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Questions tagged [dmca-notice]

For questions related to DMCA notices and takedowns of Stack Overflow content.

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19 votes
0 answers

DMCA deleted question still reviewable and displays original content

I was reviewing in the First Questions queue and I was given the question Java String Questions to review, which can't be viewed now. Whatever the reasons that made this question be deleted due to a ...
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1 answer

DMCA take-downs ignored

I have sent a DMCA take-down to SO and followed it up with an email, but got no response after three weeks. Is there a better way to contact SO than the legal email address for DMCA notices?
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27 votes
2 answers

Responding to DMCA takedowns

Currently the github repo is unavailable due to a DMCA takedown notice. The copyright claim is for code posted as an answer on Stack Overflow Even ignoring ...
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25 votes
1 answer

Should I be able to see deleted questions I've answered? Or an 'undelete answer' option when I don't have 20k reputation?

A couple of days ago, I was greeted on Stack Overflow with an indication that my reputation had just gone down by 25 points. I discovered that it was because a question that I had answered (accepted + ...
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26 votes
1 answer

Post deleted due to DMCA notice

The question How to initialize a std::array with a size derived from an input argument to a function? was deleted (but 10k users can see it) 3 hours ago by an employee with a comment: Post removed ...
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13 votes
1 answer

Has the policy on ongoing competition or job interview questions changed?

I just noticed that this upvoted question and my accepted answer to it have been deleted by a diamond ♦ moderator/SO employee. It may not have been a particularly good question, but the asker ...
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7 votes
1 answer

Question deleted due to DMCA notice

A question I've answered was deleted due to DMCA notice. From my original post on meta I've figured out TestDome claims the question infringes their copyright. TestDome should've provided some ...
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44 votes
2 answers

Why was this question with upvoted answers deleted?

According to this link the author can't delete a question if it has an answer with upvotes. To my understanding the question was not deleted by the system itself either. So my question is, why was ...
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52 votes
1 answer

Further details on DMCA-removed post

My answer here was deleted in response to a DMCA request. As far as I can tell, my answer does not contain any copyright content. The question also doesn't seem to contain any copyright content. ...
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8 votes
1 answer

Why was question "How to get the average colors used in a photo..." deleted (without giving a reason)?

Why was this two year old SO question: How to get the average colors used in a photo with RMagick in Rails? deleted (along with all the answers), even though question and answers had upvotes only (no ...
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1 answer

Official policy on copying content

What's the official stance on copying content? I'm not after the community stance on the matter. I've read through the following and found the disclaimer (emphasis mine)...
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61 votes
4 answers

Dealing with a claim that a post on SO is using copyrighted content without permission

This (a bit surprising) answer to this question has just popped in my review queue. The question contains a photograph and someone stating that they are the photographer posted an answer demanding ...
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