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Questions tagged [feature-request]

This tag is for proposals of new features on the site, or requests for a change to an existing feature. On posts tagged feature-request, voting may indicate agreement or disagreement with the proposed change, in addition to the quality or usefulness of the post itself.

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17 votes
0 answers

Are there any stats, or way the community can obtain details on how Discussions are performing?

It's not a secret that, at least from users active on Meta, that Discussions as a feature has not been well received. Every time I visit the feature I feel like I end up flagging almost every post on ...
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3 votes
0 answers

Flagging a Staging Ground question as spam should close-vote it too [duplicate]

I ran across an obvious piece of spam in Staging Ground. I flagged it accordingly, but I still had the set of choices in the "Review Question" box. It clearly shouldn't be promoted to a &...
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  • 149k
-11 votes
0 answers

Better render ins and del tag

Currently, the <del> tag is rendered like <s> which makes it barely visible. The <ins> tag is entirely ignored, just like <u>. Suggestion: render both like the diffs in ...
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5 votes
0 answers

Can't dupe-hammer a Staging Ground question after it was voted off-topic and submitted for re-evaluation Initially, the question was voted as off-topic as caused by a typo or not reproducible. In my view this is incorrect; rather the question simply ...
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-19 votes
1 answer

Reduce [Questions with no answers] [duplicate]

At this moment there are 3,205,054 questions with no answers I'm sure half or more of these questions have been answered in the comments While there is no way to force OP to answer by themself, I'd ...
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9 votes
0 answers

It should be possible to require major changes based on someone else's comment

I.e at there was a previous comment which elaborated major changes that are required. I should be able to mark it as such based on that comment rather ...
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3 votes
0 answers

Show tag score in flair instead of badge count

Currently when you answer a question your flair shows up with your total stack overflow score and badge count. At a glance this gives superficial credibility to the answer because "this person ...
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-31 votes
2 answers

Should self-Q&A questions auto-accept the answer?

Should self-Q&A questions auto-accept the answer? After all, the answer I wrote to my own question is, in 99.9999% of cases, the answer that worked best for me.
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7 votes
0 answers

Voting for duplicate or off-topic in Staging Ground should also automatically subscribe for notifications from the post

Leaving a review on a Staging Ground item does automatically subscribe for notifications from the post. And the system certainly treats voting the same as leaving a review since it immediately moves ...
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-18 votes
1 answer

Can we remove "not reproducible" from off-topic reasons in the Staging Ground?

When a question in the Staging Ground lacks details for reproducing the issue, it should be marked as "Requires Major Changes" instead of being closed as off-topic. The close reason "...
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  • 14.8k
-14 votes
0 answers

Make reputation indicator background color different from green if it is from another community

A user with accounts on multiple community sites across the stack exchange network may gain reputation from any of these sites, given they have contributed a question or answer. The reputation ...
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  • 4,432
-70 votes
0 answers

Should Stack Overflow pursue crypto? [duplicate]

I was wondering if Stack Overflow should pursue a crypto token, or maybe convert badges into NFTs or something else. Engagement will be higher and users will stop running to AI to get bland responses, ...
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  • 16.4k
-1 votes
0 answers

Dynamically change amount of shown Staging Ground questions depending on review activity

The top questions page as well as some other pages now include Staging Ground posts. However, some people are more interested in reviewing and better understand the system than others. This brings me ...
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26 votes
0 answers

Allow me to stay on a Staging Ground post after I submit a review action

Currently, if I am looking at a Staging Ground post and leave any review, I am immediately moved away to another post. I do not want that. I want to stay at the post for a variety of reasons: I might ...
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  • 28k
1 vote
0 answers

Possibility of making a custom filter excluding duplicates and closed questions in the question view

This is very similar to Is there a way exclude duplicates and closed questions in the question view? The accepted answer indicates that you can add you can add closed:no duplicate:no migrated:no in ...
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  • 2,569
12 votes
0 answers

Could users with <10k reputation be able to see the content of deleted SG questions that they've taken a review action on?

A long time ago, a change was made to allow users without the 10k tools the ability to see the content of questions/answers they've reviewed. From that post, the rationale was: Displaying the post ...
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3 votes
0 answers

Edit dialog: "Save without review" is unclear, add a standard "save edits" button

A staging ground question has an outstanding major issue, but it also has a minor formatting issue that I can fix. I click edit, fix the formatting, and try to click the submit button, which is not in ...
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  • 1,127
38 votes
1 answer

We need Staging Ground reviewer onboarding before showing it in the question list

Questions shown in the staging ground appear in the top questions and similar pages. I don't necessarily disagree with that as it could be a good way to fix the scaling issue in principle. However, I ...
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  • 14.8k
16 votes
0 answers

Please give us some FAQ and comprehensive help articles about staging-grounds intended workflow

staging-ground seems to work out way better than the triage-queue, but the intended workflow for reviewers is still a bit clumsy and unclear, at least for me. Specifically after editing a question (...
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7 votes
1 answer

Allow submitting a review after flagging a post

I flagged this question as AI generated. Yet I can not mark the post as flagged. None of the possible options seems appropriate and I can not submit the review. In my opinion, that should be an ...
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9 votes
0 answers

Add Staging Ground activity to activity tab in user profile

This would include review actions revisions comments And make this visible for any acting-user A to any meta-reviewing-user B with access to SG. I.e. let me audit specific other users' reviews. Okay ...
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  • 40k
10 votes
3 answers

Staging Ground comment UX causes users to forget to leave a review

I've seen several instances where reviewers have left a comment with feedback but forgot to leave a review. For example, in this question two users left a comment but forgot to submit a review. I ...
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3 votes
0 answers

Add a keyboard navigation path to get to Staging Ground

It would be nice to be able to navigate to Staging Ground via keyboard shortcuts. Currently to navigate to the review page, it's g,s,r. I suggest something like g,s,s for Staging Ground.
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5 votes
0 answers

Please autofocus the input field when opening duplicate closure dialog in SG

In Staging Ground, when I select "Vote as duplicate" and then click "Submit", the duplicate closure dialog opens, but the input field isn't focused and focus stays on the "...
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  • 40k
9 votes
0 answers

Make Staging Ground posts, comments, and history available in SEDE

Please put Staging Ground items in the dbo.Posts table, and their comments in dbo.Comments, and their timelines in dbo.PostHistory (including events (and their types in dbo.PostHistoryTypes) like ...
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  • 40k
7 votes
0 answers

Auto-follow a staging ground post after publishing

Currently there is an option to auto-upvote after publishing: Can an analogous auto-follow option be added as well, e.g., "Follow when posted on main site"?
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  • 39.8k
4 votes
1 answer

Identify Staging Ground questions with a specific CSS class

If your user preferences are set to include them, Staging Ground posts are appearing on question list pages including the home page. Could the question <div> tags please be classed appropriately ...
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21 votes
0 answers

Allow excluding/including/only having Staging Ground posts in a Custom filter

Currently, posts that are in the Staging Ground and not graduated yet are shown on the site in all regular lists of questions. This includes custom filters. However, I have custom filters where I wish ...
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  • 28k
11 votes
0 answers

Allow sorting of questions in the Staging Ground by creation date

At the moment, the only available sorting for questions is either by status or by last activity. However, neither is stable enough so that on refresh you get (mostly) the same items. This makes it ...
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7 votes
0 answers

Staging Ground editor doesn't have Stack Snippets

The Stack Snippet icon in the Staging Ground editor inserts a code block instead. The Markdown preview mode doesn't render Stack Snippets, either.
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  • 6,331
14 votes
0 answers

Top Questions page - 'Staging Ground' questions

When reloading Stack Overflow on my mobile, the newly Staging Ground questions were added to the Top Questions page. From the 7 visible questions, 5 are from the Staging Ground, that's more than 70%. ...
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  • 40.3k
36 votes
1 answer

Reviewers should not be required to have asked 2 questions to access to Staging Ground

To access the staging ground, you need to have asked at least 2 questions. This is not stated in the announcement but by kylemit in a comment you have to have asked at least 2 questions to review ...
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5 votes
0 answers

Negative search for

Does (Stack Overflow Jobs powered by Indeed) have a negative search feature? The following do not appear to work (and actually increase the frequency of unwanted positions) -...
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  • 17.9k
-30 votes
1 answer

Can a priority be added to a question? [duplicate]

I've just asked this question about renaming a program. When I wrote that question, I had seen that I could not compile my program, so that looked like an urgent question. My task, however, is a ...
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  • 17.1k
9 votes
0 answers

Notification clearing

Sometimes I follow a question as it's interesting but not something I can contribute to as I don't know the language itself, not as much experience, whatever the reason. I then get X amount of ...
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  • 9,785
-13 votes
1 answer

Request for a Meta version of the informed badge

About 26% of all questions on Meta SO are closed. I'm not sure how to find the exact number of closed questions as duplicates, but looking at the new questions, it's quite a large amount. Most of the ...
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-13 votes
1 answer

Proposal to reduce perceived hostility (and a "fix")

Compare your reaction to reading each of: "Your code is flawed because you ..." and "The presented code is flawed because it ...". A suggestion that might reduce hurt feelings (...
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18 votes
0 answers

Can we get some automated filtering of answers that are entirely plagiarized from code of other answers to the same question?

On a bit of a whim I've spent some time on and off during the past couple of weeks looking through the New Answers to Old Questions feed, and I have noticed a recurring pattern of plagiarism. A few ...
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8 votes
0 answers

Moderation edit queue warning can cause inefficiency

Currently, when reviewing a post which requires a complex / significant edit, a great deal of time might be spent by the reviewer implementing the necessary edits to the post. If the edit queue is ...
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  • 907
-24 votes
1 answer

Can Stack Overflow have ChatGPT automatically generate the question titles (at least for lower-ranked members)? [duplicate]

People asking questions are frequently terrible at choosing a title for their question. I think it might be an improvement to have members below a certain reputation required to use a ChatGPT-...
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13 votes
0 answers

The current Ask Question Wizard leads some new users to think the prompts will be part of the question [duplicate]

TL;DR Would it be possible to make users of the Ask Question Wizard more aware that only their text will be part of the question, without the prompts? Details In recent months, I have noticed a number ...
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  • 11.4k
-16 votes
1 answer

Add option to make "log out of all devices" the default

When logging out, I always click on the checkbox saying "log out of all devices". And I do this multiple times a day. So I want there to be an option to make this checkbox already selected ...
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  • 45.7k
7 votes
1 answer

Should the review be skipped automatically if one wants to edit but the queue is full and the reviewer does not have full-edit privileges?

I know that there are already some similar questions here regarding the "problem", but I have not been able to find a discussion about this "solution": The answer to this question ...
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  • 826
-24 votes
1 answer

Is it possible to auto-convert HTML/CSS/JS code into a Stack Snippet?

Why can't there be a automatic feature that detects if its HTML/CSS/JS code and auto makes it into a Stack Snippet? This would be very helpful and nice because I always find so many posts WITHOUT a ...
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  • 60
12 votes
2 answers

How to get rid of the Google Login Popover

Each time I want to log into Stack Overflow, I have to get past the "Log in with your Goggle Account" (or whatever the English wording is): But I never want that. There cannot be a cookie ...
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  • 4,973
7 votes
0 answers

Pin "how to ask" to the "asking questions" column on the SO help center's home page?

New user welcome comments A frequent comment I have added to questions from new users is to direct them to the SO site tour, the SO help center and the "How do I ask a good question?" ...
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  • 18.6k
24 votes
0 answers

Implement a discussion ban system similar to the question ban

While people that are question banned can't post on discussions, nothing is happening to those who abuse discussions and post all their low quality questions there. Because these people never post ...
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2 votes
0 answers

How can I define the order for a code snippet? [duplicate]

I'm trying to ask a CSS-related question with some demo code. I have some JavaScript there which is not directly related to the problem and is only used to toggle some dynamic state so that the ...
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8 votes
0 answers

Drop vote-to-migrate threshold to 2 of the 3 VTC's?

As @Shog9 mentioned when originally implementing 3-vote-close: [Previously], migrating a question to another site require[d] that 4 of the 5 votes all agree that the question should be migrated to a ...
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3 votes
0 answers

Remove Staging Ground section from Help Center [closed]

Now that Staging Ground is officially on hold, remove all references to it from the Help Center. We plan to revisit it as soon as we can but for now, it can be considered "on hold" (...
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