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For questions related to specific review audits that appear to be faulty or with which you disagree.

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Why did I fail this audit when it contained a solution to the problem? [duplicate]

Why exactly did I fail this audit and why was it deleted or handled somehow? Yes he's asking a question on top of giving a reasonable answer to fix the problem. Can't really wrap my mind around that....
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Review audit of a question with a downvote and a close vote

I just failed this review audit by voting to close as general computing. Aside from the fact that I maintain I was correct (this question is quite clearly about installing general computing software, ...
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Is this really a good question for a positive audit?

First of all, to one of our dear moderators, Jon Clements ♦, I didn't fail this time. I'm objective to a passed audit. The audit is here and the question is here. Thank God I was vigilant and I felt ...
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Incorrectly failed review audit (I believe), review banned

I recently failed this review audit, over an answer to this question, which placed me in an automated review ban. I say it's automated based off this answer. I disagree with the audit. The system ...
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Questionable review audit of a dupe

I came across this question in the Triage section of the Reviews. The time stamp on the question was asked Feb 18 at 17:26, so I thought, surely, this question must have been asked before. With the ...
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Do I misunderstand the "can't be reproduced" close-reason?

I did just fail my first close-review (I did just get two in a row, but that wasn't the real issue here...), and I'd like to get some feedback on how I should have decided. The question I got has a ...
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Questionable "Low Quality Post" review audit #2 [duplicate]

I hit this post as an audit in the LQP review queue today, and checked "Looks OK". By so doing, I failed the audit, and am now on a 2 day review hiatus. I'd like that reversed, as the review is ...
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Review audit and guidelines

Yesterday I was feeling for trying to go through the Low Quality post queue. After recommending deletion for quite a few posts I stumbled upon this
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Why did I fail on the audit review? [duplicate]

I failed the audit review My choice was "looks ok" but the answer has been "deleted as spam or offensive Sep 27 at 17:32". Can you explain ...
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Why was flagging this post as 'Needs More Focus' considered inappropriate? [duplicate]

This question in the review queue clearly asks multiple questions at the end, so I flagged it as 'Needs More Focus', as "The question currently includes multiple questions in one. It should focus ...
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Why is this a failed Audit? I thought questions should include the error not a link to a screenshot [duplicate]

I failed a Close question Audit here which includes a link to a screenshot of the error: I choose 'Needs details or Clarity' because the question ...
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An audit failed, but the question has two different problems in it, one resolved, and one not. Should they be separate questions? [duplicate]

I'm really really confused. I just failed this audit in the Reopen Queue, and the target question is react native The minCompileSdk (31) specified in a dependency's AAR metadatais greater than ...
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Failed Review on post closed as "spam or offensive" even though it doesn't appear to be? [duplicate]

I'm asking to get this specific question removed from future audits - which is now has been - so it is not related to the questions suggested as duplicate. I've just failed this LQP review because the ...
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Why isn't this question about a hypothetical scenario considered off-topic for Stack Overflow?

I recently received this Low Quality audit that was asking how "return-to-libc attacks could be performed if the attacker has no access to registers." I recommended closing it since there was no ...
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Why can't I mention my projects as answers?

So, I saw people asking questions on SO and decided to help. Instead of just talking about the solutions, I created the solutions as open source projects and provide to them as answers. People used ...
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Review audit failure... and no, I don't understand

I failed a review audit. And I don't understand why. It's not link-only, because the answer would stand on it's own without the link. It's not spam, the link is actually on topic. As the whole answer, ...
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Why does just clicking EDIT fail review audit?

I have found similar questions asking Why does commenting cause me to fail a review audit? and Review audit failed after just clicking "add comment". Here is what I've asked: I was ...
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Tricky review audit of a bot-generated First Question

There is an audit review in the First Question Queue: 35377416. The question is best described by the quote from a Meta discussion: There is a question which looks fine. Then all of a sudden the ...
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Review audit failed for flagging as duplicate [duplicate]

I flagged this post as a duplicate of this question and got an automatic message that the audit failed. Aside from being a duplicate, the flagged post does not even show an attempt to research the ...
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Low quality answer during review audit (yet another?)

Background For this SO reviewer test item (SO Question: is there anything wrong with this Singleton class) The direct question at the very ...
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I just failed a triage audit, but I am not sure why

I have failed this triage audit and would like to understand how to improve my review process. I marked that answer as unclear (require OP edit) since there were comments not addressed by any edits (...
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Wrong Review Audit? [duplicate]

In my free time I like to review posts for users asking for the first time on Stack Overflow. while reviewing I failed an audit that I think it should not be the case. On a side note: this is my first ...
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Why was this audit not "too broad"? [duplicate]

I just failed this audit: It is not obviously spammy etc., however it asks what looks like a homework question, offers no code, nor does it tag or ...
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Failing a review audit due to trying to add a comment [duplicate]

I'm not sure how many of you can see this, but the review item is this one. The answer was a code block, preceded by the text "I guess..." I tried to add a comment to the answer, requesting them to ...
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Where is the "opinion-based" line drawn with failed audits?

I failed this review audit over this question. I said it was unsalvageable as primarily opinion-based. The review system said I failed because the question "looks OK". The question is asking "I'm not ...
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Bad review audit - non-spam answer deleted by Community as spam

I just failed this review audit in the VLQ queue by clicking Looks OK when the post had been removed as spam. I think this is actually a bad audit. The original question. The post under review: ...
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How on earth did I fail this test? [duplicate]

So I did some reviews and I stumpled upon this question. Here's my review of it. This question was just a link to another question with the OP's question as the question title. I've already saw that ...
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Questionable Failed Review Audit [duplicate]

I just failed the following review audit, and not entirely sure why this question should not be closed: (Image form): The question is ...
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What kind of Audit is that? That's painfully obviously a bad question, not specific, too broad, you could almost choose from a list on why you can close this without further ...
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Failed review audit with closed question

Today I failed another review audit by voting "leave closed" on this one: When do you use std::unordered_map::emplace_hint? My vote: I usually vote ...
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Downvoting a low quality question results in incorrect review

I just got a review ban for downvoting this question in "First posts": NDK Resolution Outcome: Project settings: Gradle model version=5.4.1, NDK version is UNKNOWN error Sure it has a lot of upvotes ...
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Getting failed for review audits when they are blatantly wrong

Example here: This is now the second time this has happened to me, where I'm "failed" on an audit which I believe is wrong. I get the distinct ...
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What was the "severe quality issues" in this LQP review audit?

I recently failed this LQP review audit: It's supposed to be "abusive nonsense, noise, spam, blatantly off-topic or otherwise irredeemable –...
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Possible bad audit review in First Post

Came across this one: To me it seemed a bit poor as they hadn't posted any code to the stackoverflow website and just relied on an external link (...
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Low quality answer queue - why is this audit spam or offensive? [duplicate]

In the "Low quality answer queue", I came upon this audit, which I marked as "Acceptable". However, it was recently deleted by Community because it was flagged as spam or offensive ...
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Banned from reviewing once more

A review ban has struck me once more on a question that got upvoted mysteriously from my POV: - as using testing on a day-by-day basis and having ...
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2 answers

Failing a review audit due to lack of nuanced responses [duplicate]

First off, this is my first failed audit, so I'm not sure how much I should care about this. I was presented: as an audit, which suggested that the ...
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Known-bad triage audit generated from question deleted by now-deleted user

It looks like * mistakenly assumed that, because the question was deleted by a single user, and because that user was not the current post owner, ...
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Review Audit making obvious failure on Duplicate flag [duplicate]

Today I was presented following First post for review: The post I reviewed. This posts ask about .NET stack trace offsets, an issue that has come up many times before... for instance here. That ...
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I don't think this question is a suitable close votes audit: it's asking too many questions for one

why use std::ranges algorithms over regular algorithms? It's clearly asking 4 questions. So I was about to flag it "Requires Focus". I did look at the question first and saw that 199K rep ...
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Question about entire library's compatibility not "too broad"?

I reviewed this question as "too broad" because it's asking about an entire library: If you look at the answer it lists 10 places where the library ...
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What is the threshold for incorrect reviews?

I've done some reviews, and suddenly, today, I failed an audit test. I'm not disputing the faliure (ok, I screwed up the system considers that I've wrongly proposed that a question should be closed), ...
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Audit Review Flag or Challenge button

I would like to re-open the conversation around a formal way to dispute or flag ambiguous audits. TBH, I haven't been banned before, but I have seen my fair share of questionable audit questions and ...
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Incorrect audit in Low Quality Posts: link-only post, while audit insist on the fact it is OK [duplicate]

I encountered the following review audit (on this post) in the Low Quality Posts Review Queue. I marked this post to be Recommended for Deletion with a standard "This is a link-only answer" ...
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Failed "Close Votes" audit, closed Q. as "non-reproducible" (common error)

I failed this question that was presented as an audit in "Close Votes" review queue. I voted to to close it as "non-reproducible", as I've seen many ...
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`Request Editing` description should be changed [duplicate]

Today I got a ban from review. I didn't know why at first but I discovered that accessing manually the review page will give you the explanation. Your review on triage/24696115 wasn't helpful. "...
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Failed review audit, question has score of 19 but seems... useless? [duplicate]

Recently I failed a review audit on this question: Publishing an apk on google play store is stuck at processing Now, I have no problem with the audit algorithm picking a high scoring question to be ...
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Reopen audit failed, unsure why [duplicate]

Today, I came upon this review audit in the Reopen Votes queue. I voted to keep the question closed for a couple of reasons: The question is written in poor English (which can be edited, but that's ...
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Smarter Review Audits [duplicate]

I was just going through my "review" queue on SO for close votes. I came across a question which would have normally been left open, except I noticed a comment linking to a potential duplicate. ...
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What if your opinion conflicts with site audits?

Recently I found a question How to search a string with spaces and special characters in vi editor [closed] which was given to me as an audit for re-open votes. I think this is a genuine question as ...
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