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Questions tagged [editing-help]

This tag is used to request help with the process of editing a post, on finding out when/how an edit is necessary or on the editing workflow in a more general fashion.

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Should question tags that are actually unrelated with the question be removed? [duplicate]

There are sometimes questions that will be entered to provide the context of a question, but in the end are themselves unrelated with the question or solution. Should they be edited out? (the ...
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1 answer

Is my opinion-removing edit legit?

This question had possibly a nice dig in it. I wanted to migrate over to fish or zsh due to them being way better then default bash [emphasis mine] I thought the italicized part could easily be ...
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16 votes
1 answer

How should one maintain/support old answers?

Over a period of 4 years, I have answered a lot of questions on SO, and occasionally I get a down-vote on an old answer, which was valid at the time, but now better solutions/approaches exist, or ...
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21 votes
2 answers

How should you edit your own answer to keep it up-to-date?

I've recently seen an outdated answer being completely rewritten by its author to keep it up-to-date: I appreciate people keeping their answers up-to-date, but this got me wondering: how should you ...
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How to cancel / undo my vote for a review? [duplicate] I clicked "vandalism" because it looked like generic attention check from Community, but then something ticked inside of me, and i pressed ...
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1 answer

When is it appropriate to edit?

There have been a number of questions I have edited (many of them first posts or first answers) and I find myself doing a lot of grammar or spelling edits. Frequently I add an edit for "clarification",...
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2 answers

Replace "link" with "description" in mini-Markdown example

I'm using Stack Overflow for months now but I must admit, I still can't remember the mini-formatting style for the links. When I click help link during writing comments, I can theoretically find ...
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21 votes
2 answers

Grammar mistake on the Help Center

Looking at the Help Center page on Cast Close And Reopen Votes, I notice the "Reviewing close and reopen votes" section at the bottom has the following paragraph: This privilege level unlocks two ...
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Minor improvements to accessibility of info regarding code formatting

Questions seeking help for formatting code blocks, like this one (poor approach, granted), have popped up before and are likely to come up again. It's easy enough to hover over the tool buttons in ...
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