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For questions about the various emails sent by Stack Overflow, e.g. a list of filtered questions, unread inbox messages and bounty expiration notices.

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Someone signed up with my email, there's no "not me" link

I face this problem on many different sites. People register on various services with my email address. Often, those welcome emails provide no way to stop getting email without a lengthy process of ...
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Changing mail for notifications in Preferences doesn't notify about sending a confirmation mail

When I insert a new email address here: After pressing "Save email settings", the button changes its color to grey and the user think that it's done. When you leave this page, and come back to it ...
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Way too easy to accidentally click "I'm interested" in emails

In an email notification I got from SO, I accidentally clicked the blue "I'm interested" button. Without confirmation, I apparently sent a message to a prospective employer that I was interested when ...
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"New feature" email notification tells me I signed up, but I did not!

I just received the "new feature" notification for the developer survey 2017. The footer says: You’re receiving this email because you signed up for New Features on Stack Overflow. That's a lie, I ...
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Don't want email about new post in a subscribed tag when I'm the one that posted it in the first place

I'm "subscribed" to the ruamel.yaml tag, so that I get notified when a new question is posted. That works fine. I am even under the impression that if I visited a question, that would trigger an email ...
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Opt out of SO for Teams email without opting out of other features and announcements

I have no use for Stack Overflow for Teams and do not want to get email announcements related to it. As far as I can tell, the only way to unsubscribe from them is to unsubscribe from "Features and ...
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477 views uses an invalid security certificate

This is in regards to the emails sent for stack overflow jobs. e.g. I get emails such as: However, when I click on the link, it's blocked due to an invalid SSL certificate:
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Are researchers allowed to harvest addresses and send Stack Overflow users unsolicited emails?

I received an email from some researchers yesterday (the same research mentioned in this deleted question). Are people engaging in research allowed to harvest email addresses from Stack Overflow data, ...
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You can't resubscribe after accidentally unsubscribing from emails

I was going through some unwanted emails in my inbox and I had one from Stack Overflow about the 2019 Survey, and there was an email right above the SO email in my inbox which was the one I wanted to ...
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You're receiving this email because you reached a Stack Overflow community milestone

Today I received an email from do-not-reply at with the subject: Reputation values have changed across Stack Overflow It was about: We’ve increased the value for upvotes to ...
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Is subscribing to a tag by email deprecated?

An old answer here shows the "subscribe" option shown on this image as the way in which to subscribe to email notifications for a tag: The email option is no longer present. Is there another way to ...
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Bug when clicking on Edit email settings from an email

I clicked on 'Edit email settings' from my gmail account. I was directd to the Page Not Found page because I wasn't logged in. After I clicked on the Log In link and logged in, I was taken to a page ...
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Bring back easy tag subscriptions (email updates)

In the past, subscribing to email updates for new questions based on tags was easy via a 'subscribe' link on the See here for instructions. This link is now gone, and people are asking if it has ...
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Receiving Stack Overflow emails again, despite opting out

Since 12th May 2023, so four days, I suddenly got promotional or research e-mails (offering me 30 dollars for something and a few days later asking me to complete the developer survey) from Stack ...
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"Any new projects? Add them to your Stack Overflow CV!" email has a wrong feedback site link

I just got an email from Stack Overflow Careers: The feedback site link links to Meta Stack Exchange. According to animuson, this was changed to be MSO (here): Generally, they do belong on ...
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Subscriptions / Filters based on searches

I would like to set up a subscription / filter that sends me an email whenever a new post matches that search. I can do this with searches that use tags, but not with searches that are based on the ...
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Wrong Meta SE link in feed email footer

I've noticed this last time the following issue for feed emails: and it's not only for SO emails, but also for SOes:
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Bounty expiration notifications off by day

I had placed a bounty on a question of mine on January 25 to reward an existing answer and to draw attention. I got a notice 6 days later, on January 31 that my bounty is going to expire in 1 days, ...
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Tag alert e-mail notification timing?

I've noticed that my e-mail notifications for questions of a particular tag come later by a few minutes every day. There doesn't seem to be fixed pattern - in fact, it's quite random looking. On ...
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Should "Weekly Newsletter" mail include (very) old posts?

I received my "Stack Overflow Weekly Newsletter", and noticed that one of the "Greatest hits from previous weeks" is a pretty much old post (Apr 7 '11) that got an answer 9 days ago: Here's the (old) ...
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I received The Overflow #51 twice, instead of #52

I just wanted to report that I received last week's edition of The Overflow (#51) again today. I guess that you meant to send out edition #52 today. Sorry for the short Q, but there's really nothing ...
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Subscribing tags not working

I am trying to subscribe to few tags on Stack Overflow and I get error - "no email address set -- please enter one in your profile". Seems obvious error, other than that I already have email in my ...
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How do I enable Gravatar instead of Identicon?

I haven't used Gravatar with my email when I signed up some years ago. I haven't used Gravatar with my new email when I changed it a while back. Now I've enabled Gravatar to be used with the email I ...
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Email Settings - unclear description for "Community Milestones"

This On/Off toggle in account Email Settings: Community Milestones Notifications about bounties, reputation and more. Hint: sometimes involves swag. For user's bounties, I get it. But I don'...
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How do I save my Stack Overflow email settings?

When I attempt to unsubscribe from the spam emails I receive from Stack Overflow I'm required to log in and update my email settings. When I update them, the changes don't save. Even when I click the ...
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Was a duplicate of the Overflow #93 (from September 30th) sent on October 7th to all subscribers?

I just received Issue #93 of The Overflow (Stack Overflow's newsletter). This is the same issue I received 7 days ago. (my timezone is CEST = GMT+2) Did this affect (all) other subscribers? Will ...
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Meeting invite emails from employers are being sent to my original email address, not the one in my preferences

As far as I can recall, I get e-mails sent to the correct place in general, but when an employer sends me a calendar invite, it goes to the email address I used to create this account, not the one in ...
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Stack Overflow Email Settings Don't Work

All settings in my Stack Overflow account for Edit email settings are returning 403 error responses. Meaning I can't unsubscribe from any of their emails.
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How to stop getting e-mail notifications about Jobs messages?

I've turned off all the email notification settings under my account's e-mail settings (, yet I recently received a couple of emails about Jobs ...
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Receive email if a bounty is in my subscribed tags

Is there an option to receive emails about bounties that have been offered on tags that I am watching? (If not, is there any reason against such a feature?)
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Why am I not receiving email notifications?

I have my email notification settings set to notify me every three hours, but there have been times when I didn't get notified for months. I haven't been receiving any email notifications. The ...
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Adding GitHub repository with commits from secondary mail

I tried to add a GitHub repository to my Careers profile, in which I only made commits with an old email which I don't have access anymore to. It doesn't show on my Careers profile, because it says ...
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Why is there a 3 hour minimum delay in email notification?

Why is there a minimum 3 hour delay in receiving notifications via email. I like to receive the notification by email more frequently, especially when I'm away from the site and not looking at the ...
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Is there a way to view whether a 'watched tag' notification was sent by Stack Overflow?

Our community uses a Discourse category that is subscribed to specific Stack Overflow tags to improve visibility of questions within the community. At some point in the past year, these notification ...
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The login mail address is not yet updated even after updating the profile associated email address

I recently updated my mail address associated with my account. But while logging into my account, only my old email address works in the username field. When I try with the new mail address to login, ...
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Change email address in stackexchange jobs?

I'm not able to find where to change the email address shown in stackoverflow jobs that would show up in the red marked area of the screenshot. Can someone please help?
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The daily digest email is too wide, which makes it inappropriate for mobile devices

I browse my emails using my phone. The daily digest email is very wide. Because the takes become so small, I have trouble reading it and this discourages me from reading my daily digest emails. I ...
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Subscribing to a tag sends the confirmation email to a wrong email address

I have attempted to subscribe to tags on both Stack Overflow and Meta today using the hover display. When clicking subscribe the confirmation email is going to a .edu email address that I have never ...
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Hyperlinks in emails to candidates

My company uses Stack Overflow Talent and I'd like to contact some candidates I've found. In the email to the candidates, built through, I'd like to include one or two ...
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I signed up, but I never received the confirmation email

I recently signed up on Stack Overflow, but I never received the confirmation email after signing up. I am using Gmail. I searched everywhere in my mailbox, but no email was found. It's very ...
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No email from Stack Overflow

I never get any email from Stack Overflow when people respond to my questions. Not even after 3 hours as I have set in my preferences. Nothing in my SPAM and no rules filtering it. What could be awry?
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Receiving job alert but no job alert in my profile

I am receiving daily job alerts but I have no job alerts nor search alerts in my profile. So, I can't stop them... Is there a way to get rid of them? Thanks!
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Did Not Receive Confirmation Email to Add Login

In Stack Overflow, I went to edit profile -> my logins -> add more logins, put in email and password - but did not receive a confirmation email (checked junk email). How do I update my login ...
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Received email but it's not in my SE inbox

Today I received an email message from [email protected], that says "The following items were added to your inbox". The message contains part of a question from someone who read one of my ...
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Incorrect notification when changing email preferences

Incorrect notification shown when 'Email chat event reminders, bounty expiration notices, and achievement announcements' setting is being changed. It says 'You will no longer receive unread inbox ...
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Oops! There was a problem updating your profile:This email address is already registered. If it belongs to you, log in above or visit

I'm having this error while trying to update my profile. Can anyone please help me figure out, what's the problem.
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Survey invitation sent to email in profile, not my registered email

I just noticed the Survey invitation was sent to the public email in my profile (a mailbox I rarely check). The email was sent from, and based on the content, it does not appear ...
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configure time tag subscription mails are sent

Tag subscription mails always reach me as I’m about to go to bed, which is kinda annoying, as I either oversleep on the next day or can’t answer immediately. Is there a method to configure the time ...
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