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For questions about the post editor used in Documentation, that is at the bottom of the screen.

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Don't show escaped pipe symbols in Parameters [closed]

According to the answer from Jon Ercison on System doesn't let me submit my submission for Parameters you have to escape any | symbols with a \ to prevent breaking the required two column table ...
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Documentation freezing when editing [closed]

When editing a topic in SO documentation, my browser started freezing at more or less regular intervals: I am sure it comes from SO documentation because I do not have any browser extensions and as ...
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Why is Documentation not ordered in any discernible way? [closed]

I was thinking about the order of the documentation page. For example when I open Java Documentation it should show the first topic as Introduction then Hello World Program and so on. Why is it not ...
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What actually changed in this proposed change? [closed]

I came across this request: When you expand out the side-by-side markdown, all lines are identical. What actually ...
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Syntax must be formatted as a list of one-liners [closed]

I'm trying to add the syntax for git pull documentation But I can't submit to review because I'm getting this error: I'm pretty sure I have it formatted correctly: I also tried multiple list items, ...
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Documentation - Can't edit many sections of draft [closed]

Issue with documentation editor for drafts. When I click on "pencil" icon near the Introduction section (or Introduction in draft's summary panel), it doesn't seem to work. The same thing is ...
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Version selection buttons are unclear [closed]

When adding documentation, the editor has a set of buttons that correspond to the version(s) that the feature exists in. As they stand, the buttons don't clearly show whether or not they're activated. ...
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Discarding not accounted for in draft creation limit [closed]

I've attempted to do an edit, but was greeted with: You've already created the maximum of 50 example drafts today. Please come back tomorrow to continue creating examples. I've only submitted 3 ...
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Edit of Remarks rejected due to proposed changed on an example [duplicate]

I edited the Remarks section of the C++ string topic on SO: This was Rejected due to a conflict with another proposed ...
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Documentation peer review [closed]

When an edit on Q/A enters the peer review phase it's possible for the editor to see how the review process is going, is there something similar for Documentation peer review? Right now I can only ...
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Overlapping error messages [closed]

This's a minor design problem -- the error messages break through the editor view:
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How to add Syntax and/or Parameters to an already created topic in Documentation? [closed]

I have explored the new Documentation and found a topic with a few nice examples. However, I felt that some examples needed some more explanation about syntax and stuff then I went to add info to ...
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