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For questions about the process of editing, how edits work, and other general inquiries about the edit system, use this tag.

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Should I flag questions that need editing, but I don't know how to edit?

In certain cases there are posts with major grammatical errors which I am unsure of how to fix, or which are link-only-answers. I know that these should be corrected, and for most I can edit myself, ...
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Edit old questions to get new answers

I am currently banned from asking questions on Stack Overflow, and the Help Center suggested that I improve my existing questions. These questions however, are pretty old now and aren't going to be ...
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How duplicate questions can be marked as not-duplicate, after editing to show the difference [duplicate]

I had asked a question on SO: Denying PHP Script To run within certain folder but still making it downloadable at that time the question wasn't clear and was using different tags like: wamp,.htaccess ...
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Should we correct incorrect answers?

It's old, but I saw this answer today. It is incorrect, and someone had submitted a minor edit that that fixed it and had been approved. This edit was then rolled back, with the following comment ...
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Should we edit answers to remove mini-rants?

Once in a while I stumble on an answer that has a mini-rant at the top, often as the result of an anonymous down-vote. Sometimes these rants are just a sentence, but other times they stretch to a ...
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Can I add a tag to a question? [duplicate]

I would like to add a tag to a question posted by someone else. How can I do so? It is not necessarily a new tag that I want to add.
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Why was this edit approved for my answer?

Please see The editor removed the snippet, yet, 3/4 of the reviewers approved it. On a side note, they didn't even fix my typo. Why was this ...
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Is it ok to update an answer by replacing the original code with code from another answer?

I witnessed today some behaviour that I find questionable from a fellow answerer. I'm wondering if it's an acceptable behaviour by the standards of the community. Here's what happened: Some user ...
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Should questions receiving a general answer edit with a more general title?

In my answer to the question “What is the purpose of linking object files separately in a Makefile?”, I observe that the question raised by the OP is actually a more general issue: Why do you want ...
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Does my suggested edit plagiarize content without attribution?

I've suggested an edit today, here is the link. It has been rejected by the author, who has 1 rep. At the time of rejection, my edit was approved by one user, therefore it should have been visible ...
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Should snippets in questions be expanded so the code compiles even if the gist is understandable otherwise?

I've noticed several occasions where a nice clean code snippet in a question is edited by another user to transform the snippet into a working program. The most recent example I noticed was this ...
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Updates to deleted answers should not bump a question

After asking this question: Post modified but nothing has changed I found out that if a user updates a deleted answer, it bumps the question as it updates the last modified time. For users under 10k ...
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How many edits have I actually done? [duplicate]

I was trying to find out out my progress towards the editing badges, but I stumbled upon a weird situation. First I went to the review page to see my progress and I got 460 edits After that I went ...
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How do you roll back an edit?

A user deleted a lot of code from his/her question, making it, and the answers to it make no sense. How do I rollback? I can't find the option anywhere, nor an explanation how to do it in help.
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13 votes
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Leave comment when rolling back an edit?

I recently rolled back this edit because the editor "fixed" OP's original code by adding braces around several statements of a Java if statement. It was the lack of braces that was causing OP's ...
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Any changes to Tag-Burnination and Tag-Cleanup in view of there being no "too minor" anymore?

Recently, the "too minor" rejection-reason was removed for suggested edits, on account that every small enhancement counts and should be accepted (and rejections were not systematic enough). Now, the ...
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Post modified but nothing has changed

This question, which is in one of the tags I follow was back on top of the knockout "active" list this morning, stating it was modified: When I navigate to the question though, I can't see any edits ...
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Wrong edit approved too smoothly

This pointless and wrong edit got three approve votes (in 2, 6 and 20 minutes) and no rejects. I rolled it back, because it breaks the code. What is the proper action to let the reviewers know they ...
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People turning regular code blocks in others' question into snippets

I came across the following edit: The editor made the code block a stack snippet, but in this case, the code is writing to the console, which doesn't ...
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Should we edit our old posts to include Stack Snippets?

Obviously only our posts which include HTML, CSS, and/or JavaScript, and that would perhaps benefit by having this feature in the post itself. What does Stack Exchange Inc. think? What do the ...
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Make the diff understand indentation changes

If you change the indentation (example) then the diff is really messed up: Wouldn't it be possible to detect such changes, and e.g. try to remove the longest run of characters from the front?
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Edits that do not change the meaning of the original post but invalidate posted answers

I recently posted an answer to a question. The question was then edited by another user to simplify it, and though it didn't change the original intent of the OP it invalidated my answer (due to ...
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Changing edit summary of a previous revision

If I go to the revision history of an answer to edit the field "Edit Summary" of a revision, the change will not be saved unless I also edit the actual answer. I have not tested whether this is also ...
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Editing misguided questions vs changing their meaning

If question is clearly about A, but is asking for it using term B, meaning something else, is an edit that changes B to A really changing the intent? If so, do we prefer confusing questions to be ...
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2 answers

Is it worth re-editing when a reviewer's "reject and edit" fails to fix problems that you fixed?

I recently suggested this edit to a question, fixing grammar, spelling, formatting, and clarifying the title. A reviewer declined the edit with "reject and edit," though they removed many of my ...
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How to handle apologetic content in questions? [duplicate]

I make a conscious effort to not be (too) apologetic when asking questions; I regard it as fluff. On the other hand it may provide valuable insight into the skill level the asker has with the specific ...
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Why is the only way to find the number of edits you have made in the review section?

The badges related to editing (E.G. Strunk & White) all require a certain number of edits. However, there is no obvious place to see the number of edits you have made. There is one place, and ...
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Is there a way to edit a comment after you have refreshed the question page?

I have something to add to one of my comments that I commented earlier today and when I refreshed the page the edit option diapered so I was wondering if there is a way to edit them after I refreshed ...
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Why can't I edit questions? [duplicate]

When I tried to edit this question, it showed it looks like your edit is mostly code; please add some more details. All I did was added backticks and also improved a bit of grammar. The question ...
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Are Edit: and Update: notes in posts encouraged? [duplicate]

I recently had a comments discussion in which I disagreed with someone as to whether "Edit:" or "Update:" notes are a good thing in post amendments. My interlocutor said that there used to be a ...
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2 answers

Do we really need edit summaries?

I've asked myself this question many times when editing or (re)viewing edits but I fail to see why. IMO the GUI is doing quite a good job at highlighting the changes. And to be honest, I rarely look ...
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Diffing lines in the wrong position

So went to check out this edit and saw that the formatting is all wonky. Chrome on Mac OSX. Sorry for the large screenshot; it was the only way to show all of the formatting. Is this on my end?...
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6 answers

User didn't like my edit and rolled back, should I edit again?

I recently edited the code formatting of this answer. I had only put the code into a code block. But yesterday the author of the post rolled back my edit to the previous version. I wonder why some ...
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Review on rejected edit

I had a suggested edit rejected on the accepted answer to the following question earlier today: C# WebBrowser Control System.AccessViolationException The current link within the answer directs to the ...
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Why is the 'edit' button greyed out on this question?

On this question, I noticed that the edit button is greyed out: I noticed this on a few other questions, both on Meta, and the standard Stack Overflow. I'm not currently banned from making suggested ...
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2 answers

Reasking a question

I asked a question and its been 3 days with no answers or even comments/questions yet. I feel that it won't be answered going forward even though its an "easy" question (it doesn't require debugging ...
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Should I have veto power on outside edits to my answers?

I know people here strive to give information as accurate and as complete as possible in their answers. I know people modify other people's answers to add details to them, correct them or keep ...
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Are grammar, spelling and general question tidy-ups contributing to the Stack Overflow community?

I am on Stack Overflow every day and, to be honest, there are only a few questions I can actually answer. Hence, I am usually on grammar and spelling patrol - to help improve the Stack Overflow ...
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Mostly harmless, but ultimately pointless editing and re-editing of questions

Once upon a time I asked a question about null pointer exceptions. I was programming in Java, but the context of my question was more broad. Occasionally I have come back to look at the question, as ...
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2 answers

Amending subject line to attract searches

I have just answered this question and, because the process of discovering the answer was so revelatory to me, I amended the question so that its subject line reflected my solution, rather than the ...
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2 answers

Notification on edit of commented question

I agree and wholeheartedly endorse the idea of notifciation for edited down-votes, but I have a more useful suggestion to offer: Notify me when a question I've commented on is edited. The purpose of ...
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2 answers

Should edit approvals from trusted users be binding?

I think that approvals of suggested edits by users who have enough reputation to make their own edits without requiring an approval should count as binding. Sometimes a post from a new user would ...
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2 answers

Disagree with "Removed unrelated, self-promotional link"

I just had "Removed unrelated, self-promotional link" note on 2 of my answers from Andrew Barber. Actually, specially for answering questions like that, I had discussion with Apple engineers, created ...
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51 votes
7 answers

Is it acceptable to edit an answer in ways that fundamentally change it?

Maybe the wording of my question indicates that I think the answer is "no". I've had a number of my answers "edited" in ways that practically substituted what the editor thought was the right answer ...
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See entire preview while editing a question

Most editing doesn't take a tremendous amount of time especially when it's in a tag you are familiar with. New users typically don't use backticks properly or will leave logcat and other error ...
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Should I delete an Answer if the question was edited (not by the user) to ask a different question?

Recently I provided an answer to a question that was - let's be honest - not written that well and fairly vague. I did my best to interpret the answer in the best way I could, but an editor came along ...
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To flag and edit, that is the question

I recently run into a problem: I flagged a question. Then edited it. Finally concluded that my flag was no longer valid. I started thinking if I should be doing it (flagging and editing at the same ...
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Changing code examples to correct the mistake asked in the question

I hate reading questions with code and thinking "huh, what's wrong" only to realise the questioner changed the code after receiving the answer. What can be done to actually encourage users not to ...
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Did many (really necessary) edits, but most of them not approved (or not reviewed)

I did many many good edits in past several hours. But, it seems like most of them are not approved or like even not peer-reviewed. I have seen my suggestion tab and revision tab. Only 60% of the ...
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What is the policy on edits altering regional spellings?

I have a few times during reviews encountered edits that change a US spelling to a UK spelling (or vice versa) such as initialize -> initialise. These are typically part of larger edits that correctly ...
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