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For questions about drafting posts on Stack Overflow, i.e. writing them but not submitting them. Stack Overflow will save those drafts (1 new question, and 1 answer per question at a time).

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Feature request: multiple "ask question" drafts [duplicate]

Currently, if you ask a question, the draft gets saved on the account. So, you can start drafting a question and then do research or other stuff and when you come back, the draft is saved, and you can ...
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Is there any way to "draft" questions on-site and show them to specific people, but not publicly?

I am the room owner for the Python canon discussion chat room, where I have been trying to sort out a variety of issues related to important canonical questions in the python tag. (I also use it to ...
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Preview Collective Articles

After writing the draft for an article in one of the Collectives, I noticed that there's no way to see how the article looks like before submitting it for review.
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Auto-save for Stack Overflow code-snippets (Stack Snippets)

I was editing a Stack Snippet and the page froze and I lost all my work (it was a lot). Could there be some kind of autosave when editing code snippets? (the ones with HTML, CSS, and JS that you can ...
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Where can I find my draft questions?

I just published a question on Stack Overflow. Just after that, I came across another problem. So I wrote another question. But I could not publish it because of the 90-min limit. So I waited for 90 ...
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Allow us to create question DRAFTS even if we are Q-banned or "Have a history of asking low quality questions"

But make sure to tell us that we can't post it, so we won't waste time. This "history of asking low quality questions" thing is to apparently "help" us put more time and effort into our questions. But ...
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Make the Question Draft suggestions (requirements) more direct

Recently I have been seeing many new questions abide by the first list item in Step 1: Draft your question, however those questions also fail horribly at the second two list items. While unfortunate, ...
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Can you draft a question before making it public?

Can you draft a question before making it public for everyone on Stack Overflow? A lot of times, when the question gets laid out in that format it helps you think, and avoid pushing out something ...
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Edits should have auto-saved drafts

It's very handy that draft question & answers are auto-saved but it's unfortunate that the same is not true for draft edits to questions & answers. I'm curious whether this was an intentional ...
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How can I find my saved draft answers?

I had a question I thought deserved a well written answer, but I realized part way through writing it, I didn't have the correct answer. I did some more research and I am ready to finish answering the ...
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Screen rotation discards comment drafts and creates a prompt for question drafts

I've been using the SO App for Android regularly since installing it a couple weeks ago, but I've noticed a few glitchy things. I'll stick with the one that's frustrated me the most: Turning my device ...
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Save drafts across devices

When I create a draft in a desktop browser I sometimes would like to continue to work on it in the iOS (or Android) app or vice versa. Please allow me to sync the draft(s) I made in one place over to ...
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How can I save and retrieve drafts of multiple unpublished posts? [duplicate]

I click "Ask" and make a draft of an unpublished post, and its draft is automatically saved, even if I close the web browser tab. The next time I click "Ask", I will get back the draft of the post. ...
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Question drafts

I was working with a colleague on a particularly difficult problem one morning. I realized it would be a decent question for Stack Overflow and began formulating the question on the Android app over ...
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Why do I see my previous question when I click on Ask question? [duplicate]

I asked a question 2 days ago which got an answer. Today I wanted to ask another question so I clicked on the "Ask question" button but I was surprised when I got this screen. You can see my old ...
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Should I Reject Invalid State Drafts? [closed]

In the documentation review queue, I just got up to the following proposed change with an invalid state error: I saw the following ...
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Documentation: Examples disappeared [closed]

Two days ago I made some examples in the Mixin-topic of the ruby language. But today I don't find them any more. For one of them I noted the URL:
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Destroyed users break draft pages [closed]

I just destroyed the user who made this draft, and now the page 500's. I could maybe understand deleting a user's pending drafts, but then the page should return a 404. The 500 error seems to ...
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Can't open any draft, always return 500 error [closed]

If I try to edit/improve anything, the console gets filled up with 500. From there on, I can't either submit the draft or discard it, nor I can navigate back to the topic as I get an "Oops! Something ...
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Require more than one reviewer when reviewing documentation changes [closed]

Example, this draft. The edit introduced plainly incorrect information. The edit was rejected by one user, with a clear reason: Contains factually incorrect information. I might be mistaken, but ...
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1 answer

Confirmation for deleting draft documentation Example [closed]

Currently, while editing a Topic, one can click on "Delete" button for an added draft Example and it is nuked without any confirmation or chance to undo, potentially ruining a lot of work due to a ...
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Allow linking to draft documentation Examples [closed]

While writing a new Topic for documentation, I'm making several Examples. Feature foo Method bar You can use for such and such. Method baz You can use foo.baz for ...
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33 votes
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Provide a button to explicitly save unpublished question

I was wondering if it is possible/good to provide a button on the asking page next to the "Post Your Question" or "discard" buttons, to allow a user to save the current content without publishing it. ...
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Registering accounts on new sites through android app

I have a few feature requests for the app. I tried to "favorite" a post on a site I'm not a user of and I got this error message: The account associated with the access_token does not have a user ...
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Alternative way to clean or discard a question draft?

When asking a new question, I have pasted a huge block of code mistakenly. Now, when I open, I cannot clean the question body, because the page never ends loading. That ...
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Preparing more than one question simultaneosly [duplicate]

Currently, SO supports and stores only a single current question. If I try to prepare another question, I get the other question's saved state instead. So I suggest that it is possible to prepare ...
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How long are unposted questions stored?

How long is an unasked question stored? By unasked, I mean it was written, there's a preview, but that the "post your question" button was never clicked.
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How can I draft multiple posts?

I need to keep drafts of multiple questions before posting them on Stack Overflow, so I can post them or discard them accordingly later after doing the required additions/corrections and research. ...
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