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For questions about the process of editing, how edits work, and other general inquiries about the edit system, use this tag.

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Should I remove a merely superficially relevant tag?

There is this question (Get PyCharm to stop asking for Git). It has a git tag but although it asks about git integration in PyCharm, git is hardly relevant. Should I remove the git tag from such a ...
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While editing someone's question, how should I improve formatting of such quasi-formula?

I think I should improve readability of the piece with the text saying "(Quantity per re-order)*(unit price)" to visually emphasise that this is kind of a pseudo math expression: What formatting ...
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Is the language in this edit rejection too strong?

I made my first edit today to remove a tag. It was ultimately approved, but I received a rejection vote with the following reason: This edit does not make the post even a little bit easier to read, ...
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Trivial Edit to Answer that Doesn't Effect Outcome

I recently answered this question with a working solution. The answer was edited by the OP to include some extra parenthesis that are not required and make no difference to the outcome of the question....
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Why can everyone edit questions on Stack Overflow?

Some of the questions that I have asked on Stack Overflow have been edited by other users. As the original author, I have no control over who edits the questions and whether the edit should be ...
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Is it appropriate to provide example code for someone else's question?

I went to post a question last night, but quickly realised it was a duplicate of another question. I offered a bounty on the question to draw attention to it, and someone quickly asked that I provide ...
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Idea: Add a "flag" link in the Revision history

I came across this question in the Low Quality Posts queue (it was full of gibberish), and just out of curiosity I reviewed its Edit history... It's one of those cases where the OP vandalizes his own ...
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Edit answer adding source link

I edited this answer, which contains quite a bit of quoted text. While the answer does credit the source, it was not very specific, containing just the company name. I added an exact link to the ...
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Can we see the status of a question when reviewing edits?

A few moments ago, I accepted a suggested edit to a pretty poor question. Looking at it, I felt that while the question still wasn't perfect, the edit was an improvement and perhaps could aid to ...
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How add automatically reason of edit (e.g.: added/removed xx characters in body)

In most edits that I view, in reason of edit I see: added 21 characters in body removed 16 characters in body per example... My question is if there is any way to add that info (added/removed xx ...
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Question edited to show a different problem

I answered a question yesterday with a perfectly valid answer (that more than likely solves the OP's problem); the question was: I have installed wamp server 2.2 I'm using windows 7 i am working on ...
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3 answers

Why do we have an edit grace period?

As I see it the purpose of the "grace period" (the period of time when you may edit your question/answer without said edit showing up in the reivision history) is to either: Reduce the clutter in the ...
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Answers being progressive rewritten until they are right. Is that OK? [duplicate]

I noticed this ethically questionable activity. There is a question, 3-4 mediocre answers pop up (20, 40 and 60 % correct/complete ), I provide an answer too. For the sake of example ..let's say that ...
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Is it wrong for OP to incorporate suggested changes into their posted code?

I saw the following comment on an SO question posted by a user with 10K+ reputation and addressed at OP: Don't ever edit questions to fix errors in the posted code. All comments and answers are ...
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Adding follow-up notes to a question using comments

I'm asking questions about quite specific topics, and recently adjusted a question I made to reflect my own code analysis and research results. I originally did a follow-up to it as comments, and ...
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3 answers

If my review question on Meta is resolved, should I alter the title to reflect that?

I recently concluded a question reviewing another post here on Meta. Does it do any good to revise the title from something like, "Help me review this failed edit!" to "Help me review this failed edit!...
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Is there any way to undo a suggested edit? [duplicate]

So I was editing a question this morning that had half of its relevant code accidentally commented out. These kinds of edits are generally quick, easy, and obvious, so it's easy for another editor to ...
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How to proceed when user is(was) adding 'callouts' to their questions targeting downvoters

Well, I kind of feel I'm right, here, but I want to make sure before I proceed any further; I've come upon a user who experienced downvotes, and thinks they're apparently being targeted by a single ...
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What causes you to abandon an edit?

I'm working on that last queue that we'll be adding to /review as part of the quality project, and it's arguably the most interesting piece of the puzzle. It's a queue where folks that are ...
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Unintuitive tag wiki edit-UI

Tag wiki and tag excerpt edits are combined into single form; they use one Edit Summary field and there's only one Save Edits button. This gives an impression that changing both: tag wiki and excerpt ...
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Allow Improving a post even if you already reviewed a still-pending edit

If we approve or reject an edit (unless it's on our own post, or for mods), our single vote does not end the review. While that's generally a good thing, intended to ameliorate the damage a small ...
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59 votes
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Replaced " with " in edit

I do not understand the edit made on my question: (direct link) If it is a retagging job, why have the quotes been changed? (It even does not work ...
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What does "both actions within 12 hours" mean? [duplicate]

For example the Refiner badge has the following definition: Edited and answered 50 questions (both actions within 12 hours, answer score > 0). what does that mean, is it really possible that I ...
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Is it poor form to make serial revisions to your own questions?

A habit I've developed over years of editing fora and articles online is, having made a post or created a document, I'll review it and immediately notice at least two or three minor corrections I ...
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2 answers

Refraining from editing the questions of new users in order to educate them to write complete questions

New users often post bad questions (the issue raised might be valid and interesting, but I am referring here to the format of the post). They don't mention the language, put the wrong language tags (...
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Edit a question to remove incorrect assertion that your answer is incorrect

I answered this question with some example code and a clear caveat (in a fairly quick update to the answer) that it would not work perfectly as is b/c of minor implementation details. I noted what ...
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May I change my high-voted incorrect not-accepted answer to say the opposite?

Let's say I answered a question and got a load of upvotes (at least 20) in the first 15 minutes of the question's existence. Right from the beginning, there was a comment that my answer was far-out ...
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Permanently delete edits

Is it possible to permanently delete edits for a question? I posted an error message I am getting which unfortunately included an internal IP address. This is not crucial sensitive data, but I'd like ...
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Editing My Questions and Reached Daily Limits of 5

I am currently checking all my posts in SO for errors so I can make corrections to them. However, I have reached the daily limit of 5 edits for today. I would like to continue on what I am doing. Is ...
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Should I edit my accepted answer if another answer has a better approach?

One of my answers is accepted and has a few upvotes as well as a few downvotes(ratio of about 4:1, so 4 upvotes per downvote), basically because another answer for this question has a better approach(...
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I can edit a post even if another edit is pending (waiting for review) - is this a bug?

Recently I noticed, that there is a way to edit a question even if another edit is pending and still waiting to be reviewed. Is this a bug or intended? As an example: I have a question like this: ...
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Was I correct to edit this question based on my understanding of it?

Recently I was on a process of reviewing all my old answers which had very less attention (obviously by the vote count on question + answer) to see if there was anyway that I could improve either/both ...
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User frustrated with moderation on their post

This meta post is going to be a little different than the norm. This morning, I received an email to my professional account from a user who posted a question on Stack Overflow, only to have their ...
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Do reviewers follow any guidelines about tags in titles?

As a good citizen, I decided to help the community by removing unnecessary tags included in titles. I try to follow the rules stated in this answer and if in doubt, I leave the question as is. ...
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Why can't I edit my own self-deleted question? [duplicate]

I made a mistake when I asked a question, so I quickly deleted it, intending to edit it, then undelete it so it could be answered correctly. However, when I went to edit it, I found that I could not. ...
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"draft saved" notification moves content in the preview

When editing a post, the notification "draft saved" appears in the preview pane. When this notification appears, the first line of the preview content gets moved to the right. IIRC, this did not ...
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Unable to understand edits

I'm unable to understand this. Someone edited my answer to this question. My edit was, literally deleting all of my answer, and the comment is "save changes..". What does it mean to save changes? ...
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Is there really something wrong with this Edit attempt?

I'm referring to this question. The original poster confirmed that Notepad++, one of the original tags, had nothing to do with the problem, which was instead due to Windows IME. My edit was: Remove ...
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Removing the [less] tag from UNIX questions using the "less" command. Good thing to do?

I see a user removing the less tag from questions in which it is used to indicate the less UNIX command. He uses the comment: Removed less tag. This question is related to less unix command but ...
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Editing for reputation [duplicate]

Editing As a new programmer I'm limited to only knowing how to use the Visual Basic language which isn't really used by anyone. In this case there are never any questions about Visual Basic that I ...
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Support submitting a new answer to a closed question with an incorrect answer [duplicate]

In searching for a way to stay connected to a server via SSH when the server had a 10 minute timeout, I came across this Stack Overflow post:
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Editing question with significant change, possibly affecting existing answers

This question was edited because it was from a question paper and was incorrectly quoted. However, the question already has several answers that all have used the information in the original question. ...
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Is it OK to edit someone else's question or answer when the choice of accepted answer otherwise contradicts the question?

Take a look at this question. It was asked and answered a number of years ago. The gist of it is that the question asks Is it possible to do this in CSS? and the accepted answer says Here is a ...
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How should we respond to ridiculous edits? [duplicate]

Revision 5 of this question reintroduces an obvious typo fixed by Revision 4. How should we handle edits like this? (Obviously, this isn't a good question to begin with. I'm not trying to rescue it;...
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Could we please have tag description on hover when posting/editing?

Having the tag's description on hover is really useful to check you don't misuse it. Unfortunately, this description isn't displayed on hover when you're editing a question and I don't see any simple ...
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Did the Red Baron hat motivate you to be a better Stack Overflow user?

Note: This question was inspired by a hat but it's actually about your experience interacting with the site in pursuit of a hat. During Winter Bash 2014, I spent a lot of time thinking about hats. In ...
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Why is this edit getting continually rejected? [duplicate]

I asked a question on SO, and I received an answer which had a few small spelling and syntax errors: Original: CREATE TRIGER "tsvfix" ON UPDATE OR INSERT TO "sample_ts_vec" EXECUTE PROCEDURE tsvfix; ...
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Does adding a requirement to a question "deviates from the original intent of the post"?

A question has been edited (not by the OP), and I would like a second opinion on the validity of such an edit. Original question: How can I search for foo's? Edited into: How can I search for ...
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Why do editors who remove their edits get featured?

I recently asked a question on Stack Overflow. Someone edited it but then reverted the edit (as indicated by "[Edit removed during grace period]"). If the user didn't contribute to improving my ...
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Why am I allowed to edit my deleted answer but not question?

If I delete my answer, I can edit it deleted. But to edit my deleted question I must undelete it. Why this inconsistency?
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