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This tag is for proposals of new features on the site, or requests for a change to an existing feature. On posts tagged feature-request, voting may indicate agreement or disagreement with the proposed change, in addition to the quality or usefulness of the post itself.

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-31 votes
7 answers

Ability to ignore questions from low rep users

I hereby retreat from this feature request. This post handles the same idea, but it is much better. IMPORTANT: This does NOT mean that all new users should be ignored by everyone or something in this ...
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95 votes
13 answers

Establish a two stage question commit process?

As for the overwhelming load of low quality questions coming into SO (here's a related question about why it's the current situation, and how to handle this properly), I want to propose to have a two ...
78 votes
0 answers

I gave a different close reason yet the system lists me

Give a close reason. Later, when there's enough close votes the page shows your name next to the reason, even though you gave a different one. Here's an example: In how many ways you can count till N ...
59 votes
4 answers

Should we allow voting to change the close vote reason of a question?

Yesterday, I asked this question on Meta. The question was about changing our close vote reason for a question which has been edited since casting our close vote reason. The edit invalidated what ...
  • 60.5k
33 votes
2 answers

How can I draft multiple posts?

I need to keep drafts of multiple questions before posting them on Stack Overflow, so I can post them or discard them accordingly later after doing the required additions/corrections and research. ...
  • 3,853
84 votes
3 answers

Ban on the word "problem" for titles makes it difficult to edit existing posts

Lately I tried to edit two posts in order to improve them. However, I wasn't allowed to save my edits, because the title contained the word "problem". So, I was forced to rephrase the title in order ...
  • 8,491
69 votes
0 answers

Generate new types of audits for the Suggested Edits queue

The Suggested Edits queue still suffers from people who are too happy to approve things. The current batch of sloppy reviewers have learnt to Reject the current audits in the SE queue, but often don't ...
  • 8,089
52 votes
2 answers

Add a link to the timeline of a post

There have been many questions on this topic already. For instance: Add a link to the timeline of a post Why is there no link to timeline of the post? Answers posted in 2014 or 2015 said that this ...
  • 13.9k
73 votes
2 answers

Move Favourite Tags above the Community Bulletin & Careers?

With the expansion of Community Bulletin items and Careers on SO, the Favourite Tags section in the right hand pane of the main questions page has been pushed down the pecking order somewhat and on my ...
  • 21.6k
67 votes
1 answer

Reputation earned on Documentation should not unlock certain Stack Overflow privileges [closed]

As we have all heard repeated, reputation represents a basic level of trust. From the MSE faq about reputation: Reputation is a rough measurement of how much the community trusts you; it is earned ...
  • 6,174
18 votes
5 answers

Filtering questions by "difficulty" / "level"?

This question is similar to Filter questions by asker's reputation or Ability to ignore questions from low rep users, but does not equate the asker's reputation with the difficulty or level. There are ...
-89 votes
5 answers

Low-rep users should not be able to ask questions

I have noticed that a lot of the questions I down-vote are from users with a very low reputation (and usually a randomly generated username). Perhaps these users shouldn't be able to ask questions ...
71 votes
1 answer

“You can edit the question or post a new one”

What you read in the title is the advice that is given in the post notice when a question gets closed as off-topic. You might be aware that these post notices got an overhaul 6 to 8 weeks ago. This ...
  • 40.3k
43 votes
4 answers

Could we add a tag-specific MRE page?

Update Based on all the comments and on Shepmaster's answer, I think perhaps it would be better to have an MRE Guideline page (that might include templates) instead of a MRE template page for each tag....
  • 76.9k
28 votes
1 answer

"Similar Questions" search should take the tags into account

Whenever I try and submit a question, I keep getting invalid results for "Questions that may already have your answer". From what I've seen, the suggested questions do not consider the tags that I've ...
  • 1,369
45 votes
1 answer

Tell people that tag excerpts do not support formatting

It happens quite often I see tag excerpts with lots of mark up like **, [txt](link) etc... Please add a little box or something that tells people that wiki excerpts do not support formatting. It ...
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39 votes
1 answer

Allow users to hide individual job listings

I've been checking out the Careers Unificintegration and so far it seems quite nice. One problem, however, is that there is no way to remove jobs that have been previously evaluated to be a poor fit. ...
  • 17.1k
7 votes
2 answers

Should we add more explanation when closing as duplicate?

There are a lot of duplicates closures all the time, and I often close as duplicate linking to one or several original Q&As I know. We're refraining from answering and gain rep of course, but we ...
612 votes
4 answers

Don't clutter half the screen with things most people don't care for

TL;DR: Stack Exchange has a principle: the advertising is minimal, and shouldn't interfere with the contents of the sites. This works for all sites except Stack Overflow. Please fix this. Details ...
98 votes
3 answers

Closing as a mental typo

Here is the close reason we all know: This question was caused by a problem that can no longer be reproduced or a simple typographical error. While similar questions may be on-topic here, this one ...
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47 votes
12 answers

Restrict up vote rights

I'm feeling like I'm going to draw lots of fire with this question, but this is bugging me for long time now, so I feel like I need get it out. So the main question/request here: I think we should ...
181 votes
4 answers

Answer acceptance to count toward tag score

Your score in a given tag is based solely on the number of votes you have received on answers tagged with that tag. Based on this system, it would be possible to have 100 accepted answers in TagA, and ...
  • 29.7k
77 votes
1 answer

Can we have an official statement regarding greetings, salutations etc. please?

I've participated once in a discussion regarding removing greetings, salutations and thanks from SO posts here. Another discussion took place on Meta here. Both accepted answers and their votes seem ...
  • 33.8k
127 votes
0 answers

Could: "Possible duplicate of.." be given prominence for answering users?

Scenario: User 1 asks a question User 2 votes to close as duplicate User 3 ignores the comment/dupe link and answers Other than the link in the comments, users that answer are not directed in any ...
  • 21.6k
74 votes
2 answers

NSFW triage review audit

I sometimes go through some of the review queues at work when I have some time left over. Now I ran into the following review and I was a bit shocked. Review - Warning: Image is no longer ...
  • 783
155 votes
2 answers

Can we get Franz Kafka out of the review queues?

Life in the review queue sure is Kafkaesque. I have been accused, but only god knows of what. I reviewed an answer to this question in the LQP review queue. It was an audit, and I failed by not ...
  • 7,987
44 votes
3 answers

Practice queues for review training

Would it be feasible and desirable to have practice queues for the various review queues? Such queues could help those who are new to the review process learn how to do reviews; they could also help ...
  • 52.9k
62 votes
3 answers

Auto-comment close votes for all close reasons

I propose auto-comments for voting to close for any close reason. (Read the parts in bold for a longer "TL;DR") More details: Whenever someone votes to close with a reason someone hasn't already ...
45 votes
3 answers

May we have some "canned comments"?

On Stack Overflow, certain comments get repeated a lot. Just off the top of my head: 1. Do you have any more code to show? This post lacks enough detail. 2. Welcome to Stack Overflow! This ...
  • 11.4k
86 votes
1 answer

How to report users spamming in Documentation requests? [closed]

I came to notice Documentation is getting spammed by users. But there is only an option to dismiss a documentation request. Nothing to flag the request as spam, or I could not find anything in the ...
  • 3,274
79 votes
4 answers

Give high-rep users extra weight on close votes

As a person's commitment to the community increases, I think we should make it possible for high-reputation users to fast-track the closure of certain questions. See here for some of my rationale. ...
62 votes
0 answers

Make the automatic deletion of "possible duplicate of" comments more precise

Proposal: Change the criteria for automatic deletion of comments generated by duplicate votes so that only comments that begin exactly with "Possible duplicate of [link to a question]" are deleted. ...
  • 32.5k
55 votes
1 answer

Removing deleted answers from view

I recently gained access to moderator tools. One of the privileges is viewing deleted posts. I understand why it's important for experienced users to have this feature. As stated in the description, ...
54 votes
3 answers

Migration of code questions from Stack Overflow to Code Review

Why is there not an option to close a post on Stack Overflow and migrate it to Code Review? I can move it to other Stack Exchange sites, but only 5-6 of them. Is it because Code Review ...
40 votes
7 answers

The backlog of reviews in the First questions review queue is increasing

Since the new workflow of the review queues, the backlog of questions in the First questions review queue has been increasing and fails to clean all questions that appears. Others queues, such as ...
  • 3,367
89 votes
1 answer

Provide asking instructions for [regex] - just like for [sql]

You won't believe this: regex suffers from low-quality questions. First, as you may know, there are several regex flavors in use. The flavor can impact available features, valid syntax or much more ...
37 votes
0 answers

See entire preview while editing a question

Most editing doesn't take a tremendous amount of time especially when it's in a tag you are familiar with. New users typically don't use backticks properly or will leave logcat and other error ...
  • 44.3k
28 votes
1 answer

Would it be possible to add flagging/voting to "Low Quality Answers" review queue

In Low Quality Answers queue, it is only possible to edit the answer to make it look better and flag it for deletion with pre-defined reasons. If something else is needed with the answer (i.e. flag it ...
-2 votes
5 answers

Questions being closed as answers are being written

Three times this week I've attempted to write answers for people and, just before I click 'Post Answer', a notification appears warning me that the question was closed and no new answers will be ...
  • 19k
-8 votes
2 answers

Brief Educational Quiz before Posting First Questions in Popular Tags

Withdrawn: Similar proposal in intent was asked on the old meta (
  • 26k
46 votes
0 answers

Suggested edits count badge shouldn't be displayed in top bar after reaching daily quota

There's a badge in the top bar showing the number of suggested edits that need to be reviewed, which is nice. However, once I've reviewed 20 and can't review any more, that badge is still displayed. ...
  • 8,967
35 votes
1 answer

Why do we not have an off-topic flag for closing as off-topic?

This applies mostly to this question, but can obviously be applied to many other situations. In case it's closed: I currently have a CSS server running and it works great, but I want to enable ...
  • 12.2k
35 votes
1 answer

Where can we discuss guidelines for Documentation on a per-tag basis? [closed]

So I took a closer look at a tag in Documentation I happen to know well, PHP. At the moment, there seems to be little of value there. :( Take pretty much any section there and look through the ...
  • 434k
5 votes
3 answers

Support running snippets in languages other than just JavaScript

From the Snippets Announcement Why? Every question is better for having minimal, reproducible code. ... Similarly, answers that include runnable code are easier to use and understand, because you can ...
  • 94.7k
-18 votes
2 answers

Should users with high rep be able to accept answers to questions with no accepted answer? [duplicate]

I think users that have high enough reputation should unlock a privilege that allows them to accept an answer on a question that has a correct answer (to be determined by the person accepting it) but ...
  • 1,791
324 votes
3 answers

Should Stack Overflow revisit the dark mode question in light of new situations in 2019 vs 2013 when it was first asked?

Original issue from 2013: Why is there no dark theme on SO? It's 2019. Operating Systems have started having a user preference setting for a light UI or a dark UI. Windows 10, iOS 13 and MacOS 10.14 ...
  • 94.7k
142 votes
8 answers

Beware, all ye who `enter code here`

Can we have an automatic filter/block or some other mechanism to prevent submission of posts in which people leave "enter code here" in the default code blocks created by the post editor? ...
  • 43.6k
116 votes
13 answers

Time for roomba to ignore comments

Remember this: If the question is more than 365 days old, and ... has a score of 0, or a score of 1 in case of deleted owner has no answers is not locked has view count <= the age ...
  • 1
108 votes
4 answers

10 reputation for topic editing is too high [duplicate]

On Q & A Stack Overflow, Suggested Edits are a prime source of rep farming; a simple or trivial edit that requires little knowledge of the question content earns users under 2k reputation two rep ...
  • 2,699
94 votes
7 answers

Why is there no line numbering in code sections?

Many times users paste long code and those who want to refer to a specific line refer to it by its content, which can be misleading or cumbersome if the content appears elsewhere or the line is long. ...
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