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For questions about the process of editing, how edits work, and other general inquiries about the edit system, use this tag.

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"You have started editing this post. Abandon the edit?" opens briefly and immediately closes if I hit Escape button

I was trying to edit a question that I just asked, and I've found a bug where I can't use the Escape button. The dialog saying "You have started editing this post. Abandon the edit?" briefly ...
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Should I suggest edits to transform code blocks into Stack Snippets for HTML/CSS/JS questions?

I occasionally come across questions which contain HTML/CSS/JS which are formatted using the standard code blocks (backticks or indentation) that would be better as a runnable snippet. Is it good ...
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How to deal with serial editors that distort the original meaning of the question or an answer?

A user has recently started being extremely actively in editing the questions and answers in the python tag. Sometimes even answering the now different question. An example of bad answer editing: ...
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If a post I edited gets downvoted, will I lose reputation too? [duplicate]

The question title pretty much says it all. What would happen if I edited some user's post on Stack Overflow and said post gets downvoted? Would both the original poster and I lose reputation, or ...
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Strange behavior in Stack Overflow: unwanted scrolling of the page on Run code snippet button click [duplicate]

When I edit a new question or answer, if I insert a code snippet and then I click on Run code snippet blue button, to check if it works as expected, I noticed that such an action triggers a wrong ...
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Editing old questions to add links to similar ones

I recently ran into this question from 2011: What is the purpose of the return statement? How is it different from printing? A user recently edited the question to include context and links to other ...
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Editing, Downvote and Close Vote Etiquette - What are the ground rules? [closed]

Earlier today, I posted a question in relation to a weird error I'm getting. A few hours later, I came back and discovered that someone had edited it to "remove unneeded exposition and improve ...
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Post mostly code. How can I edit it? [duplicate]

When I tried editing a post, I received this message: It looks like your post is mostly code; please add some more details. This shouldn't be the case, as firstly it isn't my post, and the editor ...
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Are there any Stack Overflow rules regarding line indentation in formatted code?

... or in other words: Why would someone want to edit an answer just to remove four leading spaces of a few code lines? Example: - should I have known ...
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What does "pending edit" mean in the review queue? [duplicate]

I recently got enough privilege/reputation to review posts. Considering all the help I got from SO, I am honored for such a role, and I have been motivated at first in doing reviews. But I got stuck ...
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Notify others about post being edited [duplicate]

(This question is probably related to users <2k rep only.) I'm often facing this issue in the edit review queue, but it happens "in the wild" too sometimes. When you start editing the ...
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What is the purpose of modifying the example domain in data example?

The revision changes instances of to domain.example in the sample data provided by the Question's author. Does this change follow some guideline or objective for Stack Overflow quality ...
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Do users get reputation points for doing edits? [duplicate]

Does a user get reputation points for editing a question? I ask because I have recently had a question edited in such an inconsequential manner I was left wondering why anyone would bother (for what ...
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I only made a trivial edit to approve a more substantial one; why is my name shown as the editor?

While approving a post edit, I made a small change in order to convert a word into Code Sample. However the post now shows my name under "edited" and not the original person whose edits I ...
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Why was this edit rejected? How is the reviewer's edit better?

Why was this edit rejected? The reviewer's action was "Reject and Edit". I don't know how that edit is better than mine and why mine was rejected. The additional text provided by the system ...
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2 answers

An author of an important answer has repeatedly rolled back changes that make clear improvements. What should I do?

The specific answer:, is the top answer to a very popular question, How can I make a dictionary (dict) from separate lists of keys and values?. The ...
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Does this edit improve or add something to the question?

I submitted an edit to this question. Then, another user made another edit on top of mine (I am completely cool with that, obviously). But I have checked the edit to see what I had missed, and I found ...
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Re-Editing tags can put you on the "newest" category [duplicate]

If you go to one of your oldest questions, remove a tag (save) and then put it again, it will put you on the "Newest" category of that tag.
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Inconsistent behavior for "Unfollow" and "Too Many Pending Edits" popup modals

If you click the follow button when viewing a question, and then click the same button which now says "Following" to unfollow the question, a popup modal appears like so: If you hover the ...
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Why was my question edited for style? [duplicate]

I recently posted a question and it was edited within about 15 minutes for what are essentially stylistic word choices, mostly making the wording slightly more concise. Is this standard practice that ...
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2 answers

How can I improve an answer to a locked question?

There is this question about getting the location from the IP address: Getting the location from an IP address The most recently edited answer has a typo in it leading to a redirect to a domain ...
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How to initiate suggested-edits in non-open questions, with an example

I can't yet edit on SO: I have a 31 rep. I'd like to make a suggested edit to, or to personally edit and fix this [closed] question: Why are modal dialog boxes evil? which has as one of its answers, (...
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The 'posts edited' counter can be inaccurate? in the very specific case of multiple edits to the same CW post. Bug or intended?

Recently I edited a Community Wiki post to add an alternate solution (a fairly major edit). Then I noticed that I'd misspelled the other contributor's name, so I edited it again to fix this error (a ...
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Control+Enter no longer submits a post edit in the Stacks Editor

It's already infuriating that Ctrl+Enter doesn't submit a new post, this keychord only works when editing a post. Or used to. With the new Stacks Editor on Meta (doesn't seem to be available on the ...
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Edit to add substantial context or new answer

So this answer here, actually solves my problem. However, to make it a truly useful answer, it needs significant amounts of context and explanation adding as well as actual code. I feel like I should ...
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Cannot edit answers from review queues

I was trying to edit an answer from the review queues Late answers and First answers. It allows me to edit, but I can not save the edited answer. It doesn't show any message or any error for that. I ...
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Is there a formal way to ask for feedback on editing specific old questions?

I'm going through my old negatively voted questions to try to improve them, and I'd like to ask some experienced users for advice. My first approach was to add a comment to them asking for possible ...
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Why was my code highlighting edit rejected?

I suggested an edit to a question's code block, from: ```import requests ... to: ```python import requests ... This was a simple case of an asker writing unintended Markdown, and the edit fixed that....
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Which edit would make for a better more hospitable and productive experience for the OP?

I would like you to put yourself in the OP's position having asked this question. Another user voted to close this question and it had two close votes. I fixed this question up and answered it myself....
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Prevent others editing a question in the first 5 minutes

In early times of Stack Overflow, people agreed on giving an OP time to do the first edits of their question on their own, especially when someone is new and the question is less than a few minutes ...
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Should I explain other people's code-only answers?

I have edited and added explanations to code-only answers to make them clearer. Example: I want to merge two lists in a single list [duplicate] (screenshot of deleted post for <10k users) The ...
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Why doesn't SO block the edit option if the edit queue is already full and why can't we have a read access to the edit queue in review queue?

For the first time I went to the First Answer Stack Overflow Queue. I got my first review and selected because the answer needed proper formatting. I spent my time adding all this format and pressed ...
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Put the last edit message at the right of "Asked: Viewed: Views:", on the top, to avoid three operations to discover this change and its purpose

I have edited a question today and also added an edit message to it. Adding information : I'm running Kafka and its Java extractor program locally. 3.1.0, 2.8.1 Kafka versions tested. I believe in a ...
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How can I add a blue button for "Edit on CodeSandbox" in a Stack Overflow post?

How can I add an "Edit on CodeSandbox" button in the Stack Overflow editor? Here's an example of a response with such a button.
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Missing edit histories on old questions?

I just came across the question Difference between singleton methods from 2012. As the answers and the "Edit:" note in the question clearly show, the question has been edited to fix a typo ...
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76 votes
6 answers

Why was this answer heavily edited, and should it be reverted?

I recently came across this answer which solved a problem I had and made a slight edit that I felt was needed. I know that often edits are "audited", and, out of curiosity, I refreshed the ...
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A user that keeps making tag edits to get attention [duplicate]

There is a particular user in the tags I follow that keeps making micro edits (tags only) to questions they answered themselves in the past. The revisions are clearly aimed at drawing new attention to ...
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How did this edit get approved?

How did this edit get approved? I noticed this post and made an edit, but couldn't save it then because it showed this error: Another edit is awaiting approval for this post. Further edits cannot be ...
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What's happening on this answer?

In this question, OP commented on an answer (not theirs) with "Just updated the answer. Thanks for pointing out." but the answer itself was shown to be edited by the answerer, not OP. And ...
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What should I do when my edit is approved but the reviewer breaks the formatting?

I formatted this question and a user reviewed my changes to the question and accepted my edits, but it looks like after they reviewed the edit, the ...
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2 answers

One of my edits is accepted but I am still getting "too many pending edits" warning

Yesterday, I suggested editing for a few questions and after that, I got the warning that I had too many pending edits and I had to wait until previously suggested edits were accepted. Today, one of ...
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Getting "You have started editing this post. Abandon this edit?" when saving an edit

There seems to be a bug. After I posted, many more posted similar The most detailed so far is "Save edits" after editing my answer asks if I want to abandon the edit; Saving a question asks ...
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Editing comment: "Save edits" button is expected to be inactive until the edit is made

When editing a comment: If no edit is made, then why is the "Save edits" button is active? The "Save edits" button is expected to be inactive until the edit is made. No edit => ...
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6 answers

Should code be edited so that it is visible rather than being in one long line?

In many instances, I have seen code that is poorly formatted or all in one line (like below using R). Is it appropriate to edit the code so that it is more legible? I know in some instances these are ...
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What to do if a poster adds a username in the title for directing their question to a specific user?

How to handle a situation where a new user to the site posts a question, wants to direct that question to a specific user (the highest-ranked user for that specific tag), and so the poster adds the ...
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27 votes
6 answers

Should we edit a question to transcribe code from an image to text?

Context: "How to call a method from a class referenced as a string?" More general context: how do we educate occasional users, or new users, to the best practices to follow when posting a ...
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Editing OP code to facilitate reprex

I recently came across a question where a new user posted a question and attempted to provide reproducible data, originally posting (in the R language): lon = c(0, 2.5, 5, 7.5, 10, 12.5, 15, 17.5, 20, ...
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What should I do when a question was edited so my answer is no longer valid? [duplicate]

In What enables a function trait type to be used where an fn type is expected?, in the first revision, the question contradicted the code (the question was, though it was not clear to me, the same as ...
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Disable `Edit` option in a review task when edit queue is full [duplicate]

I just earned (and learned about) Reviewer privileges. One of the options when reviewing is "Edit". On a recent review task (a first question) I chose the "Edit" option, but when I ...
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Uneditable text in an answer? [duplicate]

I stumbled onto this answer. It has some fluff I wanted to edit out. Specifically, this "Hi @dany:" in the start. But, to my surprise, that phrase disappears when entering edit mode. It ...
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