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Questions tagged [edits]

For questions about the process of editing, how edits work, and other general inquiries about the edit system, use this tag.

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-20 votes
1 answer

Why was my question edited for style? [duplicate]

I recently posted a question and it was edited within about 15 minutes for what are essentially stylistic word choices, mostly making the wording slightly more concise. Is this standard practice that ...
-11 votes
0 answers

Is it still OK to edit others' answers? [duplicate]

I haven't been active here for a while and I have seen comments of saying "downvoting because this answer is wrong, see *** for correct answer" and similar. Is it now frowned upon to edit ...
6 votes
1 answer

Should the review be skipped automatically if one wants to edit but the queue is full and the reviewer does not have full-edit privileges?

I know that there are already some similar questions here regarding the "problem", but I have not been able to find a discussion about this "solution": The answer to this question ...
32 votes
2 answers

Where do we draw the line on when an edit is reasonable and when the question needs to be re-asked?

Some background to clarify my question: This stems from a recent experience I had on SO where I absolutely made an error in my question statement and inadvertently flipped two terms that I had ...
86 votes
2 answers

When should code formatting be used for non-code text?

I reviewed an edit that did no change to the post apart from introducing code formatting like this to words that aren't code, such as iOS and Android (while curiously leaving Delphi untouched). I didn'...
-11 votes
1 answer

What to do if I find a question for my problem, but I have different thing to say? Why is editing the old question bad? [duplicate]

The questions What should I do if there is a question already made for my problem but has never been answered? (duplicate) and What can you do when the question you want to ask is a duplicate? don't ...
25 votes
2 answers

Is editing in the relevant parts of a link to a link-only answer acceptable, even preferred?

I recently found one of my edits to a link only answer up for review and was a bit surprised by the votes cast on it. It was approved but 2 out of 5 voters decided to reject with the reason that it ...
79 votes
6 answers

Why was this answer heavily edited, and should it be reverted?

I recently came across this answer which solved a problem I had and made a slight edit that I felt was needed. I know that often edits are "audited", and, out of curiosity, I refreshed the ...
3 votes
1 answer

What to do when an edit to a dated post duplicates existing answer?

I have had this happen to me and seen it happen to others multiple times and I am wonder what the appropriate response (if any) would be to the following scenario: Some answer will have posted code ...
43 votes
2 answers

Dissent with a user on contents of a post

I wrote a question-and-answer-post. Another user edited my question. I don't agree with the changes. I would describe the dissent as being about style. I rolled back the edit. The user edited the ...
77 votes
7 answers

Should we edit answers to remove mini-rants?

Once in a while I stumble on an answer that has a mini-rant at the top, often as the result of an anonymous down-vote. Sometimes these rants are just a sentence, but other times they stretch to a ...
8 votes
4 answers

Does this edit change the meaning of the question?

This question originally had the title: Keyboard shortcut suggestions in VScode User @starball posted an answer, then changed the title to: I want to learn VS Code keyboard shortcuts. How can I get ...
5 votes
0 answers

How to rephrase someone else's question?

This question is similar to How to rephrase a question?. I've encountered a problem recently and found that someone else has asked the question. It took a while to see that the problem was the exact ...
29 votes
2 answers

Parts of the code in my answer were removed by another user without explanation. How should I proceed?

I answered a question and next to it added a piece of code that was in another issue of Stack Overflow putting together the source. But after a few hours, another user edited my answer twice, ...
5 votes
1 answer

Unable to edit question without also editing the question title

When I attempt to edit the body of this question of another user in order to fix the formatting, I get the following error message: Title cannot contain "troubleshoot in implement tokens in my C&...
3 votes
0 answers

"There are too many pending edits" on a locked post [duplicate]

I tried to edit this question to remove the "best way" phrasing to make it less opinion-based, but when I try to do so I got this error: There are too many pending edits on Stack Overflow. ...
0 votes
2 answers

Invalid code in frequently viewed question

This PHP question is highly upvoted and frequently visited, yet the question's example code is not valid PHP. The invalid component of the code does not affect the question; in fact for such a ...
12 votes
0 answers

How can we resolve this edit war where the OP continuously rolls back tag edits back to the wrong tag? [duplicate]

There are two questions from the same asker regarding Rust and the Cargo package manager, where they have incorrectly tagged the question cargo when it should be rust-cargo. The former tag is for a ...
-11 votes
2 answers

"dataframe" or "data frame" spelling in pandas? [closed]

What is the correct spelling of this word when it is used in the context of the Python pandas library: "dataframe" or "data frame"? Many Stack Overflow posts have different ...
-6 votes
1 answer

What does 'Notice added' mean in the edit history of a question?

While going through the edit history of a question, I came across the following messages in the history: Notice added Reward existing answer by USER Notice removed Reward existing answer by USER ...
13 votes
1 answer

Who can modify a locked post for me? I found an invalid URL that needs to be updated

The question is this: Git for beginners: The definitive practical guide There is a link to Git guide, but that does not work. It should be Git guide (without underscore) I have sufficient reputation ...
2 votes
1 answer

When a popular question's title and body are unclear, does it warrant a rewrite to match the popular answer?

I will be referring to this stackoverflow question: Get global variable dynamically by name string in JavaScript The title is clear, but I don't think most know what the body text is asking for. ...
19 votes
1 answer

When editing a question to cleanup grammar and formatting issues, should links to images of text be left as links?

Note: The following does not in any way suggest that anyone should attempt to transcribe code from an image into text. I routinely clean up questions by fixing titles, tags, question grammar, and ...
-29 votes
1 answer

How to avoid editing war [duplicate]

I have been answering questions about fairly specific technical topics and libraries - mostly ones for which I am a lead developer -- for several years. Over the past few days, one person (who I do ...
-19 votes
1 answer

Important context removed from answer, why?

I wrote an answer to a poorly written question. I provided a possible answer but added a disclaimer to state that the symptoms described in the question can have many causes. And the only way to find ...
44 votes
6 answers

When do modernization edits conflict with the author's intent?

I regularly find myself "modernizing" C++ questions and answers by adding notes or changes based on more recent versions. For example, an edit might add lines 02 and 03: /* 01 */ std::find(...
-37 votes
3 answers

How do I get guidance that I explicitly asked for in my question when that request gets edited out by someone else?

In the original version of my question, I specifically asked In the early days of StackOverflow, all sorts of programming and computer questions were all lumped together in one subsite. As things ...
22 votes
3 answers

How should links embedded into questions be formatted?

I ran into a debate on question edits just now. A question had 2 embedded links, in this format: I had this [question][1] which... <...> And for the [other question][2], [1]: https://...
1 vote
1 answer

How do I see which questions I've edited (by suggesting edits)? [duplicate]

I've edited several questions and had several edits accepted over the past week or so, but I can't seem to find my pending or accepted edits. Where can I see a list of questions I've edited?
-14 votes
1 answer

Edit war for two questions with the [c++-faq] tag

The pre-history To give you the history leading up to this, I have recently asked about what the proper usage of the c++-faq tag is: What should we do about the [c++-faq] tag and its questionable uses?...
10 votes
0 answers

Color splash transition (inline-diff) as a highlight after retrieving edits

I know that clicking on the Edited N minutes ago button after an edit to a post works perfectly like this: I want to suggest a feature that would help a lot once implemented. The Feature After ...
-2 votes
3 answers

Should a question manually list duplicates or related questions? If not, should I remove the list (in part)?

The version of question What should main() return in C and C++? as I post is simple in terms of what it's asking, but quite a long question because it ...
94 votes
2 answers

How do I make a good edit?

I would like to edit posts on Stack Overflow. How do I make a good edit that will improve the quality of the post? Return to FAQ index
-7 votes
2 answers

Restoring the original intent of the author would vandalize the Q&A

The Q&A at Why do we need virtual functions in C++? is a dilemma. The author seems to understand virtual member functions to some extent, and their confusion is mainly caused by But earlier in ...
30 votes
2 answers

How to add information missing in old answers

Recently, I posted an answer to an old question where my main goal was to show that a method that was posted years ago (.index()) is the "best" one using a benchmark. Now, the question ...
27 votes
0 answers

Add a text field for specifying a reason when rolling back edits

In Leave comment when rolling back an edit?, the top answer suggests that you can click Edit for any post in the history, and then leave a reason for the edit. This is effectively rolling back a post ...
-11 votes
1 answer

The question is in the wrong collective. How can I edit it?

This question How can I find in my project? was included in the PHP Collective, possibly because it has a PHP tag, but it has nothing to do with it. If anything, it should belong to ...
62 votes
4 answers

Should "Edit:" in edits be discouraged?

I often see questions which are of the form: Title Example question what is x? Edit: Here's some more information that bob asked for ... Edit: I did some more poking around and discovered ... Edit: ...
24 votes
4 answers

What is the edit policy today for questions about obsolete functionality?

Reviewing these edits I see no reasons suggested. I also have an issue with this: Jul 16 2013 I provided my answer Nov 6. 2013 Gordon copied the quotation info about PHP 5.3.3 from my answer and ...
7 votes
0 answers

Unable to edit my own answers, attempt save edits results in server 500 error

For the past couple of days I've occasionally not been able to edit my own answers and receive a server 500 error. The result is similar to this issue with viewing reviews. Making a POST request to ...
226 votes
1 answer

When should I make edits to code?

The about page says: Improve posts by editing or commenting Our goal is to have the best answers to every question, so if you see questions or answers that can be improved, you can edit them. Use ...
19 votes
2 answers

How can we handle troublesome contributors during the moderation strike?

Preface I support the aims of the moderation strike, but I wonder if I might add a preface as to why I haven't joined it (at least yet). For my sins, I'm the third top post editor. Curation seems now ...
38 votes
3 answers

Should code from pastebin be edited into a question?

Sometimes when I review edits in the Suggested Edits queue, code or text from a linked pastebin is edited into the question. Is this encouraged? Should this be approved?
8 votes
2 answers

Could preview display scrollbar in code format correctly?

When I write regular code snippets the preview shows a scrollbar when the number of lines > 36 it previews that there will be a scrollbar, while in fact, the scrollbar appears only after the number of ...
23 votes
1 answer

How can I avoid "An error occurred submitting the edit" error message? (working July 13th)

July 13th: it works again, so far. July 12th: I have (again) some of my answers I cannot edit (others can edit them, but I cannot) "How to make git maintain a file containing ...
8 votes
0 answers

Editing a CW answer results in HTTP 500 server error [duplicate]

Bug report I have found a CW post I made where I can reliably replicate a server crash. I have triggered it several times over a week or so, in the hope it had already been fixed. The latest instances ...
7 votes
0 answers

Improve warning box color when editing a previous version of a post

When editing a previous version of a post, the following warning box shows. As you see, there's a red dotted border around the box, which I think is quite unclear. Can it be fixed to be similar to ...
-20 votes
1 answer

Debouncing edit bumps

My opt-out of bumping checkbox for edits was predictably not well received Support Sage-ing edits. So I'm having a second go. What about an opt-in to a debounce for your edit bumps? Once you've posted ...
-19 votes
2 answers

Are trivial edits now encouraged? [duplicate]

This question and every answer to it have just been edited with mostly trivial edits. Is such editing now encouraged, or is this a user just trying to get credit for lots of edits? I've reverted the ...
41 votes
6 answers

Should we edit a question to transcribe code from an image to text?

Context: "How to call a method from a class referenced as a string?" More general context: how do we educate occasional users, or new users, to the best practices to follow when posting a ...

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