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For questions about the process of editing, how edits work, and other general inquiries about the edit system, use this tag.

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Did many (really necessary) edits, but most of them not approved (or not reviewed)

I did many many good edits in past several hours. But, it seems like most of them are not approved or like even not peer-reviewed. I have seen my suggestion tab and revision tab. Only 60% of the ...
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What is the policy on edits altering regional spellings?

I have a few times during reviews encountered edits that change a US spelling to a UK spelling (or vice versa) such as initialize -> initialise. These are typically part of larger edits that correctly ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Message writer of well meaning but unnaceptable edits

I am not sure how to best react to this user. They have been making a very large number of edits on the review queue which are correct and mostly improve the post, but are mostly extremely minor. As ...
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Is it okay to edit old posts that have been inactive for months?

I mean I just edited a post that I think could be more useful if the title is improved. But after I edited the post, it appears to be an active question in the active tab for related tag. I also saw ...
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10 votes
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Accepted answer code causes a compile time error

I got an answer to my question. Even though it answers the question, it refers to the wrong class. I put a comment on the answer: should I edit it?
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"A question with that title already exists" in another language

I'm editing titles. But I can't edit one because there is the same title for another question. Great, a dup! No, this one's java and that one's python. Now I can't edit the title. :( Can this be ...
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Why don't you continue to gain 2 rep for edits once you've reached 2k rep?

I noticed that once I've passed 2k rep points, I don't get 2 points for edits anymore. What is the rationale/reason behind this action? I'm aware of the "Edit Questions and Answers" ...
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Feature Request: Non-game, no-edit Stack Overflow

I think it would be nice to have an opt-out version of Stack Overflow that removes the gaming "reputation" points and lowers this site back to the original purpose without all the extra fluff. ...
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2 answers

How to handle edits you think shouldn't have been made

I recently came across a question in which a user had gone through and edited the question and all the answers heavily. I think it was done with good intentions to make things clearer and cleaner, but ...
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6 answers

Do you edit questions in order to provide syntax highlighting?

I tend to answer questions related to specific plugins (see questions related to parsley.js, which is a jQuery plugin). More often than not, the OP simply adds the tag of the plugin. However, if she/...
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Edits which only change coding conventions (like brace placement) [duplicate]

I've come across some edits that only change the coding conventions of the code in a post. Both are valid, widely-accepted conventions, both are well-formatted. Why the edit then? And more to the ...
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The phantom "hi whatsup?"

I happened to stumble across this post that was obviously in desperate need of editing, But, when I went to actually edit the post, "hi whatsup?" vanished, I'm also not the only one that's ...
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Can I delete a question and create a better one instead of editing it? [duplicate]

I created a nice question with a very broad problem description. I've put a lot of code samples and structured the problem well to help understanding the context. But continuing my research, I ...
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56 votes
2 answers

Yet another offensive email from another new user on Stack Overflow [duplicate]

So, I previously had asked a similar question regarding a harassing and offensive email I received from an S.O. user who didn't like to have high-quality posts! S.O. team was very helpful and they ...
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How to make my own edit after I rejected an suggested edit? [duplicate]

When I view a question, sometimes I want to edit it. But if someone already suggested an edit to this question, click the edit link will ask me to review the edit. But this time the edit is bad so I ...
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Editing question after successful answer to better reflect the exact problem

I just posted a question to SO asking why a thread in my python script was misbehaving. I had some PySerial things included that turned out to not cause any bit of the problem, but I included that ...
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Unable to load a previous revision of a question/answer when editing

Shift-click Edit on a question or an answer. A new window appears, with a dropdown for existing revisions. Select a previous revision from the dropdown. Nothing happens (the new text is not loaded ...
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1 answer

Grace period edit revision

I answered a question and same time some other person answered same question. That answer was wrong and I down-voted it. Then I saw the other person edit his answer and OP has accepted his answer. ...
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Edit to fix incorrect code in answer rejected?

I came across How to convert a c string into its escaped version in c? and found the code at the end of the accepted answer to be suitable for my needs. But the calls to fputs and fputc had the ...
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9 answers

Editing etiquette: why did I receive such a negative reaction?

Today I posted a mostly well received question (currently at +12). I received several useful answers. I amended one with extra information and its poster received it well. Another good answer (by a ...
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Whats the etiquette when you answer the OPs question, but they change it in the comments

I was helping a user answer a question Parse login not working properly but they were not very clear what they were after. After speaking to them in the comments it was clear that his question had ...
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-16 votes
2 answers

Should VERY MINOR edits, NOT be bumped to the top?

(A) on this site, any edit bumps the question to the top (B) it looks like the main pro-sumption rationale for doing this is, to bring to attention any vandalism That's fair enough - otherwise how ...
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The question you're *editing* appears subjective and is likely to be closed

As I was editing a question, it yells at me: The question you're asking appears subjective and is likely to be closed. But I'm not asking the question, instead editing it - Should it not be "The ...
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16 votes
2 answers

What should I do if an edit invalidates my flag?

So I recently flagged a question for being Off-Topic on the grounds that it was asking for a tutorial. However, a recent edit removed that portion of the question. Obviously my flag no longer applies, ...
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1 answer

Can't click edit on a user's question [closed]

Consider: I wanted to click edit on a user's question, because I've seen a lot of grammar to be improved and also redundancy and incorrect spelling, but I can't click edit. How and why?
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17 votes
2 answers

Where did my edit go?

I'm trying to help a new user clarify his question and get some helpful answers. I painstakingly crafted an edit and submitted it - successfully, as far as I could tell. It was sitting in the edit ...
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4 answers

When a question is *almost* a good question

From time to time I see a question that is so close to being a good question. It has all the pieces, except things like: A clear language barrier (the user is unlikely to be a native English speaker) ...
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Removing someone else's "Thank you!"

I just saw a user make this edit: The only thing that changed was that the editor removed the word "Thanks" from the end of the post. Are ...
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1 answer

Why are the following suggested edits being rejected? [closed]

Case 1 A suggested edit gets approved by 2 users, and is then followed by three rejections. The reasons given for the rejections have exactly the same text. So, no point is made or clarified (see ...
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Editing post - Show preview of title

When editing a post I'd like the preview below the editing textarea to also preview the title of the post. I have two reasons for wanting this. Attention to title I have a tendancy to focus my ...
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36 votes
3 answers

Is it OK to make a clarifying edit to a question if it will invalidate existing answers?

Every now and again, I'll come across a question that was not clearly explained, so much so that users attempting to answer the question end up completely misunderstanding the problem, and end up ...
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Isn't the code/text ratio filter applied to question edits?

I just came over this question and wondered, because IIRC there should be a code/text ratio filter, that should prevent from such question being allowed to be posted at all. Am I wrong about this ...
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4 votes
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Potential problems when editing?

So many questions are poorly written, to the point that it can be impossible to be sure what is meant. I often try really hard to reword the bad English, but I keep worrying about an issue that could ...
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1 vote
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Why to tell a reason when editing a post

Since I haven't seen any really big questions and the fact that when I watch the edits the interesting parts are highlighted, I wonder who is really reading the "Edit Summary" and especially why I ...
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40 votes
2 answers

Put user's comment into his question?

If I ask a user for more information, and he leaves a comment with that information, can I edit his response into his question?
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93 votes
1 answer

Why let me begin to edit a comment if... "Comments may only be edited for 5 minutes" and 5 minutes has already elapsed?

Stack Overflow prevents comments from being edited after the 5 minute mark. However, the edit button is not removed until the page is refreshed. In other words, if I post a comment and wait 6 minutes, ...
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36 votes
3 answers

User making a lot of unnecessary revisions

I noticed that an established user (18k+ rep) has been making a lot of unnecessary revisions when they recently edited one of my answers. Some of the changes appear to be incorrect, but most are just ...
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Revoke answer acceptance to ask unrelated or loosely-related follow-up question

I've been noticing a trend recently, that plays out as follows: User A asks a simple, straightforward question relating to a larger, more complicated project they are working on. User B gives a ...
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Git error message changed over the years - should the most popular question be updated?

I noticed that with 2k+ rep my edits are no longer reviewed and are automatically applied. I'd like to edit this question: Git checkout: updating paths is incompatible with switching branches I ...
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Editing a previous edit

I will be the first to admit my use of the English language isn't perfect, yet I do sometimes pick up on other users' bad grammar and go to fix it accordingly (only when I think it wouldn't be ...
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2 answers

Consideration for removing the downvote button from questions [duplicate]

I have noticed that a lot of legitimate questions get downvoted cause they don't use proper nomenclature or are unclear. That's a frustrating user experience for people who are trying to learn, but ...
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1 answer

Unknowingly Editing an Edited Post

It is very annoying for me when I am editing a question or answer, click "Save Edits", and get the message telling me that the post had already been edited while I was in the middle of doing my edits. ...
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2 answers

Standard way to format names of applications/technologies/etc.?

For example in a post I'm editing is the text: I’m submitting a form post using Angularjs (1.2.20) to Microsoft ASP.Net MVC 4: There are various ways I could format it (keep in mind the idea is ...
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23 votes
2 answers

Can I edit an answer to add a prevention message to a security vulnerability?

I read this How to get the client IP address in PHP? answers, but in Tim Kennedy's answer the code has a security issue. The user doesn't necessarily read all sentences of the message and comments ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Why haven't I received the Strunk & White badge?

I did a bunch of edits yesterday, and according to SO I have completed 103 edits. See my editor information Strunk & White is supposed to be rewarded after editing 80 posts. Is there a time ...
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Should it be clearer you're not supposed to edit code too much?

While doing edit reviews, I have often noticed that invalid edits to code are approved. Point in case; this edit introduces two syntax errors, yet, it was approved. Only I rejected it based on being ...
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15 votes
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Availability of diff in edit view

When I try to do an edit I really miss a possibility to see the difference between original and edited question/answer. Especially when I try to improve formatting of source code. The possibility to ...
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Do tag-only edits add value to questions? [duplicate]

The Stack Overflow "How to ask a good question" page recommends that questions should "include all relevant tags". And to "try to include a tag for the language, library, and ...
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3 answers

How should I deal with editing small code errors in otherwise good answers?

I've had the following problem a few times in the last week alone: Someone has answered a question, and the answer is good, with the exception of a typo in the code. For instance, in an answer to a C+...
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3 answers

Edit rejected when trying to make code compile

I was wondering why my edit was rejected, not that I have a problem with it but I'd want to know when I shouldn't try to edit a post so I don't waste my time and community's time! This is the link to ...
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