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Don't use this tag to beg for explanation of downvotes. Instead ask for how to improve your post. Use this tag for questions about reasons for downvoting in general (like poor quality).

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How can I improve this downvoted question?

I'm working to make my questions better and with my latest I have made sure I conformed to the whole outline. I think my question is good, but for some reason I still received downvotes. I'm not sure ...
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Please critique my question

Since joining SO, I've had a difficult time figuring out how to ask good questions (Yes, I've read the "How to Ask Good Questions" Article). I want to ask good questions so I can contribute to the ...
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Can't delete the question. Can't fix the question. What are my options here?

I posted this question recently which attracted two answers, and also two downvotes. The downvoters (as seems to be customary) made no comments on their reasons. So presumably whatever made it a bad ...
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How can I improve my question to get a detailed answer?

I have asked a question on SO (How can I enforce a mouse cursor refresh?) and I'm asking myself: Why do people downvote this question and what I could do to improve it. I think that I got the point ...
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What do I do when someone downvotes a detailed question without explanation?

I recently asked a question (here), and have not received any answers. I have put a lot of effort into providing all the detail that I can. However, it just received a downvote. How can I ask WHY so ...
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Why does the downvote privilege page contradict the tooltip?

It was brought to my attention earlier today due to an answer being posted (in which the question was a typographical error) that the downvote privilege page almost contradicted the tooltip shown for ...
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