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Questions tagged [duplicate-accounts]

Duplicate accounts are extra accounts for the same person, created either by accident or on purpose.

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I lost all my reputation and badges when I updated my password, so where do I get that fixed?

I went on vacation, came back to a dead laptop. When I got a new one I tried to log on to Stack Overflow and could not remember my password. So I requested a password reset. Got the email, changed the ...
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22 votes
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New user makes a second account and reposts question, with added details

A new user makes their first post, it is missing a few details and a commenter asks for those details. Shortly after that a new post is made by a different new user with the same question and code, ...
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What is the policy on users deleting closed questions and asking them again repeatedly?

I've encountered two users in the [three.js] tag who seem to be gaming the system to post duplicates of the same question. I've flagged this behavior with no resolution, so I'm not sure how to handle ...
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How should I deal with a user who repeatedly creates new accounts to ask poor questions? [duplicate]

I have an enormous issue with something that is going on in the tag I watch. It's been a few months now that a certain user creates new accounts continually to ask poor questions. As someone who ...
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How can I post a question after mistakenly posting and deleting it on another account?

I have two Stack Overflow accounts, my normal account (this one) and a work account. Yesterday, I posted a question accidentally using my work account instead of my normal one. I realized right after ...
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Virtually exact same question by different users. Should it be flagged?

Look at these two questions. Replacing all occurrences of an object in a Linked List in Java Replacing a node in a Linked List It appears that the same person created two different user accounts and ...
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Is the number of duplicate accounts on the uprise?

Something I'm seeing on an almost daily (at the very least weekly) basis now is a question which is either an exact duplicate, or very closely follow on question from one I have seen previously but ...
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What are the rules governing multiple accounts (i.e. sockpuppets)?

I noticed some users have a separate account (sock puppet) that operates as a chatbot. Are we allowed to have multiple accounts? What can we use those accounts for? What are the rules governing ...
33 votes
1 answer

Upvoting my other account's question by accident

I created another account purely for Stack Overflow whereas I use this one on Stack Exchange subdomains. I asked a question on my new account on Stack Overflow and then signed into this one. As there ...
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-20 votes
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How can SO detect that user has two accounts?

It seems that SO can detect user with two accounts by their IP. But are there any other ways to detect it?
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15 votes
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Should I create a separate account for non-technical SE sites?

Is it valid on Stack Exchange Network to create multiple accounts for different purposes? I have this account for technical purposes. Even though I am only mostly active on Stack Overflow, I am ...
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Can I set up a group account for my class? [duplicate]

I teach IT and Computing to (predominantly) 16-18 year olds, which includes some JavaScript and Python programming. Part of my job is preparing these learners for work in the IT industry. While I ...
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20 votes
1 answer

I have lost my account and am not getting replies from stack overflow

What can I do? I suddenly was logged out for some reason (I have been logged in for years and I don't remember my password). When I logged back in my reputation was 1. This is my account: https://...
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OpenID discontinuation, but inability to log on any other way

So today I remembered this post and decided to give it a try to see if I could log on with my email address as opposed to the OpenID provider I had connected to my account. Bad mistake. BTW: the ...
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2 answers

Enabling access to my account from work computer

I have two laptops: a personal one and a work one. From the personal one, I log in to my Stack Exchange account using my personal Google Account, which I don't want to use on my work laptop (e.g. ...
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Multiple Accounts [closed]

I read in the Help Center that accounts can be merged. I would like to know the following: Is account merging 100% fair game or is it frowned upon? Can you merge accounts more than once? How often? ...
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2 answers

Is it possible (or meaningful) to forbid someone to create a new account to get past a ban?

Recently this question has been on Meta: What is the appropriate way to report someone who created a new account to get around a ban? To me that particular issue there seems like a duplicate ...
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Duplicated profiles

When I try to create a story link with ID (yulioaj290) for my profile, appears an error saying that these ID has been taken, however, the link ( contains ...
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5 votes
1 answer

What happens if someone pretends to be a users' sock puppet?

On SO, creating sock puppets will get you suspended. But the question is, what if someone creates a fake account and acts like a decoy, e.g. he or she up-votes all of your Q&A, and it will appear ...
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Duplicate question and answer from user in same location

This post is exact duplicate of another post. Accepted answer is also copied and pasted from accepted answer on duplicate post. Both users are from same location with the aswerer being a new account....
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1 answer

The same person seems to be asking the same question twice with two different accounts [duplicate]

I've encountered something suspicious when doing triage review. I came across two questions with very similar titles, very similar code, both about the same programming language and asked by two users ...
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1 answer

Old CV no longer associated to my account [closed]

My cv '' is no longer associated with account. I want it to be delete so I can reuse my email & custom url on my new cv ''. ...
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46 votes
3 answers

User with 2 accounts editing own posts

While reviewing suggested edit queue I came across this question In this question user has asked a question which seems fine, but this question is edited and that editor has added much information. ...
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What should we do with information about duplicate user? [duplicate]

In chat I have seen a statement like I am "*****" with my friend account...stack overflow suspended me for vote my posts with another account...anyway **** is a username. Do we have to report ...
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Committing for documentation with 2 accounts [closed]

Having 2 accounts (one at work and one at home), I need to be careful with voting twice, flagging twice etc. I know I must not do anything I were not able to do with one account. Is it correct to ...
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2 votes
1 answer

How do I get an old account I no longer have access to deleted?

When I first discovered Stack Overflow, I signed up just to ask a question; I believe at the time it didn't require making an account, just had to enter my name. I found it because I Googled my name, ...
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Suspected Duplicate Account - what should I do? [duplicate]

I just found two very similar accounts and I think they propably belong to the same user. Take a look on this question: ANTLR4: Error message with complete offending source code line. The user ...
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Suspected voting fraud by duplicate user profiles

I just encountered a user who asked a question a few days ago and got a handful of answers. But today, suddenly they updated their question and removed the acceptance from the answer, which they'd ...
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Stack Overflow account reset/duplicate?

I usually use my Google account to log in to Stack Overflow, however when I logged in yesterday it said I had only 101 points (because I'm a member of multiple Stack Exchange sites), had no questions ...
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35 votes
1 answer

Suggested edit by same person different account

I recently came across this suggested edit which appears to be from the same user for separate accounts based on: similar user name ("Jhony" vs "Jhony Duenas") and profile picture, comment for the ...
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Is it prohibited to have multiple Stack Exchange accounts? [duplicate]

Note that, in addition to the questions raised here I am asking if there is a regulation that prohibits this behaviour It has come to my attention that some people are using multiple Stack Exchange ...
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Can two usernames be identical? [duplicate]

See the below image. It would seem that this is the same user.. but when you select one profile, it shows he asked that one question, and when you select another profile, it shows the other question. ...
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Possible spam ring, but trying to describe it is too long for the custom moderator textbox

I tried flagging a question and answer as needing moderator attention, but trying to describe the situation is simply too long for the textbox (over 200 characters too long), so I figured I would post ...
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3 votes
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Are duplicate accounts a problem? [duplicate]

These 2 question were posted today from different accounts. The first just now and the second a couple of hours ago: Telling “other” Tasks to pause in C# Firing off multiple Tasks asynchronously and ...
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Merging two accounts: may this be considered serial upvoting?

I have two accounts and perhaps they'll get merged in future. On my other account I have voted more than 1000 times and I can't really remember for which questions and answers. So it may happen that ...
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2 votes
0 answers

Lost access to my account, "No OpenID endpoint found"

This is my user profile: I had many important questions there, but I lost my username. My OpenID is, but it says "No ...
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18 votes
1 answer

Need guidance with addressing possible duplicate account issue [duplicate]

Within the last hour I was reading questions on SO, and came across a question posted by a user. While reading that question I attempted to post a comment and found that the question was deleted. ...
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On the use of multiple accounts to pre-emptively get around a question ban

There's this one guy I've seen around Stack Overflow the past week or two, posting the normal "I'm stuck on my homework, please help me" questions. However, he seems to be doing it in a fairly ...
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What should I do when I see a user with multiple accounts, and what action will be taken?

I found a two accounts which I think belong to the same user, and the whole situation does look somewhat suspect. What action should I take when I find such accounts? What actions will be taken by ...
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