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Questions tagged [error-message]

For questions concerning various error messages that users receive throughout the site..

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Oops! Something Bad Happened! - Allow Refresh (F5) to redirect to/reload the non-error page

I just got an Oops! Something Bad Happened! error, while opening this question. This question works now, it was only a temporary problem. However, when this happens, you get redirected to this URL. ...
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Escaped HTML in comment error popup

I tried to use to shorten a long link, and was blocked by the system. The popup error contained some non-rendered HTML. It looks like this should have been rendered as a new line and bold, but ...
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Misleading message is given when flagging with 0 remaining question flags

I have searched extensively for this, and am surprised it's not already raised. When you have 0 question flags remaining, clicking "flag", then selecting a flag option (not the "Other" flag), and ...
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Update the locked question description

Note: this question is a follow up to one I posted previously. Identified Problem On a locked question, the accompanying text is as follows: This question's answers are a collaborative effort: if ...
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Attempting to view bookmarked chat conversations causes a 500 error

Whenever I try to view a bookmarked chat conversation, like this one, the page sits loading for a while before eventually throwing a 500 error: The error only occurs on; it ...
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Question tags appear on top of error message in the Z order

I recently stumbled upon a question that I had downvoted because I hate fun. In a brief moment of weakness, I tried to undo my downvote, only to learn that it had been locked in. All good, except&...
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"You need 150 reputation to vote" error message is too low

Knowing that users with less than 150 reputation can't vote in elections, I tried to vote in the election with a low-reputation sock puppet just to see what happens. As expected, I got an error ...
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Poor contrast on "custom flag too long" message in dark mode

This also happens in SOfT, but that isn't considered on-topic here.. When flagging a comment (or post) in dark mode on Stack Overflow, and the message is too long, the warning/error is somewhat ...
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Erroneous "no longer accepting answers"... Or?

Recently when I attempted adding an answer to my own question I got the "we are no longer accepting answers from your account..." error message when attempting to post. I'm fairly sure my ...
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Adding a non-existent tag to question gives non-informative error message

I was trying to add a tag called seed_fu (referring to a gem with a same name) but this tag was not created yet. I got an error message which said that Please enter no more than 5 tags ... while ...
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Make it clearer what is going on with the "This content is not allowed" functionality

In reference to this question, I tried to edit the title to this: Kotlin Error Reading Phone Contacts and got the above mentioned error. There's no clear indication of what the problem is, and ...
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"You cannot register at this time" error when trying to register on Meta Stack Exchange

I wanted to upvote the feature request Can we have a way to edit bounty custom message? But when I attempt to create the account on I get this dialog The "Log in" ...
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"Oops! Something Bad Happened!" In my activity tab

I'm getting what seems to be a timeout error in random activity tabs across SO: ...
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Warning tooltip overlaps the header

Write some invalid title into the title field. Scroll down a bit. Result: The header should have highest z-index than that message-box.
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Warning message appears twice in question's title

After seeing this question this morning, I decided to try it out as I'd never seen the warning message before. I typed in the same question title, and noticed that the warning message is actually ...
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Error when trying to edit a post with zero changes

I'm getting an error when trying to edit this post: Even if I make zero changes, when I click "Save Edits" the page scrolls up to the text box and throws the ...
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The "Report ad" functionality doesn't work; the URL it attempts to post to results in a 500 error

I'm trying to report an ad (for reasons that are not relevant here). I open the "Report Ad" dialog, fill in the information required, including a screenshot of the ad itself, but the attempt ...
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Stack Overflow inviting users to move a discussion to chat when one of the participants doesn't have enough reputation

In this related question: Stack Overflow should not invite you to move a discussion to chat when one of the participants doesn't have enough reputation The accepted answer (Feb 9 '15) states that: ...
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When attempting to automatically move comments to chat, an error message appeared containing the string "null"

I was commenting on this question and the message appeared to move it to chat. I clicked on it and received null I've searched SO but couldn't find anything helpful. And after reloading the page I ...
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Your post appears to contain code

Is it possible to override that error message? I have the feeling something changed in the way the content of the questions are checked, it is the second time I gave up and did not post a question ...
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Give better error message than just 'An error occurred while adding this comment'

I got this error while posting a comment: 'An error occurred while adding this comment'. Let me know why there was an error and what I should do: Try again later? Refresh the page? Edit my ...
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Errors when fetching vote count and submitting comment

Why am I getting following error messages frequently?
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I received a 500 error after taking a survey for a question

I noticed a new thing this morning about taking a survey for this question on Stack Overflow. After finishing it, I received the following error: This page isn’t working is ...
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Can this error message be improved?

I am trying to edit an answer I gave. When I hit the Save Edits button it repeatedly says in a red box: An error occurred submitting the edit. The question is on hold, so that could be the reason (...
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Are code fences officially preferred yet? User found error message saying otherwise!

I found a question on SO where the asker had been presented with an "error" message: Oops! Your edit couldn't be submitted because: Your post appears to contain code that is not properly ...
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What is going on here? There is no code

I tried asking a question on Stack Overflow and got a weird message saying I didn't have properly formatted code. Does anyone know what is going on here? Putting that line in code blocks didn't make ...
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An error occurred submitting the edit

This is my question I can't edit or answer: Join string variables in SQL Server What I'm getting back after submit is this in red: An error occurred submitting the edit. Why is SO stubbornly ...
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Again: It was not possible to perform this tag search at this time due to an unexpected error

When opening the following error is shown: It was not possible to perform this tag search at this time due to an unexpected error. Probably related to the deployment ...
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Error message box overlapping in whole page

Recently I'm reading the blog post A Theory of Moderation. I noticed that when you click on the POST COMMENT button without filling in any details, one error message box is appearing with Please fill ...
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Error message box overlapping the title bar

Recently I noticed that while asking question on Stack Overflow and Meta Stack Overflow, the error message box is overlapping in the title bar. Please check the below screenshots: Screenshots while ...
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Careers mistakenly says I don't have commits to GitHub repository opencv-contrib

I definitely have commits. You can verify that by going to the OpenCV changelog and searching for "Marc-Stefan Cassola" there. Maybe that is because of the vast amount of contributors or commits?
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Wildcard question lists sometimes fail to load

I have the wildcard tag css* favourited. Sometimes when I click on it, rather than being greeted by the normal set of (over 350,000) questions, I instead get: There are no JavaScript errors and as ...
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Oops! Something Bad Happened! - when trying to create a Chat Room

Getting the error message 'Oops! Something Bad Happened!' when trying to create a Chat Room. Is this a temporary error on the site or could it be something related to my account? I've never used the ...
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Cannot update profile: Invalid image type

I see this used to be an issue, but every question I find indicates that it was fixed. I even found a thread indicating that it was once an issue which was fixed and which had been unfixed; but that ...
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"Edit" link opened in new tab doesn't show error message

I've opened a question page and I want to edit it: right-clicked with mouse on "edit" link and opened it in new tab. same page opened (not "edit" screen). After that I tried to click on "edit" link ...
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Stack Overflow does not display properly, many errors

In recent days, all of the Stack Overflow website does not show up as it is supposed to be on my computer. For example, when I open this link, it is shown like this: The errors (in Google Chrome, ...
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Review link not working

I just tried accessing the review link a few times but it constantly gave a 500 error response after around 20-30 seconds. The error kept occurring until I logged out, then logged in. Now the review ...
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Showing error message while posting comment, open Review task page

I am getting an error message while trying to put a comment on a post. the message saying that "An error occurred during comment submission". Same thing happens while clicking closed votes from Review....
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Improve way of displaying site generated error messages

After using Stack Overflow for a while, I have noticed that some error messages are just displayed using no formatting in a completely empty page (see example below): Wouldn't be better to actually ...
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While editing a question, this piece of text causes the error: "contain code that is not properly formatted"

I am editing one of my questions on Stack Overflow. It raises an error: Your post appears to contain code that is not properly formatted as code. After some digging, I find it is about this text: (...
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Error message popups have a greater z-index than the navigation bar

To reproduce this issue: make sure you did not disable stickiness; trigger a vote popup by voting on your own post; voting on a post on which your vote is already locked, or downvoting something. ...
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