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Questions tagged [feature-request]

This tag is for proposals of new features on the site, or requests for a change to an existing feature. On posts tagged feature-request, voting may indicate agreement or disagreement with the proposed change, in addition to the quality or usefulness of the post itself. Feature requests are not brought to the company's attention until and unless a [status-review] tag is added by a moderator or employee.

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24 votes
3 answers

Questions .. must describe the specific problem and include valid code to reproduce it

I would like to see one of the reasons for closing questions changed. Specifically as mentioned in a comment to the War of the closes (which I'll repeat here). I disagree with the wording of one ...
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98 votes
3 answers

Show examples of good and bad questions

Stack Overflow's rules have grown very complex and often counter-intuitive over the years. That doesn't mean they don't exist for a reason, but grokking SO's culture can be really tough even for ...
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293 votes
2 answers

Help the helpless with how-to-ask tag tips

After adding a particular tag, such as this super helpful assistant will pop-up to suggest what their question should contain: Since forcing users to get badges or asking them "what have you tried?" ...
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  • 34k
25 votes
1 answer

Increase max daily votes?

Preface: A year on, after using more Stack Exchange sites, I'd like to now clarify: I'd like to see this only on Stack Overflow. It's quite easy to max out your votes on SO if you're on the site a lot....
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52 votes
1 answer

Enable a "lang-powershell" option for Prettify on Stack Overflow [duplicate]

I wrote an answer on Stack Overflow with some PowerShell code examples, but there's no syntax highlighting. There are currently 29,611 (as of 2015-12-08) questions tagged powershell on Stack Overflow. ...
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12 votes
5 answers

Split the [regex] tag?

I've seen a lot of questions tagged with regex and no additional tags. These questions are often impossible to answer because regular expressions are so dependent on their engine's capabilities. ...
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11 votes
2 answers

Do not automatically expire single-use tags on Stack Overflow

There is an automatic job that deletes single-use tags after 6 months. No attempt is made at determining whether the tags are good and should remain, or whether the tags are a variant name of another ...
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13 votes
0 answers

Retag request: [appwidget] to [android-appwidget]

I've been doing research on Android AppWidgets lately, and I notice the tagging here is pretty inconsistent. Currently there are two tags which I see used repeatedly for question about android ...
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  • 35.8k
37 votes
0 answers

Provide user interface to insert language hints

I find myself visiting What is syntax highlighting and how does it work? on a regular basis to figure out what languages Prettify supports and by what names it calls them. I guess many others don't ...
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33 votes
4 answers

How can Stack Overflow help developers evaluate technologies?

The biggest problem I am facing now as a developer is finding the right tool for the job. The problem isn't finding them, but knowing whether they are worth taking the time to evaluate. Especially, ...
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73 votes
5 answers

A SWAT team of nice

There is much discussion about civility on Stack Overflow. One particularly important sub-set of the issue is what is called "accidental rudeness" - seasoned Stack Overflow users pointing ...
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  • 447k
25 votes
5 answers

Disallow the tagging of questions with both C and C++ tags

A lot of SO users, especially novice or inexperienced programmers who frequently ask questions, are genuinely confused about the differences between C and C++. As such, you frequently find questions ...
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20 votes
2 answers

The highlight colour for interested tags

Hi, I would like to make a comment about the pale yellow highlight that is used for questions with tags that you're interested in on the website. I'm colour blind and can hardly ...
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36 votes
4 answers

Please remove the programming tag

The programming tag is even more useless than the completely useless code tag. Please delete the programming tag so we can clear the system up a bit.
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