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This tag is for questions about feature requests and the process of suggesting features. If your question *is* a feature request, use the [feature-request] tag.

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Creating a system for featuring posts. Tell the mods what you want [closed]

In the event of this1 We’re removing “Hot Meta Posts” from Stack Overflow's sidebar for now; moderators now fully control [featured] we need to sort out as a community how we are going to handle ...
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feature-requests are being looked at!

Lately, there has been a lot of negativity on Meta about feature-requests being left hanging for months or even years without any official reply. I noticed something very promising, the last few days,...
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How to renew an old feature request?

This is a kind of meta meta question. I recently wrote this feature request Do not delete comments when question is marked as duplicate A similar request was brought up already 3 years ago in this ...
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How to "resurrect" a feature request

Back in 2014, I posted this 'feature request'. Back then, I was trying to be very active on SO... but since then, work and life have driven me away from the review queues. Anyway, the post was (I ...
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Where Should My Feedback & Bug Reports Related To Stack Overflow For Teams Be Posted? [duplicate]

So, you're a glutton for punishment one of our highly appreciated and eagerly anticipated early users for Stack Overflow For Teams, and you've got some feedback or a bug report for us to see? Here's a ...
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Where should bug reports and feature requests about syntax highlighting be made, now that the Prettify repository is no longer accepting new issues?

In the FAQ on syntax highlighting, it states that Stack Overflow uses Google Prettify, an external syntax highlighter, and issues and requests with it should be reported to them since SE doesn't ...
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How are the feature requests prioritized?

I wanted to propose a new feature but I searched for it first and I found this one (which is what I was looking for): Could we please have tag description on hover when posting/editing? I upvoted it, ...
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Why are we using Meta for these four things?

Why are we using Meta for these four things? support, which indicates a request for assistance with one of the site's features. bug, denoting a reproducible problem on the site that you believe is ...
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Who decides, and how, that a feature request or bug will not be implemented or fixed at the present time?

You can find the most voted "status-declined" questions on the following list. Where it says that the tag indicates that the ...
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How do we find out the reason for [status-declined], and petition to reconsider?

I notice that this old feature request is tagged as [status-declined]. There is, AFAICT, no comment anywhere from anyone who could be involved in making the decision, explaining why the request was ...
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Feature requests should not be left abandoned/ignored

What are the rules of handling a feature-request? Or specifically - old feature requests? Or namely: the ones I want (click)? What are developers implementing right now? What we should expect next? I ...
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Can we please get an official policy for bumping old not-implemented feature requests [duplicate]

After having a question regarding implementing an old feature request closed today, and an answer on the actual old feature request deleted because "that's not what answers are for" (despite this ...
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Is there a bypass to "Pending edit review maxed for the day"?

I am asking about the "Editing topic & waiting for a review approval" limitations for users that have under 2,000 reputation. I am aware that this question is similar to Can't Edit Ques/Answer ...
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Is there an easy way to learn more about why flags are declined?

I flagged a duplicate, not helpful answer with just source code (rated -6 already) and another one which had (in my mind) nothing at all to do with a question. Curiously, both flags got declined ...
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How to contact top-down deciders that can decide against the community? [closed]

Are there any deciders in SO that can decide top-down against the community? Alternatively, are there any diamond moderators that can take up a stand against common community opinions? And if there ...
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