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Use this tag for questions about the now phased out Stack Overflow Documentation feature. For posts relating to help pages (documentation for the site itself), use [help-center] instead.

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Modifying two examples on the same page thinks I'm modifying one [closed]

I edited one example on this page, removing some unneeded sections. when I was done the page helpfully told me only I could see it until it was approved. I then went to edit an other example on ...
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Comments not visible on Documentation Proposed Changes page [closed]

When I first loaded I did not see any comments on the syntax section. After leaving a comment I now see there was another comment 58 mins ...
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Documentation: Support for lack of 1:1 correspondence of SO tags to Docs.SO tags [closed]

Many times, we create tags in SO for different versions of a language/library/etc. This is fine for SO, since we use tags for categorization and finding the right audience for a question. But in Docs....
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Why aren't Stack Snippets available in the documentation beta? [closed]

Standard code highlighting works as it has for ages in the Documentation beta, but the Stack Snippets function doesn't exist there. Why not? For HTML, JavaScript (and the millions of related JS ...
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Should C topics be kept to a single function? [closed]

The C documentation has good quality topics but most are centred around just that, topics (e.g. string manipulation). Looking at the sections a topic has - remarks, syntax, parameters, etc - it seems ...
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(How) should I point out a bad practice in Documentation? [closed]

Suppose there's an example for a language feature that is bad practice to use. I'd like to make a comment about this so future learners aren't led on the wrong path as so many have been before them. ...
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Text alignment in all topics on documentation is broken on Firefox [closed]

The title 17 Topics is messing up the alignment of the first example. This is how it is supposed to look, using Chrome:
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Documentation on Documentation Beta [closed]

Is there a help section on the Documentation beta? The first topic I'm interested in is what kinds of content should be avoided or outright not allowed. I can see the temptation for users, either or ...
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Documentation reputation doesn't seem to be disabled [closed]

A few hours ago I got the Documentation Preview Now On Stack Overflow email. It said that: While we’re getting our ducks in a row for the public beta, a few things are disabled: [...] ...
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Where did the documentation beta go? [closed]

Since today, the documentation beta URL redirects back to the Stack Overflow main page. It seems to be gone from my community list too. It doesn't seem to be integrated within Stack Overflow itself ...
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Got Documentation Beta invite, can't sign up [closed]

A few days ago, I received my invitation mail for the Documentation beta. It says the first step to sign up is "Create an account on the docs-beta site", with a link to http://docs-beta.stackexchange....
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Documentation beta content [closed]

Hey I just got my documentation invite. First of all, I want to thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback. Me and another user are the only gold badge owners in the promise badge in ...
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How can I register to the private beta of Documentation? [closed]

I searched/read many posts regarding the Documentation. I found out that is still on private beta. Does anyone knows how can I join the private beta of Documentation?
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Update on when Documentation is launching [closed]

According to Adam Lear, it was initially planned to launch in end of March or early April. However, it is already mid-April. Source: Chat Current plan is to "end of March/early April" Also,...
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Bugs in Stack OverFlow Privileges Page [closed]

UPDATE: It's now fixed! There's 2 bugs in the Next Privilege progress bar. Documentation is not available yet, but it's displayed in the Next Privilege bar. It is also displayed as a link below My ...
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The Documentation - Integration with the Q&A [closed]

We all know about the "Documentation" project that is being launched soon. I wanted to suggest a few ideas. Reference in Q&A answers. What if we could have an awesome integration with the ...
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Documentation: The Update-en-ing [closed]

Six-to-eight weeks Several months ago we proposed an expansion to Stack Overflow: Documentation. People have been asking for an update for a while, and we’re finally ready to give one. The beta has ...
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2 answers

When will everyone who signed up for Documentation Beta get an invite? [closed]

When will all users who requested for an invite to Documentation be selected for the beta? Everyone who signed up was supposed to get into the beta as stated: Comment 1 @ivarni the beta is underway, ...
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Able to access Documentation Beta in Stack Exchange App [closed]

Currently, the Documentation Beta is in private beta. Thus, users who do not have an invite will not be able to view contents in Documentation, including the Users list and Questions at http://docs-...
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When is Documentation coming out of private beta? [duplicate]

When will Documentation be ready for us to see, use, and edit? I tried signing up for the private beta a few days ago at the link here, but I never got anything in my email or on my Stack Overflow ...
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More hierarchical structure needed for documentation topics [closed]

I originally posted this in the documentation beta, but it got no response and almost no views there. I'm not sure if it's because few people are monitoring the documentation beta or because the topic ...
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Making us better programmers "In depth" [closed]

Reading through this amazing answer to "Logging best practices" I am struck (again) by the value of this kind of long-form answer. Value to me, as a programmer. This is the kind of big picture view ...
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Stack Overflow - Serving Programmers Even Better [closed]

In 2008, we set out to solve a problem that plagued every programmer in the world: the lack of an information resource that was free, vetted and maintained by programmers, where the best information ...
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Will Stack Overflow moderators also moderate Documentation? [closed]

With the upcoming documentation expansion, it has been hinted at that the two services will be more integrated than separate Stack Exchange sites. For example, the announcement mentions that ...
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Providing "Art of debugging code" documentation via StackDoc [closed]

I would like to know if DocumentationTM will include the possibility to write some sort of reference documentation on how to debug applications in a specific language. At the moment, I see a good ...
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Warlords of Documentation: How do we unregister? [closed]

There is an obvious link and series of steps for registering. However I can't seem to track down any means of unregistering.
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Naming the Documentation Feature [closed]

In "Warlords of Documentation: Your Quest(ions Answered)", Kevin Montrose mentioned: Is Documentation the right name? This is a tricky one, as there seems to be a fair amount of variance in ...
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Warlords of Documentation: Your Quest(ions Answered) [closed]

A couple of weeks ago we came to meta with a proposed expansion of Stack Overflow: Documentation. The response has been very encouraging: 2,400+ upvotes and even more signups for the beta. You guys ...
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Warlords of Documentation: A Proposed Expansion of Stack Overflow

It’s been 7 years and 10,000,000+ Questions since Stack Overflow was launched. The amount of good that has been done for the field - all the developers helped, all the person-hours saved, all the ...

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