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For questions about the process of editing, how edits work, and other general inquiries about the edit system, use this tag.

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Is there an exception to the "don't edit the code logic or functionality" mantra when the code in question is something the OP claims is correct?

I have read quite a few similar questions on meta but none that tackle this specific issue (in my mind... open to other minds disagreeing of course!). Specifically I read this and a bunch of other ...
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Are edit rejection rationale comments pre-defined, or entered manually by reviewers?

I've recently made a couple of edits to other users' questions. Naturally, I view the edits as useful, and I realize that others may disagree, and that's fine. What I'm curious about is whether the ...
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Answer edited by other user

I answered a question and next to it added a piece of code that was in another issue of SO putting together the source. But after a few hours another user edited my answer twice, apparently trying to ...
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"This answer is now being edited by [user]" label when a post is being edited

It happens a lot that the same question is being edited by multiple users, causing it to be sometimes overwritten or having almost the same edit by two different users. I want to suggest having ...
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Why edit sugestion Rejected without any clear reason?

This is only about this one particular post. here. So as they (Reviewers) claims "JApplet Content Clears When Thread.sleep Used " is suitable ...
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53 votes
4 answers

Grammar corrections: Good or Bad

I asked a question and it had a lot of grammatical mistakes. I'm glad someone notified me, and that was a good thing. But when I saw all the red, I was wondering if it could have bad consequences, ...
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Too many edits—how can I contact a moderator? [duplicate]

I've been banned from asking questions. I have to ask some necessary questions urgently. I found that the only way to remove the question ban is to improve the question quality. So, I edited my old ...
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20 votes
1 answer

Why did I get temporary ban for editing questions?

I was trying to edit some questions and got a message saying that I have been temporarily banned for editing. Why did that happen and for how long will this ban last?
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34 votes
2 answers

Is it recommended to leave a comment that signatures are removed?

I came through a case today where someone removed a Thank you in advance! alike signature from the otherwise long post of the OP. I think the post also had other issues, but those were not fixed. ...
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Am I editing wrong?

Several people thought that this edit... ...did not make the question even a little easier to read. Am I wrong, here? What am I missing?
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When is it useful to add [tag: ... ] formatting to words in a tag wiki?

I've seen a bunch of users which has been making multiple edits to tag wikis just to add links to tags, sometimes even when they do not exist. For example, some of the edits change something like this:...
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40 votes
1 answer

Is clicking Edit a vote for Close?

I was doing a review for Close Votes on SO, and clicked Edit because there were some issues with the tags. When I finished fixing the tags, I was immediately directed to the next review of Close Votes,...
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1 vote
0 answers

Suggest for edits with approval on demand

When you at last achieved to have the privilege of Edit Questions And Answers shouldn't be there the possibility for at least the author approve your edits? Let me elaborate. You read a block of ...
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1 answer

Why are new tags not deleted in the grace period?

I read How can we get rid of misspelled and unused (or "zombie") tags? and its answer and as I tried out the auto-vivification of tags beyond 1,5 rep, I found no traces of this edit due to ...
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Prevent edit suggestions conflicting with 'super-user' edits

I submitted a suggested edit on this question in order to remove the 'code snippet' that the OP had inserted their C++ code into. I submitted a suggested edit, but however another user also edited ...
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1 answer

Should JSFiddle links be left in when a Stack Snippet is added

A friend told me they had posted a question on SO and wanted me to look at it. I did and saw that they didn't include their code in the question at all, including only a link to JSFiddle. I edited ...
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23 votes
2 answers

Is it appropriate to edit and properly format a really bad question?

I am seeing a growing number of people who edit a question for grammar, tags, or formatting when it's clearly off topic, not clear what is being asked or no effort was put into the question. I ...
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Should the title of duplicate questions be edited after a question is closed?

Related: Should a post title be modified to fit the problem? While the above question is about editing question titles in general, I'm only addressing duplicates which have misleading titles and it ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Your tags cannot be submmited: [sql]

I've used to get this same red error box when editing a question containing sql: And it was a bug (imo) because it wasn't checking that the question already has, say sql-server, so the requirement to ...
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How to finish this edit war? [duplicate]

How can I extract list from list in prolog? First, I thought I should flag it, but then I get the message that my last flag was declined. Also, there is no item fit for closing.
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87 votes
2 answers

Not notified of my answer getting edited

I used to get notified when my answer got edited. I didn't get notified of this today[1]. I've noticed this before on answers that had received a comment at the same time, so I thought the comment ...
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26 votes
2 answers

Is it okay to remove code from a question that is unrelated to the problem?

I edited this question to fix the code indentation, but the question still contains a lot of code not related to the problem — three full classes. In this case it's fairly obvious what parts of the ...
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26 votes
1 answer

How do I handle a question that's not very good but the user deleted a significant portion of it (including code)?

I noticed this question over the weekend: When I first saw it and the answer, I was ...
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0 answers

Editing tag into a series of questions [duplicate]

I have been following a low activity tag for some time now. This tag isn't known by most users posting questions as it doesn't have many questions and isn't in the proposal list of tags. When I bump ...
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53 votes
2 answers

Is it OK to edit an answer by another person to avoid it being mistaken for spam?

I came across this answer today: Unit tests for Javacc The original answer was basically a link-only answer by the book author to the sample code freely available on the book's website. This ...
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0 answers

Reason given for rejecting an edit seems innapropriate

I recently had a suggested edit rejected, which is fine and happens occasionally. When I went to make my next edit, however, it suggested I review why my last one was rejected. The reason was given as ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Should I edit questions to improve the case of the title?

The StackOverflow help page on editing says that one of the reasons to edit a question is "To fix grammar and spelling mistakes". To this end I would edit titles with incorrect casing e.g. "how do i ...
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94 votes
3 answers

Proposal: let experienced users approve edits when they view the question first

This is a follow-on to Why can't I approve suggested edits single-handedly? One of the ideas which came up there, which I also independently want, is to let experienced users (high rep, long time ...
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1 answer

Why was my edit rejected? [duplicate] So the previous approved edit added an erroneous comment, while not fixing the issue actually stated in the comments. This was approved, but ...
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2 answers

Can one-letter edits be important?

An edit has to change at least 6 letters. So there is an assumption that an edit changing fewer number of letters cannot be important. But are there cases when changing (or adding, deleting) only one ...
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1 answer

See edits made to my answers [duplicate]

Is there a way to see which edits were made to all my answers/questions so far? Someone suggested an edit on my answer, if it was someone else's answer I'd reject it as "Please add a comment instead"...
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Correct response when the only edit is to inline a hyperlink

I was reviewing an edit to this question in which the edit was to go from This is what i have so far, fiddle: to This is what i have so far, check this fiddle ...
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10 votes
3 answers

100 edits in one evening. Is it wrong?

Yesterday I made over 100 edits. Why I did it? To gain some badges and reputation points. To make SO site a little better Wanted to check if it is possible to gain 200 reputation points in one day ...
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31 votes
4 answers

When is it appropriate to add code to the OP's question, when the OP has supplied no code to begin with?

My personal guess... Never. And yet here(question revisions), a 70k rep user added it to the OP's question. The OP did not create this code themselves.. they created a basic ascii example of what ...
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1 answer

Does editing or comments on a question in itself cause it to be re-reviewed?

This text is part of the "this question is closed" banner: "If this question can be reworded to fit the rules in the help center, please edit the question or leave a comment." Does editing a ...
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2 answers

How to edit a previously asked Stack Exchange question?

How to edit a previously asked question on this site? Whenever I click the question, the page gets refreshed and I get redirected to the question again.
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1 vote
1 answer

Pointless Question Edit? [duplicate]

So one of my questions has received an edit. I thought the revision was fairly trivial and wondered why the user even bothered to make the edit. ...
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What about this suggested edit deviates from the post?

This edit was rejected earlier. I do realize that my change in title may have been a stretch, and I added in a few words that weren't there, but my main focus was to format the table design a little ...
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17 votes
4 answers

Are there guidelines/suggestions/etc. for how quickly to edit a question?

In many cases when someone first posts a question they don't get the formatting correct. Many people notice this and go in to correct the formatting themselves, but many people do not. My question ...
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Difference in URL between question itself and its edit page

The URL of a question is like this: The edit page of that page is like this: Why is ...
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Give warning before we edit comments older than 5 minutes

If the comment is been posted more than 5 minutes before and we try to edit it, we come to know that the comments may only be edited for 5 minutes (only after once we finish editing). How about giving ...
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4 answers

Should I upvote an originally-poor question that I have edited into understandability?

The question: I recently found a question with a terrible title, hard-to-read code, and a confusing problem description. It was two hours old at the time I read it, and there had already been a ...
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1 answer

Get notified of edit conflicts while working on an edit

You get notifications when a post you are viewing has been updated or received new comments. I was surprised to learn that this functionality is not present where it is needed the most -- when you are ...
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91 votes
5 answers

How to know which edits were rejected?

I usually make 10 to 15 edits per day on non-regular bases. Most of the time, 1 or 2 edits get rejected. I always check the rejected edits in order to know what made them rejected and keep those ...
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0 answers

Is there a way to browse the edits I made only to the posts that are not mine?

I can look at all revs I ever made. How to filter only ones that were made to the posts that don't belong to me? Maybe a query in data explorer?
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68 votes
5 answers

Is there any way to be helpful besides answering questions?

I have a lot of questions because I'm relatively new to programming. I'm trying to solve as many as I can before asking here, but I still have a lot left. Also, I haven't yet found any questions I can ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Is adding *more* info to another person's answer bad?

I edited an answer to this question. I added two more ways of solving the problem in the existing answer. Another user (well, who is quite reliable) rolled back my edit. Was this edit wrong?.
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1 answer

Edit Summary for multiple edits [duplicate]

When editing a question multiple times within a specific time frame, the edits are combined to a single edit in the history page (which is good) - however, I just noticed that also only the most ...
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4 votes
3 answers

Are these reasons for edit rejection reasonable?

I know reviewing code edits can really be a grey area, so just chewing the fat here/and learning, and if I'm wrong no probs at all. I just wondered what others think would have been the right ...
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At what point should editing a question become creating a new question?

I asked a question that is a bit niche. It's about a particular piece of software, ported to an uncommon processor architecture. When I initially asked the question, I shared all the information I had....
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