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Don't use this tag to beg for explanation of downvotes. Instead ask for how to improve your post. Use this tag for questions about reasons for downvoting in general (like poor quality).

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Downvotes on my valid answers

Recently I am getting downvotes on my valid answers without any comment. I am not new to Stack Overflow, and I know that sometimes we get downvotes for no reason, but the past few days it is ...
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Why do I get downvotes on this question? [duplicate]

I don't care whether I am upvoted or downvoted as long as it is justified. But now I'm annoyed because a question was downvoted. Perhaps because a question is "too stupid" for someone or it ...
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Is there a way to understand downvoting? [duplicate]

Is there a way to understand downvoting? I have a question opened about a year ago. This question (for some reason that I don't really understand) got downvote a few minutes ago. To tell the truth ...
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Why do people downvote my questions instead of asking to improve them? [closed]

I wrote this question some minutes ago where I was looking for help and got five downvotes after less than 10 minutes. It's also inspired on an old and no more effective question which instead got 1. ...
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Downvoting question that isn’t closed [duplicate]

I posted this question. It wasn’t closed and it got a great answer in response. However, it was downvoted. I generally prefer a good reception to my questions. I read the main reason to downvote on ...
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Isn't there a necessity for categorizing questions and answers? [duplicate]

I am raising this topic because my answers (which I have worked on my best to answer and help the OPs) are constantly being downvoted. A small comment telling the defect would help me understand the ...
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-30 votes
2 answers

Downvoting my correct answer - Who or Why? [duplicate]

My answer is correct (completely confident about that) and I am the first one to answer. Even then someone downvoted my answer. Someone added a comment below my answer that is exactly the summary of ...
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Letting receivers of downvotes ask why they got it [duplicate]

Yes, I have got downvotes on quite a few of my posts, and rightfully so, they were just bad. And yes they did teach me how to ask and stop being lazy and soon i started frequenting that page a lot, ...
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How can moderators help if even they cannot see who placed the votes?

I have the feeling someone was deliberately downvoting me and started research about what to do. After reading: What to do when someone deliberately down-votes many of the questions which I have ...
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It's way past time to end downvoting OP questions! [duplicate]

Voting on answers to questions makes sense. Users can collectively decide the best answer to the OP's question, even if it's not the chosen one. Voting on questions, however, is vague and fraught with ...
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Why are downvoted questions closed without giving the author the chance to respond to voters?

My question has been closed and downvoted just because the sense of my question was not understood. Now I do not have the possibility to explain what I meant and I do not have the possibility to tag ...
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Delay display of down votes that don't offer a suggestion [duplicate]

Down votes that don't offer a suggestion make the user experience more "Negative". I suggest delaying the display of such votes ( Or just barring them ). This also fits well with SOs overall quality ...
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Why always the beginners? [duplicate]

In the last few days I asked myself: Why are there always those people who does downvote a question of beginners or, in the worst case, they close it? Remember your beginning? You tried everything ...
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