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This tag is for proposals of new features on the site, or requests for a change to an existing feature. On posts tagged feature-request, voting may indicate agreement or disagreement with the proposed change, in addition to the quality or usefulness of the post itself.

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23 votes
6 answers

Provide a setting to hide "Featured on Meta" posts in the Community Bulletin

Please provide an option to hide just Meta posts in the Community Bulletin from me. I still want to see Stack Overflow Blog posts though, because I want to stay up-to-date on new features and stuff. ...
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11 votes
3 answers

Can we have an ADHD Stack Overflow version? [closed]

First off, hide the hot network questions. I should be learning how to fix a JavaScript error, not why Darth Vader didn't talk with R2-D2 for a long time. It turns out he actually didn't have the ...
-18 votes
4 answers

"'Bumping' question after editing" feature should be removed

It happened to me lots of times. I enjoy editing old posts, and sometimes I edit dozens of them an hour. However, some people start complaining that I pollute their 'front page' (this means 'Active' ...
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63 votes
6 answers

Don't show closed, downvoted questions in the "Questions that may already have your answer" list

I just answered this rather confusing question here on meta: Why did SO ban me from asking questions for asking a "poor" question when i copied exactly the same question that was asked at least ...
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26 votes
1 answer

Add an option to hide deleted answers when we reach 10k? [duplicate]

Now that I have 10k rep, I see the deleted answers. I'd rather not see them unless I ask to. Is there a way to hide them? Short of starting some bounties, that is.
16 votes
0 answers

Move tags field to top when creating/editing a question

Since we have a common problem with people putting tags in the title wouldn't it make sense to have the editor hint that isn't appropriate by the flow? I think we could move the tags at the top to ...
9 votes
1 answer

Simple tag hierarchy to aid in searching / browsing [duplicate]

Many tags have natural parent tags, in the sense that a question tagged A would almost always be of potential use to someone searching or browsing questions tagged B. For example, all winapi ...
-25 votes
1 answer

Benefit of creating a newbie or beginner tag

I come across posts which revolve around basic troubleshooting. These posts usually get downvoted and not a lot of attention. However, users still need support, and plenty of people are willing and ...
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-27 votes
1 answer

Automatic downvoting bad questions [duplicate]

I know there are already mechanisms to warn users about dumping their code, resulting in very lengthy and difficultly understandable questions, long subjects, and I read that people still ignore all ...
161 votes
4 answers

Give greater dominance/placement to searching rather than asking for new/low rep users

TL;DR: We are more than just another Yahoo Answers or forum, but we are presenting ourselves in exactly the same way; just another Q&A site. Although technically correct, due to our rules and ...
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243 votes
5 answers

Rename "Documentation" to "Examples" [closed]

Let's rename Documentation to Examples, as suggested by @Jeff Atwood (one of the founders of Stack Overflow) here and here. The term "Documentation" is the root cause of many of the evils we ...
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155 votes
2 answers

Didn't get the job (or did I?!?!) but in limbo - what are you guys doing to proactively move employers to provide feedback?

Much needed feature request, especially for the job seekers. Scenario: you've applied for a job via the jobs link on SO. You wait, and wait, and wait, and wait, and continue waiting. You search for ...
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203 votes
2 answers

Add an "I don't understand" or "I disagree" button after failing an audit

I'm very new to being able to review. I failed my first audit today, out of roughly 4 audits so far. I found it odd that there is a button that says "I understand" when the audit fails, but there is ...
  • 1,461
155 votes
1 answer

Require new users to check the preview before posting

Following on from Highlight the preview on the Ask Question page, whether or not we do that, I wonder if for new users, we may want to (softly) force a review of the preview before allowing them to ...
206 votes
11 answers

Can we slow down on the deletes on Meta, folks?

I had the privilege of reading this meta post just now (screenshot in case it's deleted again). It was created 36 minutes ago. It was closed 20 minutes ago. It was deleted 1 minute ago. Meta is the ...
192 votes
0 answers

Show my close vote

Going through my old close votes, I noticed the following: If I have cast an off-topic close vote, I cannot see what that vote was, as I cannot navigate to the off-topic section as I would be able to ...
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76 votes
7 answers

A Second Chance: Rework the Reopen System

In the wake of the famous blog post, I'd like to propose a rework of the reopen system. The problem: Poorly asked questions by newbies often get downvoted and closed. Sometimes, helpful users try to ...
  • 30.6k
98 votes
2 answers

MATLAB syntax highlighting?

From this question I understand that syntax highlighting on Stack Overflow is done using Google's prettify project, which does support MATLAB syntax. Despite this, the MATLAB information page ...
  • 5,691
80 votes
2 answers

Send notification when question is closed or deleted

By chance I found out that an old question of mine has been deleted. Given that it was very old and highly upvoted, I didn’t lose any reputation and—according to current standards—it was indeed off ...
  • 348k
39 votes
1 answer

Allow "keep open" voting outside review queue

The "close votes" queue contains a lot of questions that have some close votes, but not enough to close them. Maybe some of them could be removed from the queue by adding a "keep open" option to ...
130 votes
3 answers

Add indication that canned comments are from review

I've had more than a few new users take the low quality review comments personally, some even going as far as arguing, revenge voting, and so on... I find myself needing to explain the review process ...
  • 16k
117 votes
2 answers

Why is duplicate search still awful?

The search functionality for searching duplicate questions does not deliver great results. For example, when searching for NullReferenceException there is exactly one canonical question. Here's how ...
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45 votes
8 answers

Let us bring an end to the "robo-reviewer" war: Phase 1 - 2

What follows is a two-phase (pre-access & post-access) "battle" plan to defend SO from future "robo-reviewers", Phase one (pre-access) Only allow users to access the suggested edits queue if, &...
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41 votes
2 answers

MathJax-only code snippets could be simplified into Math Snippets

The request to enable MathJax on SO was declined for some good reasons. But after that discussion, Stack Snippets were introduced, making it possible to load and execute external JavaScript on demand. ...
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145 votes
2 answers

Can we have [mcve] expand to in comments, please

Working through the review queue, I am finding it very common to need to refer new users who's questions are being close-voted to the Minimal Complete Verifiable Example document. It would be a ...
  • 14.2k
27 votes
1 answer

Retracted flag does not let me flag again [duplicate]

For the purpose of this question, knowing and / or discussing the flag and / or post is not helpful. Thus discussing it or bringing it to light has no use. I recently flagged a question, marking it ...
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16 votes
1 answer

Feature request: introduce an optional sort option for answers that lets new *good* answers rise faster to the top

Initial remarks: What I write has been proposed before (e.g., in comments or answers) but I would like to open a specific feature request here. Problem: When sorting answers, I currently have ...
  • 8,370
-21 votes
1 answer

Should Stack Overflow support video upload?

Do you think it's good to have a video upload feature in Stack Overflow or in the entire Stack Exchange? Imagine the benefit if the one who's asking the question could not just read the answers but ...
  • 262
72 votes
2 answers

Triage "Requires Editing" Notification to New Reviewers

I have noticed quite a bit of very low-quality questions in the Help and Improvement review queue, such as this and this. Most of the blame is that triage fails to properly explain to new reviewers on ...
  • 9,759
67 votes
2 answers

Disabling notifications for a question (it's 10 years old)

I have a question I asked 10 years ago, and I still get answers or comments periodically. How can I disable notifications for a single question like this one? PS: about answers and comments ...
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45 votes
7 answers

If the author says it's not an answer, can we take their word for it?

There are thousands of answers containing the phrases like "not an answer", and my knee-jerk impulse is to trust the author, and flag it. Seems like it would be cool if there was an automated check ...
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42 votes
0 answers

Can we have upvote/downvote notifications on meta posts back?

Reputation on MSO is copied from SO, so votes on posts don't affect it. I'm guessing that as a side-effect there are no top-bar notifications when someone votes on my post. Although meta-voting is ...
  • 33.8k
21 votes
1 answer

Highlight Line of Code

I just answered a question in which the OP was missing a comma in a bunch of nested parameters. It would be really handy to be able to highlight a line of code I'm thinking a different background ...
  • 53.3k
12 votes
1 answer

Leave comment when rolling back an edit?

I recently rolled back this edit because the editor "fixed" OP's original code by adding braces around several statements of a Java if statement. It was the lack of braces that was causing OP's ...
  • 229k
-28 votes
3 answers

Hide a question's real score from users for some time so that they can't tell that it has downvotes

Recently there have been some very lengthy discussion threads on metaSO on downvoting. Askers have really concerns about downvoting. At the same time downvoters support their stand by saying ...
  • 3,227
-52 votes
8 answers

Downvote system change proposal [closed]

I received the first downvote for that question several seconds after publication. The person did not even read the whole post, but just downvoted. It is very good example of the downvote system ...
  • 5,374
65 votes
2 answers

I can't mark questions as Unsalvageable in Triage when I'm out of Close votes for the day

The title pretty much says it all; if I am out of close votes for the day, I cannot select the Unsalvageable > "it should be closed for another reason..." option in Triage. This makes sense, since I ...
58 votes
0 answers

Don't treat closed questions on meta as rejected migrations from main [duplicate]

What I find striking is that for none of the rejected migrations, pushing a question from meta back to main helps things any. While the appropriateness even for meta differs between them, it's ...
  • 43.6k
37 votes
1 answer

Should the views count in the sidebar be formatted?

This is something that I've only just started noticing on some older SO questions that I've bookmarked at some point in history with a code-snippet that I may use once at the beginning of every new ...
  • 23.6k
23 votes
4 answers

Filter questions by favorite tags

We can currently save favorite tags, which seems to highlight questions in the list, and give a quick shortcut to filter all questions by only that tag. But is there a way to in one or two clicks ...
  • 17k
16 votes
1 answer

Use location mentioned in profile for job adverts

I'd like this feature to be present so the job ads that come up in SO are actually relevant to me and not just wasting my screen space. It's great that SO jobs uses the IP address to provide jobs in ...
  • 5,627
6 votes
2 answers

See underlying (Markdown) source code of locked answer/question

I think that most people have probably stumbled across by now and it is quite entertaining. One thing which I wanted to do is see in my recent stumble is ...
  • 19.9k
-11 votes
1 answer

Overriding Accepted Answers [duplicate]

Here's a thought for an SO feature. If an answer has been accepted by OP, but the community overwhelmingly supports a different answer by upvoting it, should a consensus of some number of high rep ...
  • 2,464
85 votes
2 answers

Allow to hide sections of Stack Snippets

I just answered a question about a JavaScript issue, and wanted to provide a runnable snippet with a complete demo based on the asker's code. The problem lies in the fact that the CSS is irrelevant ...
36 votes
0 answers

Code Snippet as a formatting tool

Since the Stack Snippet is being misused, let us make it a feature! My proposal is to add a dropdown to select the language, and let people paste their code inside to format the code. The language ...
  • 55k
30 votes
0 answers

Issues with searches in Documentation [closed]

In any documentation topic, you can search through it (for topics and examples, it looks like). I'll use the Java documentation search as an example: We'll use Arrays as an example search term: ...
28 votes
1 answer

Edit duplicate closure target after close vote has been cast

Sometimes a question is clarified ( rarely ) after a duplicate closure, and the clarification is still a duplicate just of a different question. A more common case is sometimes you copy paste the ...
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21 votes
1 answer

Fragment Identifiers on Headings within Answers

Today I posted an answer featuring two different methods of achieving what the user was asking for depending on certain external content. After posting my answer I did some digging and found that the ...
15 votes
4 answers

Add a Low Quality Posts button to delete answer because it doesn't answer the question

I think there should be an option when you select "Recommend Deletion" for "Does not answer the question being asked". I'm seeing quite a large number of answers that really do not actually answer ...
  • 4,642
11 votes
1 answer

Close as duplicate in SE meta

Given we now have a shiny new SE Meta site for network wide changes it would be great to get a close as duplicate on the other site. Here's a really good example of a question that should be closed ...
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