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Questions related to the use of English, or the use of other languages, on Stack Overflow.

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16 votes
0 answers

How can I flag an answer not in English? [duplicate]

I just hesitated flagging an answer in German to a question in English. I wasn't sure which flag option to choose, so I decided to send it to moderator attention with a note saying "This answer ...
33 votes
1 answer

Appropriate flag for a non English answer (or question) [duplicate]

Which flag should I use for a non English post in reviews? Example here
23 votes
2 answers

Are low-quality / low-effort questions more likely to be judged as spam or abusive if they are also not in English? Is that a problem?

This question (10k+ link), after being closed as not in English, was locked and red-flagged ("This post is hidden. It was flagged as spam or offensive content and deleted 1 min ago by Community&...
-39 votes
3 answers

Why are Stack Exchange users being biased to non-English speakers?

I have been seeing a lot of users downvoting questions simply because the original poster is not a native English speaker and the question does not make sense for them. Some people are confused to ...
15 votes
3 answers

How should I handle a question with a non-English title?

There's the following flag: Not written in English Use this close reason if the question is not written in English. Do not use this close reason for questions that are primarily written in English ...
27 votes
2 answers

How should non-English answers with code be handled in the Low Quality Answers queue?

I have seen this answer but it was not made clear specifically how answers such as this should be handled. The answer includes a non-English description of a code block. Given the facts that: Non-...
25 votes
1 answer

Is there one reference for all the abbreviations used here?

My native language is not English, and I've seen many shortcuts of words used by a lot of users here, such as these words: OP: Original Poster SO: Stack Overflow AFAIK: As far as I know (Google ...
51 votes
2 answers

Is there more I should be doing about a user's useless comments, or are they actually "helpful"?

Over the past few months, I've seen a specific user constantly posting what I can only describe as utterly useless comments. With comments that just consist of things like: CDDC CDDC CDDC CDC is ...
179 votes
1 answer

How do I deal with non-English content?

What action should I take if I come across non-English content? Does the amount of non-English content make any difference? Return to FAQ index
254 votes
6 answers

Introducing a new close reason specifically for non-English questions

As was proposed and justified back in December, the Stack Overflow moderators have [finally] rolled out a new close reason (under the "community-specific reason" category) for questions that ...
-22 votes
1 answer

Get a new flag for non-English posts? [duplicate]

Flagging non-English posts right now requires different actions if it is a question or answer. A question should be flagged/vote to be closed as unclear. A answer should be flagged as VLQ or NAA. ...
3 votes
1 answer

Warn users if they are asking in a language other than English

As evidenced by the recent meta post: Introducing a new close reason specifically for non-English questions, a significant number of questions get asked in the wrong language. Mike Nakis posted some ...
18 votes
2 answers

How to flag non-English answers [duplicate]

I know and understand that there are many people that know more than one language. But I found this answer, and it is in Spanish. I know Spanish, and it's a good answer, but it is in the wrong ...
-17 votes
1 answer

Migration to Portugese site not offered / no close reason not English language [duplicate]

This question would need migration to pt.stackoverflow. The options for migration currently offer only English sites .. is in another language. There is no specific close reason for it. Suggestion 1:...
-22 votes
3 answers

Is this locked answer on Stack Overflow Meta worded incorrectly regarding non-English speakers? [closed]

Answer in question Non-English questions should not normally be translated into English by anyone other than the original poster (OP), unless there is indication in the OP's statements that they ...
11 votes
3 answers

Can I answer questions even though I am not a native English speaker?

I am mostly active on a non-English programming site on Stack Exchange, but I am interested in both English and Stack Overflow, so I read English sites. I can read English questions, and I often know ...
69 votes
7 answers

Should I encourage people to use the localized versions of SO?

In case you haven't read this question: What are the localized versions and where can I find them?, there are SOs that exist in parallel to this one, but in different languages. Some posts here on (...
15 votes
1 answer

Can I use another language than English on Stack Overflow for Teams questions/answers? [closed]

In the past few days I signed for SO Teams. Being a user of the public SO site, I know the rule of using English in both questions and answers. But the Teams version is like a private area, just for ...
214 votes
13 answers

Are error messages required to be posted in English?

Recently a conversation arose in a chatroom regarding an error message in a post: Skript: C:\Users\<omitted>\AppData\Local\Temp\Signatur.vbs Zeile: 274 Zeichen: 1 Fehler: Typenkonflikt: '[...
-7 votes
2 answers

What does this question mean?

The title is Check if every other element in list is even?, and the body contains a longer version of that: I [...] want to make a function that checks if every other (all positive indexes inc 0) ...
32 votes
4 answers

What would be the appropriate reason to give if rejecting a Suggested Edit of a question translating it from a non-English language?

I understand that translating questions from non-English language into English is discouraged: Please do not translate posts for the OP. They need to be able to respond to feedback, and if they ...
47 votes
2 answers

There should be at least 15 or 14 items for the Asian dynasty and 25 or more items for war chiefs

There should be at least 15 or 14 items for the Asian dynasty and 25 or more items for war chiefs ...or how to deal with obviously auto-translated content. How do I deal with non-English content? says ...
5 votes
1 answer

Hebrew tag and unreadable text [duplicate]

I saw a question pop up and my first instinct was to flag it as spam. The post was quickly removed. My question is, should this have been marked as spam or could it have been meant for some other ...
6 votes
0 answers

Who should edit out obscene/foul words in non-English languages if they are not disapproved as rude/abusive? [duplicate]

Today I have detected a post containing transliterated foul Russian words in the code snippet: In "Level1" class I have this: private static String[] mudak; // word #1 private static ...
5 votes
0 answers

Confusion about non-English posts [duplicate]

I have a confusion about the non-English questions on Stack Overflow and really do not know how to handle them in review queues. I know the intention is to flag them, but it is still confusing. ...
10 votes
1 answer

Why was a flag related to not English content declined? [duplicate]

I have flagged recently one post as not English content. But the flag was declined. Could somebody explain why?
101 votes
0 answers

How to deal with non-English posts? [duplicate]

I recently came across a first post review written in Spanish only. I'm a native Spanish speaker and answer looks ok. I want to flag it, but I am not sure if it "require moderator attention".
13 votes
1 answer

Review, should we edit out apologies for bad English

One of the edits in my review queue correctly fixed a number of minor English errors. The original author also apologizes for his bad English. The apology looks out of place after the edit, should ...
59 votes
1 answer

I flagged this non-English answer as NAA. Why was my flag declined?

I flagged this non-English answer as NAA (not an answer). Why was my flag declined? It is not a duplicate from this question (How do I deal with non-English content?), because although the FAQ says ...
-15 votes
1 answer

Why does Stack Overflow allow to post non English content?

Usually non English content will be flagged as unclear what you're asking. or very low quality. If so, why is it allowed to post non English characters when writing a question? If Stack Overflow ...
41 votes
1 answer

How could technical steps for improving non-English questions be more easily accessible?

Users of non-English system locales are having difficulties (see erreur, Fehler, errore, etc.) learning these prerequisites for asking great questions: Q: How to acquire logs/errors in English? A: ...
43 votes
1 answer

Where is SO's (or SE's?) policy on English Only?

This question has two answers, both of which claim that Stack Overflow requires English, which corresponds with my memory of reading such a policy. I've spent a good 10 minutes looking, and I can't ...
-12 votes
1 answer

How to advise questioners to write standard English?

What would be a brief, polite, constructive way to advise questioners to write standard English? For additional information, details and examples optionally follow. DETAILS AND EXAMPLES I ask ...
8 votes
0 answers

Should I delete my question or give someone credit for enlightening me?

I made a question with a bad English translation. I meant highlight... And I said blur. It is still a legitimate question, but... Someone finally understood while discussing in comments and did ...
10 votes
1 answer

How do I deal with non-English *links*? [duplicate]

My question revolves around answers posted in English referencing sources in another language. After looking at How do I deal with non-English content? and How to deal with non-English posts I can ...
38 votes
2 answers

How to deal with translated posts?

I know I should not translate posts into English. I also know that I should reject edits that translates posts. But what should I do when a 2k-user has made the edit? Rollback? Flag? This question is ...
1 vote
1 answer

Add translation guidelines to the edit privilege page

Today I saw How to deal with translated posts? and I thought that there must be something about this in the Edit Questions And Answers privilege but to my dismay there was nothing in there. The ...
-10 votes
2 answers

Update description on Unclear what you are Asking to include flagging questions written in another language?

As per the meta discussion How do I deal with non-English questions?, the correct flag to raise when a question is in another language other than English is "Unclear what you are asking." The ...
10 votes
1 answer

Whole console output in non-English

Found one similar question on meta here. So I got this question on Triage. On this question pretty much the whole console output is not English. The one linked on that other meta question is just a ...
7 votes
2 answers

Non-English question in LQ queue [duplicate]

In the LQ review queue I've stumbled upon a non-English question. My resolution was to open the question in a new tab and flag for moderator attention. Was that the right decision?
10 votes
1 answer

Is it OK to ask for edits on my own posts to fix English? [duplicate]

English is not my first language. I think that's pretty obvious for anybody reading one of my posts here. I am trying to improve my English, but it is a slow process. The problem is, even given a lot ...
21 votes
2 answers

Is it OK to flag own question/answer for English grammar moderation?

I'm Russian speaking, and English is my second language, which isn't perfect. So, when I'm posting questions or/and answers in English, I probably make grammar mistakes, or my sentences might not be ...
-24 votes
1 answer

Why are non-English company pages allowed? [duplicate]

I was just looking into the jobs section, and I stuck with this page. It is non-English. Non-English posts are off-topic on Stack Overflow. Then why is Stack Overflow allowing creation of ...
19 votes
1 answer

Is it acceptable to write a comment in another language on a non-English post?

I come across some non-English posts, and for a few of the languages in which the questions are asked I speak the language. I have seen that it is the rules of Stack Overflow to not allow questions ...
5 votes
0 answers

Should I edit to add translation of error details written in non-English language if I know the meaning? [duplicate]

When looking for list of questions in c#, I have found this question which explains error message written in German like this: System.InvalidOperationException: Die ???????????????????????????????????...
-12 votes
2 answers

Questions with poor English being closed rather than improved

When reviewing close votes, poor grammar is heavily voted down. The world is global and there are people from all over the world with all sorts of levels of English. I didn't vote to close this: ...
4 votes
1 answer

US or British English in Stack Overflow Documentation [closed]

I was making a spelling correction on some documentation and was about to fix a misspelling of initialize. At the same time, this made me wonder if there is a policy of using US or UK English in the ...
204 votes
14 answers

Are British/International English terms acceptable? (e.g. 'brackets' instead of 'parentheses')

I had someone edit a post of mine to 'correct' my naming of the symbols () from "brackets" to "parentheses". In British English "brackets" is the usual term. This got me wondering: Is US-English the ...
45 votes
1 answer

Unable to understand question because of poor English

I often see questions from non-native speakers who are unable to communicate their problem. I see this issue addressed many places on meta, such as Handling questions from non native English speakers, ...
27 votes
1 answer

Handling questions from non native English speakers

I often see posts which have improper English which is difficult to understand. It is understandable that the OP in such a case is not a native English speaker and asking them to rephrase will ...