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Questions tagged [duplicate-questions]

Questions flagged as duplicate, and what are, or are not, good reasons to do so.

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Could: "Possible duplicate of.." be given prominence for answering users?

Scenario: User 1 asks a question User 2 votes to close as duplicate User 3 ignores the comment/dupe link and answers Other than the link in the comments, users that answer are not directed in any ...
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Why doesn't the system prevent repeating the exact same question?

Here is one example among many I face regularly1: Decrease opacity of images which are not highlighted (2) As we can clearly see, the OP is repeating the same question because the duplicate wasn't ...
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Duplicate flags shouldn't be disputed on a question that "Looks OK"

When the consensus on a question in Triage is that the question Looks OK, all flags on it are disputed (source). This makes sense for off-topic/unclear/broad/opinion-based/VLQ flags, but not for ...
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Bold text in the wrong place in Marked As Duplicate!

Today I came across a question that has been marked as duplicate and the message shows like this: I found this very strange. I thought the bold text would be "duplicate", not "marked". That just ...
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Bookmarks for the close -> duplicate interface

Most of the times, when I close a question as duplicate, I open a new tab to make a quick google search to get the question ID, to then close the question. I almost never find the duplicate, which I ...
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Make the automatic deletion of "possible duplicate of" comments more precise

Proposal: Change the criteria for automatic deletion of comments generated by duplicate votes so that only comments that begin exactly with "Possible duplicate of [link to a question]" are deleted. ...
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Dupe-hammer: Remove grace period for posting an answer

When you close a question as duplicate with the gold-badge dupehammer, there's a grace period in which users can still answer said question. For obvious duplicates, (familiar questions, well-known ...
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Show the gold badge when close as duplicate in mobile app

It's strange how the mobile app differs from the website itself. I'm requesting to show the gold badge of the user, who closes the question as an exact duplicate, in the iOS app (just like in the ...
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Do duplicate questions count towards a ban?

Six months ago I earned myself a question ban. I asked a bunch of sub-par questions and I deleted them when they hadn't been answered in a few days, not knowing that deleting questions would add ...
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Do not delete comments when question is marked as duplicate

If a comment underneath a question contains a link to another question and the question is subsequently closed as duplicate of this question, the comment containing this link is automatically deleted. ...
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17+ questions all on the same topic with no good answers

I have been trying to connect two computers together using Python and pass information between them. While I have a broad grasp of Python, my networking knowledge (stuff like public/private IP ...
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Cannot delete due to linked question - Weird dialog behavior

I tried to delete a question that was tagged as a duplicate of another question (and already had 2 delete votes) and saw this: So I clicked the "View duplicate questions" button and saw this I ...
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Can this paper be beneficial in dealing with duplicate questions?

I've come across this paper from about a month ago titled Detecting Duplicate Posts in Programming QA Communities via Latent Semantics and Association Rules. It features Stack Overflow as one of its ...
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Canonical question about parsing mathematical expressions for duplicate closure

Is there any canonical question about parsing mathematical expressions1 with the proper tools and methods, which can be used for duplicate closure? 1 A somewhat OK answer should be able to parse an ...
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Questions and Articles are occasionally duplicated into two identical posts created in the same instant

I've noticed a number of incidences where a user posts the same question twice. However, these posts are created within the same second so this isn't a situation where a user keeps posting the same ...
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Duplicate duplicate badge question question

I just came across this old, highly upvoted question on meta: Give an incentive for finding duplicate questions. In the interest of bumping that thread - almost 5 years to the day later - what do ...
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The "similar questions" list on a Deleted Duplicate Question's 404 page should include the possible duplicate(s) questions it was closed with

Take this deleted and previously closed as duplicate question: While users < 10k see a 404 ...
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Are users supposed to be able to delete targets of same-user duplicate closures?

Twice now, I've noticed that, after I've closed a question as a duplicate of another by the same user, the user has deleted the original question. This apparently has no effect on the closed question, ...
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Mouse hover on dupe hammer causes repeated open and close of popup

If a gold badge user closes a question as duplicate using their hammer after others have already voted to close it as a duplicate the banner moves slightly over the badge. If the mouse is then in the ...
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Two questions, duplicate, both 100k+ views, both 4+ years old

Here are the two questions: How to reset / remove chrome's input highlighting / focus border? How to remove border (outline) around text/input boxes? (Chrome) Which one should be closed, the ...
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Timeline: Duplicate of .. what?

When a question is closed as duplicate, then reopened and no edit was made to the question, we have no way to know who reopened the question and what was the duplicate target unless we do a trivial ...
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Are there (documented) rules for the behavior of closing duplicate questions or why does it (esp. with dupehammer) show inconsistent behavior?

I noted certain differences in the behavior when closing question for being a duplicate. I’m talking about using the gold badge for immediate closing and don’t know how much it also relates to the non-...
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If the author of a question agrees to a duplicate and casts a self-close vote, the question should be closed

I just asked a question How to detect third party login is 2fa enabled. It only took about five minutes before one person voted it as a duplicate. After checking the duplicate, I agree that this is ...
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Question Answered on a Different site in the Network

I came across a question that clearly should have been posted on the Database Administrators Stack Exchange. I would have voted to close this question, however it had a bounty which meant I was not ...
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Stack Overflow is writing comments in my name to myself

I posted a question at Force Google Sheet SPLIT to create strings, not numbers but later found out that it was already answered somewhere else. I then wanted to close my question and created a link ...
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How did this duplicate target question get deleted?

Here on Meta, I found this question (now reopened since I asked this), which is closed as duplicate of this (deleted) question. However, according to this Q&A on MSE, this is not supposed to ...
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Circular duplicates should not prevent vote to delete

Some !!FUN!! happened with a couple of questions, QA had 3 close votes as duplicated against QB, and QB was hammered as duplicated of QA (that's another bug). When both questions were finally closed, ...
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Duplicate reopened: keep the link to the near-duplicate

Currently, when a question is marked as duplicate, the comment "possible duplicate..." is removed and a banner containing the duplicate link is added to the question. However, now when the question ...
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Can we change the duplicate accepting message?

I just asked a question on meta and despite my effort to find an existing question, got a justified closing vote. But my question is: can we change the message on the message box? While my question ...
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Please fix incorrectly closed duplicates of "Reverse each individual word of Hello World string with Java"

The question Reverse each individual word of "Hello World" string with Java has been incorrectly used as a canonical for questions that ask about how to reverse an entire string. For ...
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Adding a threshold for closing/reopening duplicate question to limit "robo-reviewers"

We all know that there are a lot of users who blindly click on buttons inside the different queues in order to simply get higher stats and earn badges. We have some way to prevent this using audits ...
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Incorrect dupe hammer by Community

This question CSS image is not loading in HTML5 was closed as a duplicate of Is there a CSS parent selector? by Community. After reading Why does this question show as “marked as duplicate by ...
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Canonical Java answer for object reference assignment "why does x change when I mutate y after x = y"?

I have noticed a large number of Java questions that are really just variants of: "When I update b, a changes - please help." SomeObject a = new SomeObject("myObject"); SomeObject b = a; b....
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Is there a canonical duplicate for `How to play YouTube video in Android` questions?

A lot of questions are asked about "How to play YouTube videos in Android, and most of them are answered using the same link of a certain tutorial Is there a canonical duplicate for this problem? Or ...
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New user makes a second account and reposts question, with added details

A new user makes their first post, it is missing a few details and a commenter asks for those details. Shortly after that a new post is made by a different new user with the same question and code, ...
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Questions marked as duplicate in Reopen review queue need to show the question that was duplicated

I'm busy going through my Reopen review queue and I see most questions so far were closed as duplicates. I don't feel that I can make an informed decision on whether or not the question has been ...
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How can many duplicates of the same question be handled?

There was recently a bug/new feature on selenium, related to Chrome not distributing the drivers on the same URL, and selenium now automatically fetching the driver from the installed browser. This ...
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Preserve duplicate nomination comments in timeline

When a gold badge holder closes a question as a duplicate of another (called "hammering") any comments suggesting that the question may be a duplicate are automatically removed. This is sometimes ...
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Strange deletion warning trying to clean up old questions (that aren't mine)

Occasionally I encounter old questions that got popular, but which are actually pretty bad. One common case is that the question Needs More Focus due to really being two questions in one, each of ...
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Replace "Duplicate" with "Resolved Elsewhere" as a close reason

Spurred by the commented feedback under my answer to Question Close Reasons project - Introduction and Feedback, I'd like to see the term "Duplicate" retired. In its place, I'd like to see ...
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Possible contradiction in whether to delete a question (with answers) closed as a duplicate

Today, I asked a question ... after doing a search that yielded no relevant questions ... that was flagged as duplicate. It was very helpful to go to the duplicate post, but I ran into contradicting ...
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Let users vote to close again after automatically retracted close votes

Let users vote to close again after automatically retracted close votes X posts a question Q with some information. Later, X posts question Q'. (Q' is essentially the same as Q, but Q and Q' provide ...
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How can we handle the duplicate questions on C# JSON?

Context: The c# + json tags have a lot of "duplicate" questions and look-alikes. There are three types of questions: a. Duplicate of serialize/deserialize b. Duplicate of value as ...
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Should we discourage marking C and C++ questions as duplicates of each other and potential merges?

TL;DR In general I think it does not make sense to make C and C++ questions as duplicates of each other and obviously potentially merge them. I see this happening often enough that I thought it made ...
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Is there a good question to close as duplicate of double escape problem when working with RegExp constructor in JavaScript?

I'm looking for a good duplicate closure target for these questions: Regular expression in javascript Why do I have to add double backslash on javascript regex? Javascript + Regex = Nothing to repeat ...
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Cleaning up the top questions on "python 2 super" according to Google

The top Google hits on SO for python 2 super are a bad mix of the obsolete, irrelevant and non-generalizable, from Python 2.5.2 to 2.7.x, along with known duplicates (but for some reason the canonical ...
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Many duplicate "Github wants my password" questions. Can a moderator please merge them?

There are many identical "Why is github asking me for my password, even though I have setup my ssh-keys?" questions open right now. Jul 2011 Git push requires username and password Oct 2011 Answered ...
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How can we prevent "close/opening wars" between gold tag badge holders around possible duplicates with only-code-no-explanation answers?

I have seen many cases of questions closed as duplicate by a gold tag badge holder that later are reopened by other tag badge holders that have answered those questions with code-only-no-explanation-...
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Converting duplicate/off-topic votes after question publication from Staging Ground

As you can see in the history below, while reviewing a question from Staging Ground, I chose to "Vote as duplicate". Later on, someone else approved that question. Now it's posted and it's ...
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Is there a canonical question where asker doesn't know what a browser extension or userscript is, but is essentially asking how to make one?

I just came accross this: How to import javascript code into developer tools in browser? One time forever And tried looking for something to mark is as a duplicate of. I found this: How do I add a ...
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