not have a tutorials feature on Stack Overflow?

While there is no doubt that SO is great at uncovering problems and providing answers to specific needs and issues, many times general questions like "How do I do X" gets voted down, simply ...
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9 votes
0 answers

Add code highlighting for the Ballerina tag [duplicate]

Currently, the Ballerina tag does not have code highlighting associated with it. Can we add the Ballerina language syntax highlighting to the questions that are tagged with ballerina? This question ...
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-17 votes
2 answers

Images as overlay

It bothers me that, whenever I click on an image inside a post, I get redirected to the site where the image is hosted (Imgur in this case). Can we make it so images are shown as an overlay in the ...
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2 votes
0 answers

Tag-specific site recommendations

A fair number of the kubernetes questions are off-topic for Stack Overflow. Especially if a question is tagged kubeadm, that is a fairly clear indication that the question is about "installing a ...
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1 answer

Why can I not wear multiple hats at the same time? [duplicate]

You all know that problem. It is Christmas season and Stack Overflow starts the Winter Bash where you can earn hats. Unfortunately, you can only wear one hat at a time. Why do we limit ourselves to ...
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1 answer

Feature request to allow executable XSLT code snippets

For questions related to HTML/JavaScript/CSS, Stack Overflow allows you to embed executable code snippets in a question and/or answer. I would suggest to allow that too for XSLT questions: XSLT 1.0 is ...
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167 votes
6 answers

Proposing a Community-Specific Closure Reason for non-English content [duplicate]

The Overhauling our community's closure reasons and guidance project started back in April 2022. We've successfully merged the old Super User and Server Fault close reasons. This new "Not about ...
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24 votes
0 answers

Fix timeout for the "You may only open the close dialog every 3 seconds" notification

Several of the interactions with the site are rate-limited and will bring up a warning notice if you do them repeatedly. For example, you can only flag comments every 3 seconds. Typically, these ...
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-99 votes
1 answer

ChatGPT should be incorporated into the site [duplicate]

ChatGPT is a tool. We should adopt all useful tools. This site is in the best position to do this adoption. I propose that before the question is published the OP gets the opportunity to read the ...
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3 votes
2 answers

How do I hide the HTML preview for a Stack Snippet?

I have a simple JavaScript code snippet that displays an alert message. alert("Hello world!") Running the code snippet shows the alert as expected, but it also displays a white empty box ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Track Language Badges [closed]

I may have missed this, but I want to track my progress towards the C# gold badge. As far as I can tell, this isn't possible in the badge-tracker. Why is this? Is this a feature worthy of ...
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-22 votes
2 answers

Stack Overflow question bans. Questions and Ideas [duplicate]

Before I continue, I just want to say, that I am not mad for my ban. I completely understand it. I just don't understand what was wrong with my questions in the first place and would like to know. I ...
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30 votes
0 answers

Many answers were given in a short period [duplicate]

I just left a comment beneath an answer by a new user. The answer was wrong in several aspects. I visited their profile and was amazed at seeing they gave a staggering number of answers in a short ...
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-12 votes
1 answer

Can you add a Mastodon profile to your Stack Overflow profile whilst keeping your website link?

I would like to verify my Stack Overflow profile from my Mastodon profile. I can achieve this by replacing my website URL with my Mastodon URL, but this would mean that my website would not be ...
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38 votes
1 answer

Can SO put "Paid Advertisement" or similar headers on blog posts that are written as extended advertisements?

"Blog" posts like are actually just extended long-form advertisements. Can this be disclosed at the beginning of ...
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17 votes
0 answers

Message inbox doesn't remember "All" or "Unread" selection

At the top of the new inbox, there's a dropdown where you can select if you want to see "All" or only your "Unread" notifications. When you pick "Unread" and then reload ...
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15 votes
0 answers

Message inbox full of read messages is very dark and out of place

Apparently, we got a new inbox recently. Now, "read" notifications are literally grayed-out, making the entire box gray. This feels completely out of place, it's the darkest element on the ...
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-24 votes
1 answer

Question Quality Control

NUMEROUS Python questions are of extremely poor quality. It's a pandemic of barely decipherable posts. One of the driving factors are users that have some arbitrary file format that they want to ...
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2 votes
0 answers

Review queues edit [duplicate]

I am new to the 500 reputation bracket. I was reviewing some questions and answers. Sometimes I was seeing something small to fix. Something like grammar, spelling or code formatting. So I did some ...
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5 votes
0 answers

How can I get macOS desktop notifications from Stack Overflow?

Maybe a browser extension, or a desktop application?
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-60 votes
1 answer

Only enable positive reputation to be awarded on Stack Overflow [duplicate]

I question how useful negative reputation is for meeting the needs of people using Stack Overflow and also for Stack Overflow meeting its objectives. I understand that negative reputation can be a ...
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Custom filters - how to show only questions with answers

Saving custom filters is a nice feature. But unfortunately I can't configure it in a way that it only shows questions with answers (either accepted or not accepted). Missing: Filter by answered ...
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-23 votes
2 answers

Lower the reputation threshold for approving/rejecting edits

I feel like I started getting the following error more often lately while trying to edit posts: There are too many pending edits on Stack Overflow. Please try again later. Being that only users with ...
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25 votes
0 answers

Influx of users including the content of their post twice in their question

As the title says, I've noticed an influx of users recently where they've posted a question where the content of the post is duplicated. If this was a one-off I'd think it were a user error, but these ...
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-24 votes
1 answer

How do I disable the Moderator Election notifications? [duplicate]

The moderator elections are running currently, meaning that I and every other user get multiple notifications bugging us to participate: I honestly do not care for the moderator elections, but I find ...
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3 votes
1 answer

How can I jump to the most recent change of a saved page?

The previous bookmark system allowed me to click on the date of the most recent change, which would then take my directly to the question/answer that got changed. The recent saves change does not ...
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-11 votes
1 answer

Create a queue for questions I'd like to answer (for myself)

When reviewing questions on SO, I like to take inventory of what questions are open and unanswered before diving into providing an answer. Currently, I keep track of which questions I want to address ...
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-10 votes
1 answer

Raising a bounty on someone else's question / raise attention for an unanswered question which is not my own [duplicate]

I've recently come across a few "really good" unanswered questions, tagged within pydantic (Python). I want to raise attention for these questions, even raise a bounty perhaps on behalf of ...
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-14 votes
1 answer

Search/Filter operator for user rep [duplicate]

This may have been asked before, but recently just thought of a new potential search operator for user reputation. Suppose the following is entered: [sql] votes:0 question answers:0 I would expect it ...
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-3 votes
1 answer

SO Snippet should warn about wrong HTML usage

Considering this question about a not-working CSS :first-child selector. The OP posted a question with a full HTML structure in the question, and later it was edited into an SO Snippet showing that ...
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-29 votes
2 answers

Add option to delete all comments with a single click instead of deleting them one by one

Recently I was deleting my old comments and noticed that currently there is no way to delete all of the comments with a single click. Instead currently I have to click on each of the comments which ...
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9 votes
1 answer

Should gold badge holders really be able to unilaterally reopen their own questions that are closed as duplicate? [duplicate]

An example of what I'm talking about (deleted).1 Screenshot of the relevant parts of the timeline for users <10k: I've got the feeling that this should not be possible. As the OP, I'm clearly ...
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10 votes
0 answers

Change the "flag" label below flagged posts to better reflect its state

After you flag a post, you still see the same "Flag" link below it, even though it's now also "observe flagging, change flag or retract it". I suggest that the label be changed ...
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13 votes
1 answer

Please allow me to turn off Teams weekly email digests without turning off emails about answers/comments on my posts in Teams [closed]

Here is what the email preferences page look like for Stack Overflow: And here is how it looks like for Teams: Notice the lack of options to turn off weekly updates. You can either receive both the ...
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-4 votes
1 answer

Place question tags at the top during review [duplicate]

Please move question tags up in the review form. The tags should be placed immediately after the question title. N.B.: There are at least two similar questions, which I missed: Should tags be ...
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3 votes
0 answers

Add toggle line wrap in snippet editor

I pasted a really long line of code into the snippet editor—so long that the editor decided to ignore the rest of it. Here you can see that it has overflowed to the next line (for some reason, there's ...
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16 votes
3 answers

Can we make the answer score and up/downvote buttons sticky so it scrolls with you for long answers?

Currently, if I'm reading a long answer and by the end of it decide it was a good one and is worth an upvote (or the other way around and a downvote), I need to scroll all the way back up to the start ...
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9 votes
0 answers

Notify <2k rep users about rejected edits [duplicate]

When I had <2k rep, I frequently made suggested edits to posts that needed it when the Suggested Edits queue wasn't full. During that time, I would receive a notification when one of my edits was ...
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1 answer

Can we encourage users not to leave comments on decade old questions and answers? [closed]

More specifically, if the question is on a niche topic (e.g. asm/kernel stuff), has low number of up/down votes, few/no/unaccepted answers, low number of views, wouldn't it be nice to notify a future ...
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Ask Wizard cards could have colors coordinated with focused field

This is how Ask Wizard highlighting looks now (Stack Overflow, dark theme). Notice how the blue frame around this text area is the same color as background of the big box at the top, even though there ...
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When you click on "Tidy", "/>" from "<img/>" goes to the next line if there are too many characters

It's just a little thing, but I noticed that if an img element is closed like <img /> and you click on the Tidy button, the /> is put on the next line when there are too much characters ...
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