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Don't use this tag to beg for explanation of downvotes. Instead ask for how to improve your post. Use this tag for questions about reasons for downvoting in general (like poor quality).

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Apparently awful question — how do I improve it?

I asked this question, which has received 6 down-votes so far, and (frustratingly), nothing indicating what might be wrong with it as a question. Six downvotes is more than just one guy having a bad ...
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Is there a way to understand downvoting? [duplicate]

Is there a way to understand downvoting? I have a question opened about a year ago. This question (for some reason that I don't really understand) got downvote a few minutes ago. To tell the truth ...
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Please critique my question

Since joining SO, I've had a difficult time figuring out how to ask good questions (Yes, I've read the "How to Ask Good Questions" Article). I want to ask good questions so I can contribute to the ...
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1 answer

Downvote because he did not understand the question like me

I tried to answer this question It was not very clear but I thought that I understood the question and then post an answer Someone else gave a similar answer few minutes later Both of us got a ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Understanding Downvotes on SO

I asked a question initially ( on SO on use of special characters in markdown tables (general ...
8 votes
3 answers

How should this poorly received question be improved?

This question of mine currently has a score of -1. It has been answered and helpfully commented on, so I don't need any more input on the subject at hand. Instead, I just want to know how I can ...
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28 votes
3 answers

Is a question about why a question is downvoted legitimate in meta?

Can one ever legitimately ask why a question is downvoted/put on hold/closed here? I've tried to ignore the occasional downvotes and question closures I get (not very many, thankfully), but it's been ...
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4 votes
0 answers

Why does the downvote privilege page contradict the tooltip?

It was brought to my attention earlier today due to an answer being posted (in which the question was a typographical error) that the downvote privilege page almost contradicted the tooltip shown for ...
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36 votes
2 answers

What is wrong with my question about retrieving a Word document's creation time?

I posted a question today, which gained five downvotes in 20 minutes. So it looks like my ...
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26 votes
3 answers

Downvote duplicate question? [duplicate]

If a duplicate question with hundreds of duplicates here on Stack Overflow as well as Google all over is asked again, should the question be downvoted? Or just commented (I am not yet allowed to mark ...
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22 votes
1 answer

Viewing comments to downvotes in Documentation Examples [closed]

Today I downvoted an example in Documentation. A popup asked me to choose why and I commented on it But can anyone see this and if so where? If not, this feature is not very useful.
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-8 votes
1 answer

What to do when there is no explanation about downvotes?

I just answered a question with this answer. First, it got accepted and was ok. Then however, quickly after that I got multiple downvotes, 1 at the beginning (probably because I was a little sloppy ...
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-23 votes
2 answers

Should one downvote a question marked as duplicate? [duplicate]

I had asked a question which was promptly marked as duplicate as it had been asked and answered earlier. I thanked the one who directed me to the answer because I had genuinely asked this question. ...
-23 votes
1 answer

Is there a way to get the downvotes removed [duplicate]

I was looking through some questions I asked and some of the questions are getting downvoted for no real reason. For example, I was asking about Java's timing methods and it got downvoted for no ...
-13 votes
1 answer

When to downvote/upvote? [duplicate]

Say I see a question with -10 votes, and although I don't really like this question, I think it's not that bad to receive (at least) 10 downvotes. IMHO, that question should receive a vote of -1 or -2....
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1 answer

Does a user in review mode lose out on reputation if the user does not comment [duplicate]

Does a user in review mode downvote a post without commenting do lose out on reputation gained ? I lost due to downvoting on this particular answer . Take a look Answer Link
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-34 votes
1 answer

How can moderators help if even they cannot see who placed the votes?

I have the feeling someone was deliberately downvoting me and started research about what to do. After reading: What to do when someone deliberately down-votes many of the questions which I have ...
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-30 votes
2 answers

Downvoting my correct answer - Who or Why? [duplicate]

My answer is correct (completely confident about that) and I am the first one to answer. Even then someone downvoted my answer. Someone added a comment below my answer that is exactly the summary of ...
3 votes
0 answers

What to do when someone deliberately down-votes many of the questions which I have asked? [duplicate]

Someone deliberately downvoted the questions which I have asked in the nearby past. The reason is that I downvoted him on one of my thread in I came to know because I ...
0 votes
4 answers

Why do people downvote my answers on my own questions? [duplicate]

I asked Can't write to 64-bit registry using .NET C#, and then I found the answer on my own, so I posted it. I got -2 on my question (though I showed them first one approach I tried to solve my ...
39 votes
1 answer

Why is this question heavily downvoted but not closed?

I was just curious to know why this question would receive bundles of downvotes. But the most amazing thing is, why is this question not closed currently? Are downvotes independent of close votes?
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54 votes
3 answers

Why is this question receiving so many downvotes?

I asked a question on Stack Overflow just a while ago, and it is getting a bunch of downvotes. I just don't understand why though, and I would like to get to the bottom of it, so I don't make the ...
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-14 votes
2 answers

Why are so many downvotes without thinking? [duplicate]

I might seem new here, but in reality just didn't made it to sign up in the last six years. But now I did and found that a lot of people downvotes questions and/or answers for no apparent reason. ...
-18 votes
2 answers

Attracted an "always downvoter" [closed]

I think I've attracted someone who always downvotes all of my questions, often just minutes after I post them. I think because of the almost initial/instant -1 on my question, I might get fewer ...
-18 votes
1 answer

This question of mine was downvoted, but I read rules and think it fits them [duplicate]

EDIT: I'm not complaining for it, I'm politely asking if it fits rules or not, please just comment without touching that downvote button... EDIT 2: My question is different that the previous one, ...
-29 votes
1 answer

Why do people downvote my questions instead of asking to improve them? [closed]

I wrote this question some minutes ago where I was looking for help and got five downvotes after less than 10 minutes. It's also inspired on an old and no more effective question which instead got 1. ...
63 votes
3 answers

Should I have handled this situation better?

I downvoted this post and flagged it as not an answer because it was merely commentary on the OP's original post. As I've come to expect from lower reputation users, there was a fury of backlash as ...
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-11 votes
1 answer

Why was my question downvoted without comments? (As in specific case, not in general) [duplicate]

I've asked a question about tables and HTML. I did some research before asking, but did not found solutions good enough (eg. nothing about built-in methods, solutions requiring overcomplicated code, ...
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1 answer

Could / should any action be taken against repetitive downvotes? [duplicate]

Recently I received a downvote on a number of my questions in a single minute. It's hard to assume that those came from different users, especially given that those questions are not recent at all. ...
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1 vote
2 answers

How to answer a question that asks to verify the correctness of the code?

Reference: An answer is an answer. Even if one line is enough. I answered this question today. The "TL;DR" version of the question was I don't see any issue. Do you? The "TL;DR" version of my ...
2 votes
1 answer

How to ask people to reconsider their votes?

I recently asked a fairly decent question, but at first (original, no edit), I structured it a bit incorrectly. (I had written Java and pass-by-value/reference in the same sentence, and I had only ...
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42 votes
4 answers

Help a fella understand a downvote

I promise I'm not trying to whine here - I'm asking for genuine feedback to improve. I posted this question yesterday. It so happens I found the answer on my own soon after - I find it's not uncommon ...
4 votes
0 answers

Strange downvote behaviour [duplicate]

This morning I opened my account on stackoverflow and I saw that 39 of my last answers have been suddenly downvoted. All one after the other, without any comment, without any explanation. All the ...
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-24 votes
2 answers

Make downvotes free when downvoter leaves a comment? [duplicate]

I posted a question, and it got downvoted within seconds with no comment. Was my question a terrible one or violating the FAQ? I didn't think so when I asked it, and I only asked it after an honest ...
  • 6,103
-24 votes
1 answer

Why does someone downvote my question in less than five seconds? [duplicate]

Sometimes when I ask a question, as soon as I press Post Your Question, someone downvotes my question in less than five seconds. Why? Please just read the question first, then after 10 seconds I will ...
-6 votes
3 answers

Stack Overflow Q & A format [closed]

I am new to Stack Overflow, and I would like to understand something that I think I have missed. Recently I have answered this question. It was down-voted and I don't understand why. The question ...
70 votes
7 answers

Has Stack Overflow gotten more strict on what counts as 'off-topic'? [duplicate]

I've noticed this trend over the years. When I was younger my questions would be welcome nearly every time. Now I'm getting downvoted on almost everything I ask. Perhaps it's because of all the new ...
  • 5,189
2 votes
1 answer

Undo downvote without the need to edit downvoted answer [duplicate]

Context: user B downvotes user A's answer and leaves a comment saying that the answer does not address the question; user A explains how the answer does indeed address the question; user B agrees but ...
-3 votes
4 answers

What happens to the downvoted answer?

Today I experienced this highly downvoted answer. What happens (rather, should happen) to the answer? The first thought: Should be deleted immediately, it's very low quality. :-) I don't have any ...
4 votes
0 answers

Should I downvote code-only answers? (How should I handle them) [duplicate]

First here's the question my question is about. The first answer was first a code-only answer. I saw the answer and gave it a down-vote, followed by an explanation, that it doesn't make sense to show ...
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-9 votes
1 answer

Why was I down-voted for this question? [duplicate]

I asked this question: And received multiple down-votes. Perhaps it was a bit too simple, but isn't that ...
243 votes
13 answers

Am I still supposed to explain my downvotes or not?

Over in Should we discourage leading +/-1 on comments?, Shog9 introduced a comment filter that prevented us from posting comments starting with -1. Okay, fine. But what are we supposed to post instead?...
  • 139k
11 votes
5 answers

How to avoid "question burial"

I am still not great at asking questions, I am still learning. Every now and then I ask a bad question, it gets one downvote and then the views stop. I call this the "downvote of death", while others ...
-19 votes
1 answer

Aggressive downvoting [duplicate]

Over the past few months, I've noticed Stack Overflow users have been down-voting very aggressively. Every time I see the feeds, there are questions that beginners (new users) or intermediate ...
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5 votes
0 answers

What do I do when someone downvotes a detailed question without explanation?

I recently asked a question (here), and have not received any answers. I have put a lot of effort into providing all the detail that I can. However, it just received a downvote. How can I ask WHY so ...
  • 5,525
-14 votes
1 answer

What is wrong with this question, and how to eliminate improper down-voting? [duplicate]

Just recently a question of mine was down-voted. I posted this quite a long time ago. I feel that it was a valid question. I presented a problem and asked a specific question. I did research ...
  • 12.2k
-19 votes
2 answers

Downvoting people, not questions [duplicate]

It is becoming more and more apparent that a couple of people are regularly downvoting answers without explanation. I answer questions on jmeter, which does not get much activity. None of the ...
  • 1,422
6 votes
1 answer

Downvoting all other answers to have your favorite one rise up

I believe downvoting is a personal preference and it should be used as one prefers. Anyway I'm not sure if it's the intended usage for downvotes if, in the situation where a user has a personal ...
  • 42.7k
2 votes
1 answer

Downvotes not being backed up or explained [duplicate]

I recently received a question ban, I am not trying to dispute this, the system works and I fully agree it has to be in place. However a recent question (Breaking if __name__ when a condition is not ...
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-8 votes
2 answers

Can you explain why my question was downvoted? [duplicate]

I do not really understand why was my question downvoted. Can someone explain it to me, please? (Question)
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