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This tag is for proposals of new features on the site, or requests for a change to an existing feature. On posts tagged feature-request, voting may indicate agreement or disagreement with the proposed change, in addition to the quality or usefulness of the post itself.

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7 votes
0 answers

Please improve "Related Questions" [duplicate]

As others have noted, the "Related Questions" are so seldom actually related. In the past it was easier to just ignore, but now that section is featured prominently below questions without ...
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25 votes
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Add hint / warning for specific tag combinations? [duplicate]

I see a lot of questions in the c++ realm, where the tag is applied unconsciously, primarily by new contributors. Especially some combinations like arduino (should be arduino-c++, or net/cli (should ...
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-15 votes
1 answer

Pragmatism vs philosophical purity of the SO design

Several times now I have come across the following scenario... Important but difficult problem gets posted. The problem is difficult because of some fundamental flaw in the operating system or ...
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39 votes
2 answers

Warn users submitting suggested edits if another user edited in the interim

This request comes as an extension of this discussion. Scenario: Someone with full editing rights (2k+ rep) edits a post and makes logical common improvements. Concurrently, someone with limited ...
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-12 votes
2 answers

Does it make sense to repair typos in posts (I would like, but suggestion canceling)?

Does it make sense to repair typos in posts (title and content)? Do you use fuzzy search algorithm during searching? Is it because it is probably not needed to update typos? I am thinking about these ...
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1 vote
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Add lang-cmake as syntax highlighting for the cmake tag [duplicate]

I guess that lang-cmake became available on Stack Overflow only recently. According to "What is syntax highlighting and how does it work?", moderators can assign syntax highlighting ...
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14 votes
1 answer

Add option to search for posts that were voted to be deleted, closed, etc by the user

I frequently come across questions that are very similar to questions that I voted to "closed as duplicate" or "delete" etc. So currently I have to manually go to the votes tab and ...
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11 votes
1 answer

There is no undo option after removing (or un-saving) a saved item

There is no undo button in the temporary success message, after unsaving a saved item. The menu items are already very close together so what if I click the wrong option by accident? I can't undo it.
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12 votes
0 answers

Default list for question saving

When it comes to question saving on Stack Overflow, they are always "saved for later". Through the user profile's Saves tab, it is possible to create lists to organize these bookmarks. ...
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9 votes
0 answers

Add datetime type information to a post that I voted on

Would it be possible to have somewhere the information on when we upvoted or downvoted a post (in case of post was edited by OP or someone else)? For example, see the tooltip below. It's a feature I'...
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44 votes
1 answer

Can you prevent users from using same content in ask question wizard?

Some users are using the question wizard like this: Which lead of question like that: I saw multiple times question with this type of content, the same thing repeated- content copied from the ...
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-41 votes
2 answers

What can be done about people who edit a question in order to make it look like it doesn't belong on a particular site? [closed]

Background I am trying to solve a problem related the web app that I build for a client, involving Google Analytics failing to display data. I searched across all Stack Exchange sites and found that ...
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39 votes
1 answer

Too much wasted space between question and answer input form because of moved 'Related questions' from side to center [duplicate]

Yes, title says it all: The new 'Related questions' section moves the answer box more to the end of page and makes it problematic to write an answer with code and have a look to a wanted result from ...
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2 votes
0 answers

Can we add a "Reviewer stats" button to every queue?

When viewing an item that has finished the Suggested Edits Review Queue, a button labeled "Reviewer stats" appears that lets you see how many times the reviewers approved, rejected, and ...
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31 votes
1 answer

Prevent roomba from deleting questions tagged announcement

Meta posts are frequently used by moderators / staff to make announcements. Sometimes these announcements are not so popular (have negative scores) and don't receive any answers either causing roomba ...
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-18 votes
1 answer

Why do Stack Exchange sites not have 2 factor authentication? [duplicate]

In my personal opinion, 2-factor authentication is an important feature that Stack Exchange sites should have yet they lack it. I was contemplating writing a post of some importance but I'm being held ...
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24 votes
0 answers

Please add a warning when deleting a saved list

Please add a warning somewhere in this "Edit list" modal to inform the user that all their saved items in the list will be unsaved when deleting the list (or revert back to "All saves&...
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4 votes
0 answers

Allow moving multiple items at once between saved lists

Managing List of Saved Questions I believe it would be quite a good improvement if one could batch select the Saved items/questions in order to move them all at once between lists more easily.
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16 votes
0 answers

Can the total sample size for the Pulse Survey results be included in blog posts?

I've noticed the Pulse Survey results on the Stack Overflow blog, and sometimes have wanted to share the interesting results with coworkers or stakeholders. However, I can't find the total sample size ...
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7 votes
0 answers

Make the spacing between the collective indicator and a tag the same as the spacing between tags in the question UI

I just noticed a spacing inconsistency and it's bugging me. In the question post UI, .js-post-tag-list-wrapper contents are li.d-inline.mr4.js-post-tag-list-item, where the mr4 class has margin-right: ...
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2 votes
0 answers

Add update date to topusers' page / No update to topusers' page

The footers of the topusers' pages read: Only non community-wiki questions and answers are included in these totals (updated daily) But there has not been an update for a week or so. If it is too ...
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2 votes
0 answers

First Questions/First Answers/Late Answers reviewers should be partially or fully exempt from the suggested edit queue size

The suggested edit queue has a maximum size, which is supposed to make sure edits are getting reviewed at a rate which can be managed by the available reviewers. This queue size is the same for all ...
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3 votes
0 answers

Suggestion: Make it so you can widen the #mainbar div with your mouse to make it easier to read answers that overflow over the page

It would be a great feature to make it so you can slide the right edge of the #mainbar div to the right in the web browser so that you can more easily read code that overflows and goes to the next ...
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-24 votes
3 answers

Refuse questions containing the words "don't work" or "doesn't work"?

It occurs to me, after years of prompting individual questioners to explain what "doesn't work" is supposed to mean when they complain that something is wrong, that our question submission ...
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10 votes
0 answers

Can the survey request popup be made less obtrusive, please?

I was looking at a question on SO that happened to be in the Microsoft Azure Collective (I am intentionally not linking it and pixelating the question to avoid causing the Meta Effect on that post, as ...
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8 votes
1 answer

Can you get the main search bar to mimic the ask question suggestion search?

Is there way to get the main search bar to exactly mimic the ask question search, by adding an extra term or symbol? I didn't pick up on anything in the search help. My example search term is ...
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5 votes
0 answers

Can we have the old editor's GUI in the Ask Wizard? [duplicate]

Can we have a button to switch to the old editor (the question, and I guess, answer editor before introducing the Ask Wizard)'s GUI in the 'What are the details of your problem?' and the 'What did you ...
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-6 votes
1 answer

Rework review queues icon to fuzzy indicate low, medium, high demand - battery indicator style

I am preparing a suggestion to rework the review queues icon to indicate various levels of pending reviews, "battery indicator style". The state of such an icon can be refreshed at a rate ...
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-21 votes
2 answers

When uploading images, finally fix the problem of 144 dpi images from Macs [duplicate]

TLDR Images uploaded to SO should be uploaded at 72 dpi. If they are not, this should be fixed to avoid the "huge image" problem which plagues the site. One of thousands of examples of an ...
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1 vote
1 answer

'Code zoom' feature to view code in expanded popup [duplicate]

Right now, viewing code on Stack Overflow is quite inconvenient as it's displayed in a small text box where lines don't wrap. I hope a "code zoom" feature can be added - similar to the one ...
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16 votes
0 answers

Prevent line breaks in comments' timestamps [duplicate]

Depending on the comment length, there will be a line break in the middle of the timestamp which makes it quite difficult to read. I would think that using non-breaking spaces   or applying a ...
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-14 votes
2 answers

Is it still worth penalizing Stack Overflow that hard in hot network questions?

As you may know, Stack Overflow has a penalty in a formula that determines whether to allow a post to go into HNQ or not: Limited (by hotness score) These sites can still contribute the same number ...
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5 votes
0 answers

Community bulletin is not present if filters are used (other than tags)

I've noticed a weird thing: community bulletin is not showing if any non-tag filters are applied. I can see it on the main page, on the question page, when filtering by tags either: However, once I ...
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-36 votes
2 answers

Spellchecking on comment box is annoying [closed]

I'm not sure if this is something caused by a change on Stack Overflow, or a browser update (I'm using Google Chrome 110), but comment boxes now have squiggly red underlines for spelling mistakes code ...
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14 votes
0 answers

Dark theme topbar logo styling for dark mode

I'd really like to see orange part of the Stack Overflow logo when in dark mode. I noticed that the Stack Overflow image is just plain white on dark-mode vs the light-mode view: So I inspected the ...
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5 votes
0 answers

Add syntax highlighting for [gdscript] tag

Godot is becoming increasingly popular as a choice for a game engine, and it's also becoming popular in Stack Overflow as well: gdscript, godot It also has support with Highlight.js as well, and I ...
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-19 votes
2 answers

Show OP engagement history statistics on questions [duplicate]

Motivation It is a frequent occurrence on SO that OPs do not engage with the responses they get. They do not vote, do not accept and do not comment on any of the sometimes multiple answers they ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Misleading instructions for Closed question [duplicate]

My Stack Overflow question was closed with the following message: I chose the second option, "post a new one", and invested serious time and effort to improve the clarity of my question ...
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7 votes
0 answers

Make the editor hint users to add code fences when a curly brace in paragraph text leads into a code block

For curly-brace languages, it's not too difficult to find posts that are missing code fences with a high true-positive rate: Just find posts where paragraph text ends with an opening curly brace and ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Warn users if they are asking in a language other than English

As evidenced by the recent meta post: Introducing a new close reason specifically for non-English questions, a significant number of questions get asked in the wrong language. Mike Nakis posted some ...
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28 votes
0 answers

For certain extremely common duplicates, it should be possible to put prominent warnings up front

I just closed yet another question about an extremely common error message as a duplicate of its canonical: Truth value of a Series is ambiguous. Use a.empty, a.bool(), a.item(), a.any() or a.all(). ...
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37 votes
0 answers

Let gold badge holders assign a duplicate, after already voting to close

If a gold badge holder for a tag votes to close a question normally, and then later discovers a duplicate of it, can they be allowed to "cast a second close vote" as a duplicate? In the &...
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9 votes
0 answers

Flag choices - mark which flags have sub-categories [duplicate]

I don't flag questions that often, and when I do it's hard to remember which "root" flag has the sub-categories for things like the wrong stack site or needs more detail. It would help to ...
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16 votes
0 answers

Profile Activity Data settings are unclear

Currently when you view your activity data settings you're presented with this information and a button: Stack Overflow never sells or shares your activity data with third parties. We use your on-...
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-11 votes
1 answer

Change/Remove post improvement notification when downvote Meta questions/answers

I propose to remove this notice, because (as far as I know) on the meta, upvotes and downvotes literally mean that I am in favor of an idea/proposal/etc. or "against". Therefore, the ...
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-27 votes
1 answer

Automatically convert smart quotes into regular quotes

I keep seeing a bunch of questions with code that use smart quotes instead of regular quotes, which not only messes up syntax highlighting but doesn't run properly either. For example: console.log(...
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3 votes
0 answers

Custom post form for questions belonging to specific category

I'm a seasoned question answerer on Stack Overflow and tend to be a generalist towards the sql tag, occasionally answer to the regex and python tags. Everyday I scroll the questions thread and see ...
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-10 votes
1 answer

If I have sufficient rep, I should be able to edit a closed question and cast a reopen vote at the same time

This feature request comes from this question, especially this comment. When I edit a closed question, there’s a checkbox below the edit area that reads: This edit resolves the original close reason ...
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7 votes
0 answers

Make it easier to get to Teams from the public sites [closed]

Firstly, Stack Overflow's contact page identifies that this community is where feedback should be shared. To share product feedback on our products, please visit our community here . With that said, ...
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-31 votes
2 answers

Why low rep users edits end up in a review queue when they edit an answer of a highly active rep user [closed]

Yesterday, I was reviewing a 35-minute-old edit of a user with 100+ rep points. The answer he was editing was a user who had 30k+ rep. In my opinion, that edit should not end up right away in a review ...
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