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Questions tagged [editing-help]

This tag is used to request help with the process of editing a post, on finding out when/how an edit is necessary or on the editing workflow in a more general fashion.

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Should I edit an answer to incorporate a popular comment?

This answer is good, but would be even better if it incorporated the top voted comment. The change is very small, only a couple of characters, but I'd also need to update the JSFiddle link with ...
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Updating Qt documentation links throughout the site

I love Qt. Other than the awesome documentation they have, the community support for it here on SO has been very nice. But with Digia buying them, they seem to be changing the URLs for the ...
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Is it acceptable to edit an answer if the answerer doesnt know how to implement an acceptable suggestion in a comment?

Suppose billybob posts an answer to a question, and it's 90% the way there in terms of forming a good complete answer but the he leaves some trailing caveat like "This won't work in scenario Y, so add ...
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Making a long question shorter / easier to read

I've asked a question Debugging visualizer which targets DateTime doesn't transfer the value and added a bounty. I feel that by its nature, the question is already rather complex. As comments come in ...
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How should one maintain/support old answers?

Over a period of 4 years, I have answered a lot of questions on SO, and occasionally I get a down-vote on an old answer, which was valid at the time, but now better solutions/approaches exist, or ...
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Finding unescaped html tags in Stack Overflow posts

I've been looking at "hidden messages" in posts lately, where the question appears to read, for instance Should I use or ? and the real question becomes visible only when editing: Should I use &...
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Should the snippet edit link be more conspicuous?

I often revise new user posts to either add a snippet demo or fix them. When I mention this in a comment to prevent confusion I want to refer to the snippet edit link, but it's in a terribly bad ...
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edit review & reject help page

So there are a quite few questions about rejected edits. Many from rattled newbies (like me) facing their first rejection. And many answers boil down to one or several of the following: the reviewer ...
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Help me understand why I received this feedback on my edit

My edit was accepted (2 to 1 votes), but I want to make sure I understand what is okay to edit, and this is probably one of my largest edits so far; so, I thought I'd post here to get more feedback. ...
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Clarify "Syntax highlighting for code": specify where to put "language-all:" directive

On the page Markdown help, section Syntax highlighting for code needs to be clarified. Original text: To specify a syntax highlighting language to be used not only for the next, but for all following ...
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How do I fix edit/fix my very very bad questions?

I am currently on a question ban, and till my next question comes, I am focused more on the review queue (honestly I don't know what I would do if I didn't have that) and SEDE queries to try to grasp ...
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Is it possible to rephrase my question so that it is on topic?

My question Why is my C++ ATL project linking in a CIL library? was closed and I see why. The title is rather generic, it's phrased as if it could have any number of reasons, and could be hard to ...
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Add Stack Snippet (Code Snippet) Documentation to Help Center and/or Editing Help

I saw the new code snippet feature on the site and wanted to create one in an answer, but didn't see how. I expected to find the answer in the Editing Help, but didn't, so I went to the Help Center ...
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Should we handle badly phrased titles using closure or edit?

The question stems from this SO question. The question was closed as a duplicate. Although I disagree with the closure, I want to focus here on what me and the closer did agree about: the misleading ...
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Why can't I update my profile? "temporary error updating your profile"

I made numerous much-needed edits to my profile. But now it won't save! Oops! There was a problem updating your profile: temporary error updating your profile -- please try again! I have tried ...
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Bug when editing posts

When I am trying to edit this post: angular installation failure in Ubuntu 16.04 on the Stack Exchange app I am getting a bug. On my mobile the post is showing like this: But when I click edit it ...
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Cannot edit outdated answer on locked question

I came across this answer to a locked question. Now I didn't realise at first the question was locked and I wanted to edit it so as to show there's a different approach since Java 7. It hurts my ...
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Minor improvements to accessibility of info regarding code formatting

Questions seeking help for formatting code blocks, like this one (poor approach, granted), have popped up before and are likely to come up again. It's easy enough to hover over the tool buttons in ...
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How would you edit a question containing an image, if the link has already expired or is broken?

Link to question I came across a question where the user inserted a link to an image instead of inserting an image directly, due to low reputation. I was about to edit the question by replacing the ...
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Whether and How to edit this question

I found an intriguing yet bizarre question today that I think should be edited into a more useful form to benefit future readers: Why should the observer pattern be deprecated? If I can summarize the ...
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If it has tag A and tag B, should it also have tag A-B?

I just stumbled upon this while checking edits and wasn't sure how to deal with it. There's a question that is tagged with tags A and B, but there's a more specialised tag that's the combination of ...
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What should I do with the content from my rejected edit?

I added some more information to an answer (and corrected a typo) but my edits were rejected. What should I do with the new information? ...
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Is there a formal way to ask for feedback on editing specific old questions?

I'm going through my old negatively voted questions to try to improve them, and I'd like to ask some experienced users for advice. My first approach was to add a comment to them asking for possible ...
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Is it good practice to update a post referencing an outdated book edition?

I was looking at this answer here: and noticed they were referencing Effective Java 2nd Edition..... On my desk I had the 3rd edition and noticed the ...
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Recommendations for improving a rejected edit

I've heard that this is the place to ask for guidance on moving forward with a rejected edit. I have an old question that I wanted to revisit to check out the other answers that had accumulated. I ...
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I've got this answer that had been deleted but I don't know why

I wrote an answer to 'developing a GUI in C# on cosmos' - which you can easily find with a little googling. It was deleted and downvoted and I don't know why. What sorts of things should I add (or ...
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How is this not formatted correctly?

I'm trying to post this as a question... but I when I try to submit it I get an error saying that code snippets are not blocked off.... help please! I'm having trouble debugging this. Here's my ...
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Should I fix a question that was based on silly, but not a typo, mistake?

I asked a question that was based on a mistake that, if I had more deliberately considered the tools I was using, I would not have made. I'm of two minds about what to do with this question. One, ...
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