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For questions about the process of editing, how edits work, and other general inquiries about the edit system, use this tag.

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Edit hunting and possible reputation farming - how should I react? [duplicate]

Occasionally the suggested edits queue on Stack Overflow gets flooded with edit suggestions by the same user. A few minutes ago there were ~5 suggested edits by the same user who apparently searched ...
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How long am I banned from editing?

Recently I have been doing a lot of edits that remove the design tag, as it is being burninated. See: The [design] tag is being burninated. So recently I have suggested quite a few edits, by only ...
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2 answers

Permanently delete edits

Is it possible to permanently delete edits for a question? I posted an error message I am getting which unfortunately included an internal IP address. This is not crucial sensitive data, but I'd like ...
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Can't Edit Ques/Answer With a Pending Edit When Reviews Maxed Out

I was attempting to edit a question with a pending edit to remove a tag but was presented with the following message: Thank you for reviewing 20 suggested edits today; come back in 5 hours to ...
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What should I do if a suggested edit is proposing to update the code to a new version of the language?

A number of posts on meta discuss what should or shouldn't be dealt with in an edit, but one thing I can't find any guidance on is whether an edit should change code to reflect a newer version of a ...
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How to treat an old question which had an answer edited into it?

I found this question (due to a new answer bumping it) and asked myself what the real question is, because it looks like OP already knows how to read console input using the Scanner class. So I ...
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How to handle user rollbacks due to stubbornness about formatting / content?

So, there's this question on SO. The user that posted the question used formatting along the lines of: javascript('foo = '+function('text').value);//returns 0 javascript('bar'+function('text').value ...
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4 answers

Is it appropriate to edit a question for grammar / style / formatting?

I have previously posted two questions, one to Stack Overflow, and one here, to Meta Stack Overflow. Both questions have been edited, not because I put up some kind of banned content (although I was ...
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124 votes
34 answers

What causes you to abandon an edit?

I'm working on that last queue that we'll be adding to /review as part of the quality project, and it's arguably the most interesting piece of the puzzle. It's a queue where folks that are ...
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2 answers

Invisible Revisions

I got a notice a few moments ago which said an edit had been made to Cleansing User Passwords. Upon checking the revision I saw no differences: Of course this made me more curious, so I copied the ...
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Why let me begin to edit a comment if... "Comments may only be edited for 5 minutes" and 5 minutes has already elapsed?

Stack Overflow prevents comments from being edited after the 5 minute mark. However, the edit button is not removed until the page is refreshed. In other words, if I post a comment and wait 6 minutes, ...
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91 votes
5 answers

How to know which edits were rejected?

I usually make 10 to 15 edits per day on non-regular bases. Most of the time, 1 or 2 edits get rejected. I always check the rejected edits in order to know what made them rejected and keep those ...
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Getting "You have started editing this post. Abandon this edit?" when saving an edit

There seems to be a bug. After I posted, many more posted similar The most detailed so far is "Save edits" after editing my answer asks if I want to abandon the edit; Saving a question asks ...
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Did the Red Baron hat motivate you to be a better Stack Overflow user?

Note: This question was inspired by a hat but it's actually about your experience interacting with the site in pursuit of a hat. During Winter Bash 2014, I spent a lot of time thinking about hats. In ...
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Not notified of my answer getting edited

I used to get notified when my answer got edited. I didn't get notified of this today[1]. I've noticed this before on answers that had received a comment at the same time, so I thought the comment ...
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8 answers

Reopen Votes queue overrun due to poor approved edits/rep farming

Recently the Reopen Votes queue has been overrun with questions that have been closed, then edited by a user who is not the asker after the closure, and their edit has been approved. 95% of the time ...
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Is it discouraged if I am gaining lots of reputation from editing questions?

I don't answer questions much because I don't have a firm grasp on the popular tools in programming used today. So I gain reputation mostly through editing questions on SO. For example, I turn HTML, ...
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3 answers

Page for editing a deleted post for users with less than 10k reputation

When a user with less than 10k reputation* tries to directly access the edit page of a post that's been removed, this message appears: This post is deleted and cannot be edited. And it looks like ...
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Cannot edit post due to code [duplicate]

I keep seeing these posts that are mostly code wrapped by a few lines of text, aforesaid code being formatted terribly. If I try to improve their post and edit the code I get the error: it looks ...
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Are edits that insert Swift 3 code into existing Swift 2 answers acceptable?

We have received complaints about some recent edits that inserted Swift 3 code into Swift 2 answers. One such example is here. Moderators have rolled back these edits, only to have them reinstated. ...
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3 answers

When OP clicks [edit] while someone suggested an edit, the suggested edit gets used and the edit rejected

This isn't the first time that happens, but it was the most recent one. I made some minimal edits on this question (capitalization and some formatting). However, the OP discarded it and used it as ...
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Updates to deleted answers should not bump a question

After asking this question: Post modified but nothing has changed I found out that if a user updates a deleted answer, it bumps the question as it updates the last modified time. For users under 10k ...
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37 votes
3 answers

Should code from pastebin be edited into a question?

Sometimes when I review edits in the Suggested Edits queue, code or text from a linked pastebin is edited into the question. Is this encouraged? Should this be approved?
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36 votes
3 answers

Should I edit on-hold questions?

Should I ever edit a question if it is on-hold? The OP is supposed to edit the question anyway when it is on hold, so an edit by another user is bound to be overthrown by the OP's new edit. And if ...
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36 votes
1 answer

When to remove an IDE tag?

Is it correct etiquette to remove tags in the case where a user includes their IDE as a tag? As an example, I quite often see the inclusion of the android-studio tag. Regardless of whether the issue ...
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34 votes
2 answers

Deleting java tag from questions tagged android+java

While reviewing Suggested Edits I noticed this user deleting the java tag from many questions tagged android and java, with the edit message including "android != java". For example, this question. ...
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2 answers

Stack-Snippets vs PasteBin, jsFiddle, and JSbin

One of our fellow SO members has been keenly proposing that SO snippets should trump external services like jsFiddle commenting answers in this question. Is there an overall consensus that snippets ...
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2 answers

Edits Rejected because they conflict with a subsequent edit shouldn't count as a rejected edit on profile [duplicate]

I edited a question for formatting today and received two Approved reviews before it was rejected for conflicting with a subsequent edit because a user with enough rep to automatically make edits made ...
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Reasking a question

I asked a question and its been 3 days with no answers or even comments/questions yet. I feel that it won't be answered going forward even though its an "easy" question (it doesn't require debugging ...
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Is the format of "The Definitive C++ Book Guide and List"-question sub-optimal?

I was looking over some edits made on the The Definitive C++ Book Guide and List answer. Going back 20ish revisions, the book Starting Out with C++ from Control Structures to Objects has been added 4 ...
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2 answers

How to deal with people editing their answers to incorporate other answers?

One thing I've noticed on Stack Overflow is that users will often post a first answer to a question falling in to one or more of the following categories: Very limited detail/explanation No mention ...
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23 votes
1 answer

How to contact the editor of a post for clarification?

I came across an edit that I'm fairly sure is incorrect, but want to confirm with the editor first before I roll it back. Is there a way I can contact the editor to get clarification?
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Why did I get temporary ban for editing questions?

I was trying to edit some questions and got a message saying that I have been temporarily banned for editing. Why did that happen and for how long will this ban last?
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16 votes
2 answers

What should I do if an edit invalidates my flag?

So I recently flagged a question for being Off-Topic on the grounds that it was asking for a tutorial. However, a recent edit removed that portion of the question. Obviously my flag no longer applies, ...
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Prevent minor and invalid edits better

I'm sick and tired of people repeatedly spamming the edit queue with minor edits. I want to punish the editors and robo-reviewers and prevent some of them from entering the queue in the first place. ...
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Why is the 'edit' button greyed out on this question?

On this question, I noticed that the edit button is greyed out: I noticed this on a few other questions, both on Meta, and the standard Stack Overflow. I'm not currently banned from making suggested ...
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3 answers

100 edits in one evening. Is it wrong?

Yesterday I made over 100 edits. Why I did it? To gain some badges and reputation points. To make SO site a little better Wanted to check if it is possible to gain 200 reputation points in one day ...
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I did not do all those edits

Looking at the second of these revisions, the only edit I made was remove the first sentence, but I see two other chunks that were changed. I promise it wasn't me. Also, just after I submitted my edit,...
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6 answers

Removing the [less] tag from UNIX questions using the "less" command. Good thing to do?

I see a user removing the less tag from questions in which it is used to indicate the less UNIX command. He uses the comment: Removed less tag. This question is related to less unix command but ...
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1 answer

Can I change a question to another question?

I have two bad questions that don't have votes or responses: get_entry_list method by SugarCRM Soap
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1 answer

What defines a roll-back war and at what point do roll backs trigger auto mod flags?

I answered this question An edit I made to a question's title was rolled back... Where and how can I discuss this?. In which there are two roll backs now to a SO question. There are references to ...
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2 answers

Good suggested edit, bad edit summary. Accept or reject?

Hypothetical examples of edit summaries which announce that the edits were made in bad faith: Edit: Improved Grammar Summary: "I'm farming edit rep!" Edit: Removed Salutation Summary: "I upvoted this ...
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14 answers

How to treat bad English sentence syntax and typo hell?

I have recently come across questions with messed up English sentence syntax (example - subsequently edited). While the English is generally OK (as far as I can tell), there are many typos and, what's ...
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3 answers

Should I edit the expletives out of a question's code example where the answers reproduce the word?

I ran across a well-scored question containing a word which I would consider at least vulgar while browsing Stack Overflow. I know that expletives are not allowed. I'm personally not offended by ...
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3 answers

May I change my high-voted incorrect not-accepted answer to say the opposite?

Let's say I answered a question and got a load of upvotes (at least 20) in the first 15 minutes of the question's existence. Right from the beginning, there was a comment that my answer was far-out ...
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Review ban because of approving burninate tag edits

Recently I got a review ban for 7 days (sorry guys, because I created some sort of issues to this community, I'm very sorry about that). But I have one question about my ban. My review page shows ...
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Do you edit questions in order to provide syntax highlighting?

I tend to answer questions related to specific plugins (see questions related to parsley.js, which is a jQuery plugin). More often than not, the OP simply adds the tag of the plugin. However, if she/...
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7 answers

Is it acceptable to edit an answer in ways that fundamentally change it?

Maybe the wording of my question indicates that I think the answer is "no". I've had a number of my answers "edited" in ways that practically substituted what the editor thought was the right answer ...
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42 votes
3 answers

Rep loss due to deletion of a year old post I edited

I thought old rep (> 60 days) was supposed to be exempt from being deducted when old posts are deleted. Is this incorrect? Where can I find documentation for this? Details: On 3rd September I ...
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An answer of mine was accepted. What happens if I modify it?

I would like to modify my older accepted answer, but I'm not sure whether it would remain accepted. Case A: I found a small error, but it doesn't affect the main point. Case B: I found a fundamental ...
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