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For questions about the process of editing, how edits work, and other general inquiries about the edit system, use this tag.

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Reviewers are rejecting valid edits, and it's a problem

Edit for context, since the comments are more about this specific case than about the bigger issue I did submit an answer to the question. My answer is more general, and the other answer is more ...
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Pointless grammar-only edits on questions

I just started to look at the edit moderation queue and noticed a pattern in some of the edits. You would see the original as such: i have a db that returns a query and i cant seem to get it to work....
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Animated GIFs in answers

I've been told that animated gifs are 'not allowed' in answers and had it removed and been told off for 'starting an edit war' for rejecting someone else's edit to my answer about which I was not ...
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Why are people allowed to edit someone else's question?

I recently had a question get a bunch of downvotes (presumably for clarity) because after I wrote it, someone else came behind me and edited it. In doing so, they removed a couple of pertinent ...
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Should a user be allowed to delete his own old revisions on his own post?

It happens sometimes that a user has to edit his post multiple times. Stack Overflow maintains all these edits (exception: edits done very quickly) separately. This is necessary for historical ...
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Afraid of doing edits [duplicate]

I started editing almost two weeks ago, and got 81 approved edits and 12 rejected. During this time, I found many mistakes in my edits (that were removed in the later edits) through questions on Meta. ...
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Someone edited my answer seemingly to promote their own; what action should I take?

If someone edits my answer, and rather than improving it (from my perspective), only appears to purposely promote their own answer, what action should I take?
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Is this locked answer on Stack Overflow Meta worded incorrectly regarding non-English speakers? [closed]

Answer in question Non-English questions should not normally be translated into English by anyone other than the original poster (OP), unless there is indication in the OP's statements that they ...
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3 answers

Edit war removing meta-commentary

Someone is removing meta commentary in my question that points out that answers to the question are version specific. I think this meta commentary is actually important to the understanding the ...
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When is it OK to upload images of code/data/errors? [duplicate]

When is it OK to upload images of code/data/errors? – If your answer is never, can we please talk about it? Don't get me wrong. I don't endorse uploading code/text in an image instead of uploading ...
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Why do people edit posts?

Here is the story: Someone with a 42,000 reputation edited one of my answers from 2009, to fix a minor grammatical error. The post was an answer to a build tool suggestion, and the reviewer modified ...
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1 answer

"mostly code" filtering, reputation hiccup

It seems that the "mostly code" filtering is reputation based [src]. As in, low-reputation users are on a stricter post diet than higher-reputation users. Makes sense, kinda ... so far. What makes no ...
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Should we award more reputation for editing answers?

It seems like we are giving users an incentive to come up with their own answer to a question, instead of editing existing answers. If I answer a question, I will earn 10 points for every upvote, plus ...
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What's the point in closing this question?

I happened to be lucky to answer a highly active question: How to increase image size of pandas.DataFrame.plot Recently after somebody edited the question several times (like removing a "?" ...
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An ancient popular question has been hijacked, what can we do now?

A question circa '10 was recently edited bringing a whole new extended meaning to it. The edited question is now out of context regarding some other questions that link to it, esp. Android front ...
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2 answers

The value of an edit timer?

I noticed that a decently formatted question was edited by another user within 40 seconds of being posted. Is there value in having other users edit submissions so quickly? Would it be valuable to ...
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3 answers

Dear Meta, why are you sacralizing** all answers?

This is a critic for all meta users that for some reason or other rejects the notion that "code" in answers can be edited to make improvements or small fixes that keeps them up-to-date. TL;dr: can we ...
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Can we keep reputation earned from edits regardless?

So recently I was doing a lot of editing to get some reputation, but I noticed that only half of the edits I made actually gave me 2 reputation. The rest of the edits belonged to questions that were ...
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4 answers

Is it appropriate to edit a question for grammar / style / formatting?

I have previously posted two questions, one to Stack Overflow, and one here, to Meta Stack Overflow. Both questions have been edited, not because I put up some kind of banned content (although I was ...
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Prevent edits of accepted answer (by author or anyone else)

Why can an accepted answer be edited? It may confuse other people who want to use that code or try the answer. It's not a bad idea to update the answer, but editing or changing the whole answer is ...
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2 answers

Why low rep users edits end up in a review queue when they edit an answer of a highly active rep user [closed]

Yesterday, I was reviewing a 35-minute-old edit of a user with 100+ rep points. The answer he was editing was a user who had 30k+ rep. In my opinion, that edit should not end up right away in a review ...
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2 answers

Is there a route of appeal for edits made by a moderators?

A question I submitted was edited by another user removing an explanatory first paragraph of the post. I didn't care for the edit, and I rolled it back, only to see it re-applied shortly by the same ...
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4 answers

Editing, Downvote and Close Vote Etiquette - What are the ground rules? [closed]

Earlier today, I posted a question in relation to a weird error I'm getting. A few hours later, I came back and discovered that someone had edited it to "remove unneeded exposition and improve ...
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Consideration for removing the downvote button from questions [duplicate]

I have noticed that a lot of legitimate questions get downvoted cause they don't use proper nomenclature or are unclear. That's a frustrating user experience for people who are trying to learn, but ...
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I am tired of editing questions and adding the api to the start of title

Lots of users ask a question in the form of "How to do stuff", When it should be "API - How to do stuff". It is mentioned in Asking but who reads that right? Am i the only person who cares about all ...
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Should we edit all "Final Solution" expression usages on the site?

Based on this discussion results, I think it is obvious that community is mostly against these words on the site, because they can hurt someone. Currently I see the 19 usages of this expression on ...
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Prevent others editing a question in the first 5 minutes

In early times of Stack Overflow, people agreed on giving an OP time to do the first edits of their question on their own, especially when someone is new and the question is less than a few minutes ...
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Edit a post that can (possibly) contain offensive/unnecesary text

I have the following doubt Recently I saw a Q/A on the site Link to question In the answer the user posted the following: " download the 64 bits version, 32 is for ...
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Editing out gender pronouns in answers

There's been discussion about gendered pronouns and answering, I'm interested in whether replacing an unsupported gendered pronoun is sufficient justification for making an edit to an answer. I came ...
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Why do people edit questions, but not answer them?

I find it very annoying, when someone reads through my question, apparently understands what my question is about, but just comments on / edits things I've mistaken. Are they really too busy to ...
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Why do I need 50 reputation to improve other people's answers when appropriate? [duplicate]

This is just ridiculous. I have been using Stack Overflow for quite some time and when I find an answer which I can extend or improve, I can't because I don't have enough points, and this system is ...
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Feature Request: Non-game, no-edit Stack Overflow

I think it would be nice to have an opt-out version of Stack Overflow that removes the gaming "reputation" points and lowers this site back to the original purpose without all the extra fluff. ...
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