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Questions regarding etiquette and proper behavior toward other users, both on and off Stack Overflow.

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Is it ok to ask a question to help you complete an answer you are writing?

Suppose you are answering a question, and your answer describes a solution but it is not quite complete. Is it ok to ask a new question to help finish your answer? In this case, the question you are ...
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Is my troubleshooting going out of scope?

There is a question that I believe has gotten the user to a point where he should be able to figure out the answer on his own. However, the comments on the question are going back and forth a lot. I ...
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Updating a question with new findings whilst keeping it tidy and clear

I tend to write detailed questions about a problem that occurs in a general situation. For instance, recently I stumbled upon an issue where I want to read chunks of data quickly (to be used in a ...
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How to politely get users frequently asking basic/related questions to slow down and do better research?

Last month I came across this and this case of questions in the less popular cmake tag where the user was asked - more or less politely - to slow down with the frequency of their questions and invest ...
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New user bullied into deleting question [only 10k users can see]

I just found a blatant example of a new user who was bullied into deleting a question. Since the question is no longer there, this is the only method I know of reporting the user's behavior. How do I ...
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Is it ok to canvass for tag synonym votes on meta?

I have proposed a tag synonym I believe is reasonable. However, I'm not exactly sure how users with the relevant privilege are supposed to notice tag synonym proposals -- this feature seems to be very ...
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Acknowledge SO in a peer reviewed publication?

Do people consider it appropriate/ polite to acknowledge SO and its users in the Acknowledgements section of a peer reviewed publication?
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Whats the etiquette when you answer the OPs question, but they change it in the comments

I was helping a user answer a question Parse login not working properly but they were not very clear what they were after. After speaking to them in the comments it was clear that his question had ...
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New information shifted my question - uncertain if it's proper to edit or newpost

I've had this question up for a few hours, and have been doing further research and experimentation on the problem at the same time. The new research (edited in at the bottom) seems like it might have ...
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How do we deal with "popularity traction" in answers?

In this popular question there exists an answer that basically does nothing to answer the question directly. Instead, it is a shoutout for a specific framework and technique. Over the last year, it ...
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Should I delete my question if issue is unrelated to original question?

I asked this question earlier today: Access 2010 vba TempVars creation compile error I just arrived home and tested the same syntax with my home copy of Access 2010 and the syntax works the way it ...
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Responding to copy-paste answers of questionable validity

In the below question, user Ankur posts the same comment, advocating a library, on almost all of the answers verbatim. The problem I see is that The comment is not discussing the answer it's pasted ...
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Why do authors of a question remove their question?

I have faced a question where I sat and tried things and solutions to the issue with the author of the question. Then I made an answer and posted it. Shortly after, I was editing and adding some ...
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Should I delete my question if it was resolved with a comment that isn't related to the original question?

I asked this question today about LINQ-to-Entities left joins that (I thought) was specifically about the syntax of using DefaultIfEmpty(). A commenter proposed an avenue that is totally unrelated to ...
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Stack Overflow's Public Relations Mistake About "Welcoming" and How to Fix It by Implementing an Index of Examples as Reference Material

I read Jay Hanlon's post on Welcoming and, in spite of a number of problematic mistakes, I think I understand what Stack Overflow is trying to say, but I do not think they know how to say it. In fact, ...
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Should SO users be actively encouraged to be more patient where cultural misunderstandings are evident?

Coders from all over the world use Stack Overflow for and to help understanding this vast subject. I don't have statistics to hand, but in my experience, a large number of users are clearly not ...
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