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For questions about the process of editing, how edits work, and other general inquiries about the edit system, use this tag.

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Are syntax corrections valid edits?

I just got the pleasure to attempt to review this suggested edit. It was a syntax correction, but was incorrect anyways (I think), so I was going to reject it. Well, it turns out other reviewers beat ...
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When should I fix grammar and spelling mistakes?

Is it bad if I just go through the stream of questions that have been recently posted, look for grammar and spelling mistakes and fix them? Will people get annoyed that instead of answering the ...
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Should we correct grammar in code

I have come across a lot of new users posting code that does not follow naming conventions. For example code like public class myclass{ int myint; String myimportantword; void method ...
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Edit Ban Can't Go Away

I got an edit ban, which means too many edits were rejected. It told me to try again in 7 days, but every day it still says try again in 7 days. Why's that? How can I get out of the edit ban?
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Should it be strongly recommended to upvote the question you just edited?

Let us assume someone encounters a question which he believes could use some clarification to become good. He edits the question, is happy with the result -> should he not upvote the question along ...
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Limiting edits to 10 characters is a bad idea [duplicate]

Often I'll take a code snippet from Stackoverflow and I try and execute it I find typos which prevent it from executing. After fixing the problems, I'd like to update the answer or question in stack, ...
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Serial editing in general: acceptable or not?

Other than in special cases, such as previously agreed retagging (burnination requests), is serial editing acceptable in general? First of all, I have a prejudice against serial editing at all. For ...
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Is it good practice to update your question with the answer that worked?

If you pose a question, and someone provides an answer that works, is it a good or bad idea to update your question to show exactly what worked? Example: C# LINQ to SQL 2 Joins This user accepted ...
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Can I edit all but one of the questions out of a disjoint multi-part question?

I came across 4 program design interview questions. Clearly too broad as there are 4 (or 5) completely disjoint parts to it. But rather than voting to close (which would probably just expire anyway),...
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Delete Java tag from 100% Android related questions [duplicate]

Is it okay to delete Java tag from questions that are completely related to Android framework? For example I recently found this question thet are 100% related to Android framework not to Java.
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Recycle abandoned question?

Somebody has already asked/described the same question/problem I have. But since he does not provide any details, he ends up with comments requesting details and no answers. Then the OP abandons the ...
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Is it ok to write "hope that helps" or why is my answer being edited [duplicate]

I have a simple question regarding giving an answer. It happened to me a few times that someone edits my posts, and simply deletes the "Hope that helps" at the end of it. Or removes "Cheers" and any ...
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How to deal with people editing their answers to incorporate other answers?

One thing I've noticed on Stack Overflow is that users will often post a first answer to a question falling in to one or more of the following categories: Very limited detail/explanation No mention ...
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52 votes
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Fantastic edit by Community user. Did it really do this?

I was looking at an old answer and saw it had been edited by Community. The edit was pretty substantial and quite good. Was this really done by a bot? Am I not understanding what Community does? This ...
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Editing "bug"? [Edit removed during grace period]

[Edit removed during grace period] is what is autofilled in the comment box when I'm trying to make an edit within 5 minutes of my last edit (this is the answer:
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Proper Etiquette for Editing a Post that was Already Edited

Since I hit the 2k rep limit and was able to just edit posts at will, the edit review queue was something I tried to frequent. I have started giving up on it, since I will see a ton of posts that are ...
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Preventing lazy edits

Is there any way we can prevent lazy edits done by all users? I've come across several questions recently that had obvious edit-worthy body text like this: i am working on project(vs2005).....
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Is it wrong to substantially modify questions to have a broader audience?

Yesterday I answered this question: Alternative for 2 embed form? After re-reading my answer today as well as the question; and after reading a number of times here on MSO over the past weeks how the ...
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Cannot change vote even though the post has been edited

I know there is a rule on SO where you cannot change your vote after a specific period of time (I forget how long exactly, 5, 10, or 15 mins). However, you can change it if an edit has been made after ...
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Which edits push closed questions to the reopen review queue?

So far I was working under the assumption that any edit will push a closed question to the review queue. After all, we advise question-banned users to improve their old questions, and that would not ...
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How to handle own, unanswered question with an unrelated answer?

I have question on Stack Overflow where I found the solution by myself. It's nothing related to the tags or topic but a simple programming bug (mmapsize becomes larger than screen size for the given ...
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7 votes
6 answers

How to handle user rollbacks due to stubbornness about formatting / content?

So, there's this question on SO. The user that posted the question used formatting along the lines of: javascript('foo = '+function('text').value);//returns 0 javascript('bar'+function('text').value ...
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Trouble with adding and editing answer

Sometimes I have trouble with adding and editing answers on Stack Overflow. Here is the post with trouble. When I try to edit post it ends up with: An error occurred submitting the answer
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Wrong explanation about why can't I edit locked post

I opened my old locked post Suspension till 2027 and hovered my mouse above "edit" button. Just was interested, what alt text would appear. And saw: Suggested edits are not allowed on non-tag-wiki ...
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Create a review task on updates to the thread

I love the way SO (and SE in general) focuses on Questions and Answers - trying to eliminate all "discussion" or "chat", even. Often we are still seeing the "comments" being used inproperly. To my ...
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Is there a way to edit a "mostly code" question?

I was trying to edit this question (improving the title and tweaking the first sentence), but when I tried to submit my edit, I was stopped by this pop-up: It looks like your post is mostly code; ...
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How to handle good edits to unsalvageable posts?

Not based on any post or edit in particular. A lot of bad posts have lesser issues that can be corrected with editing, such as grammar, poorly worded titles, poor tagging and lack of code formatting. ...
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The editing reputation limit?

The help center seems to suggest there is a limit on reputation earned from accepted suggested edits: suggested edit is accepted: +2 (up to +1000 total per user) Do you simply stop gaining ...
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Subsequent edited tags and scores [duplicate]

Let's say there is a question and I add a tag subsequently by editing it. This question already has answers with some upvotes. Would the added tag affect the scores of the users for that tag?
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3 answers

Reopen vs delete and post it again?

What is the best practice? Edit your question and explain why it was closed wrongly and cast a vote to reopen. or Post an edited question explaining why it differs from another one and delete the ...
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My gold tag badge insta-close shouldn't apply if I just edited the relevant tag out of the question

The question eclipse copy resource in C project after build was originally tagged [c] and I found it via the C close queue. I have a gold tag badge for C. My assessment of the question was It doesn'...
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4 answers

Should question titles generally be questions?

I know we're not going to enforce this in general, but there's currently a lot of noise in the review queue from user Anand Solanki, whose edit history consists almost entirely of editing question ...
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Respecting the OP when editing

I was editing a question and the OP had two blocks of comments like this: // notice that I am two spaces in int main(void) { ... return 0; } and the second block was like this: ...
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Under what circumstances are edits merged together? [duplicate]

I made an edit to an answer I posted, and then noticed that the edit introduced a minor typo that would stop the code from working, so I did another edit that fixed the typo (deleting one character). ...
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What is the official stance on text wrapping edits?

If a question contains a code block that causes a lot of horizontal scrolling e.g: NSURLSessionDataTask *task = [session dataTaskWithRequest:request completionHandler:^(NSData *data, NSURLResponse *...
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Why is blocked, and when did it start being blocked?

I just made an edit and the system initially refused it because the body contained a reference to What's up?
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Should "Edit:" in edits be discouraged?

I often see questions which are of the form: Title Example question what is x? Edit: Here's some more information that bob asked for ... Edit: I did some more poking around and discovered ... Edit: ...
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Is editing instead of flagging/closing an issue we need to handle?

When going through the edit queue, I rather often find questions/answers that have serious problems and should rather be closed/deleted. Yet people edit those to make them look better (mostly ...
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Prevent minor and invalid edits better

I'm sick and tired of people repeatedly spamming the edit queue with minor edits. I want to punish the editors and robo-reviewers and prevent some of them from entering the queue in the first place. ...
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Reverting edited question to original

I made an edit to a question but after I submitted it, I discovered that although the user intended to say method instead of variable, the answers and comments were correct regarding the question as ...
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How to handle an OP's edit that changes the question [duplicate]

I have answered this question about jQuery and provided some code based on the code posted in the original question. However, after I and others posted answers, the OP changed significantly the code ...
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Tag name applies to the question, but tag definition doesn't: remove tag?

Recently I removed the tag singleton from a Matlab question (this one). I considered the tag was being used incorrectly, because the OP meant singleton dimension (for example, a matrix of size 3x1 has ...
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4 answers

Remove "Help Please!" from titles?

New users have a tendency to ask somewhat personal, topically basic questions and include in the title "Help! Please", etc. (unrelated to simply bad titles). Should new question reviewers clean up the ...
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Are we supposed to speak like robots when asking questions or are we allowed to be human? [closed]

I posted a question earlier today about changing grid sizes. Here is the body of the question - Having problems trying to resize gridworld grid So I basically want to resize the grid in gridworld ...
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Is it acceptable to improve other people' answers to your own question?

Is it a good idea to improve on answers to your own question, once you know more about the topic? For example: I am new to Stack Overflow, and I asked a simple question. User TylerH gave me a simple ...
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86 votes
2 answers

When should code formatting be used for non-code text?

I reviewed an edit that did no change to the post apart from introducing code formatting like this to words that aren't code, such as iOS and Android (while curiously leaving Delphi untouched). I didn'...
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2 answers

Is there a point in improving a completely unclear and badly formatted question?

This question got me thinking... Question is now deleted but here is a screenshot for reference Seeing the caps in the title I immediately went into the edit mode and started editing the question by ...
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3 answers

Are post edits allowed to change class and method names

I am curious. The following edit was made to this post, where the editor changed the spelling of the methods and classes (not the case). The methods and classes follow the c# standard naming ...
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Another user merged their answer with mine

A user merged their answer with mine, and to be honest they kind of re-iterated exactly what I said. What should be done in this situation? Is this acceptable? One of the approaches I figured would ...
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Edit code to reduce the used space

I usually read the sql tag here on Stack Overflow and sometimes in the questions there are long queries with very little code on every single line, for example this question. The particular point is ...
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