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This tag is for questions specific to downvotes, the community's way of telling peers that their content can be improved. Downvotes on the Meta site have different meanings to on the main site.

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Display a message to the OP the first time they receive a downvote

Here's the feature request: When a new user receives a downvote on a question they asked for the first time, the system should display a message, only visible to that user, similar to the existing ...
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Summary of downvoted answers which have changed and are not deleted

We have a -1 penalty for downvoting answers. From this answer: Consider it an investment into the quality of the site. By downvoting things, you help send a signal that the material isn't up to ...
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Notification on reopening downvoted question

Very often I downvote bad question that later on gets closed. Since, it is site policy that bad question should be edited and improved rather than deleted, it would be nice to receive notification ...
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Voting tooltip changes meaning of downvote

In the new voting tooltips, a crucial reason for downvoting was left out: This question does not show any research effort I suspect the UI designer(s) removed the bit out to save space, not ...
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Revenge downvotes, not invalidated after two accepted flags

Last Wednesday, I left a comment on this question. Then the OP (who thought I was the one who had downvoted&voted for close) revenge downvoted three of my answers/questions and left a non-...
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Got a +1 notice when undownvoting post despite not having earned reputation

Steps to reproduce (all on the same day): Downvote an answer. Be nice to everyone, get upvotes, and hit the rep cap. Remove the downvote on that answer The vote is removed from my reputation history,...
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Unable to reverse downvote after answer undeleted

I noticed something rather strange just now, specifically with this answer. Originally, the answerer (which doesn't show in the edit history, as it happened rather quickly after posting) had misread ...
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What is the recommended way of dealing with old (then on-topic) question with a bounty?

I posted a question about MD5 hash collision back in 2014. As far as I know questions about algorithms are on-topic on Stack Overflow, and the cryptography tag did not have the warning "...
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Are there other cases where users were incorrectly blamed not to have done an edit to an answer?

I'm unhappy with following situation: This question from 2010 about Python has a good answer from June 2013 implicitly using Python 2. On October 2013 in a comment it was mentioned what to do when ...
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Why didn't I get back my reputation after I deleted my downvoted answer?

Yesterday I deleted an answer with 2 downvotes, but it seems that I didn't get back my last reputation. I started with a score of 346 and now I have 341, after I got some down votes, but I removed the ...
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How can I tell which serial voting episode a reversal is connected to?

A few days ago I had four posts serial-downvoted, which I suspect was a retaliatory action for some of my editing. I flagged it for a mod, who replied to say they agreed it looked like a serial voting,...
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Serial downvoting under the radar?

I have a whopping six (6) questions on Stack Overflow. For a long time, nobody seemed to look at them at all, but now over the last week, five of them have received a downvote. I flagged one of them ...
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Downvoting some other answer because one answer was downvoted

I answered a question recently Replace occurrences of NSString with ' to \'. In the comments of the accepted answer one guy is saying that he downvoted the accepted answer only because another answer ...
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Add datetime type information to a post that I voted on

Would it be possible to have somewhere the information on when we upvoted or downvoted a post (in case of post was edited by OP or someone else)? For example, see the tooltip below. It's a feature I'...
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Of questions/answers I've downvoted, how many have been deleted?

I would like to know how efficient my downvotes are on Stack Overflow. Is it possible to calculate a ratio (nbDownvotes / nbDeletedDownvotes)?
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What's the right approach when identical questions are getting opposite treatment?

I came across these two questions right next to each other in the New Questions list. The titles are nearly identical, the bodies discuss the same problem. iTunes Connect submit for review - Your app ...
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What do I do when someone downvotes a detailed question without explanation?

I recently asked a question (here), and have not received any answers. I have put a lot of effort into providing all the detail that I can. However, it just received a downvote. How can I ask WHY so ...
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What are the criteria for low-quality automatic answer bans on meta sites?

Related: Does the same mechanism for an automatic question ban apply on MSO? Is negative rep on Meta taken into Consideration for a Question ban Downvotes on Meta are confusing: do they *really* ...
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Can 'bad questions' still be considered helpful for future research?

Today I've come over this question (as found at 1st edit stage): My first reaction was to down and close vote the question, and leaving some comments along (which I'm afraid just tracked a number of ...
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Downvoting when the answers are relevant, but have links to a product I help develop

I am looking at What is too much self-promotion, and where do we draw the line? and Limits for self-promotion in answers as guidance here. A couple of colleagues and I wrote a few of the answers that ...
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What are the critera that exclude those question from search?

I was looking at the top downvoted question using the voted tab and going to the last result. But the result didn't match what I was expecting, only the one with status ok was in the result. Status ...
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In need of help regarding a down-voted accepted answer

Before I ask my question, I would just like to say that I know that similar questions have been asked here before, but none of them can give me an answer regarding my specific situation. I answered ...
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question about standards/conventions: occasional observation adequate for an answer?

I would like some guidance regarding a heated comments exchange over an answer I downvoted on SO. original question about file naming: Are there any standard or guide to follow to know when to use [...
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How can I improve the quality of my answer?

I recently answered this. The question the poster asked was : How do I use HTML to make [a bulleted text] another color for certain web pages? Reading the question made it pretty obvious that the ...
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Voted down question can't recover

Question: Why are extension methods used extensively in LINQ, despite the framework's guidelines? When originally asking this question I mis-quoted the source and it was down voted accordingly, ...
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Heavily downvoted questions disappearing from "Active" list

I just noticed that a heavily downvoted question on here disappeared from Meta's "Active" list. One moment it was there, and after refreshing the page, it was gone. The question isn't deleted as of ...
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Review audit flaw for updated answer!

This is the message you got when SE says that you fail the audit This was an audit, designed to see if you were paying attention. You didn't pass. I have carefully looked the answer and I found ...
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"Today" Score off by 2 due to rep cap and un-downvote afterwards

I have gotten a curious situation where I have earned more reputation than for "max.20 upvotes + 4 accepts": The entire sum of the reputation checks out, it actually sums up to 262.
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Does double-down vote remove a potential audit question?

I recently learned to undo an upvote or downvote requires another upvote or downvote. Doh... If I want to remove a potential audit question from the pool, will a double downvote accomplish it? I'm a ...
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Should I undo a downvote when the answer is gradually edited to a duplicate?

Now and then I decide to downvote an answer because I feel it's wrong beyond redemption, and comment on the reason for the downvote. Instead of removing the answer, the answerer prefers to edit it, ...
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Handling all but one answer to a question being downvoted at the same time

Earlier today I posted a simple answer to: SQL query to retrieve records that fall outside of a time range defined between two datetime fields As soon as I did so about three or four other answers ...
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How can I deal with questions in which the user asks something unknown?

Today I asked this question: Generate a random number that guarantees a mean different from the average It clearly seems that I didn't know how randomness worked as someone stated in one comment. At ...
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My post keeps getting downvoted for no obvious reason

I am not very active on my Stack Overflow account and recently asked a question: Mix multiple audios into one with ffmpeg The question got downvoted to -5, without getting any feedback or answers. In ...
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Downvoting questions for vengeance

This is to try to improve the Stack Overflow's system of detecting fraudulent upvotes/downvotes. In my case, everytime I have a discussion with someone, or someone gets a downvote from me, I notice ...
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