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For questions related to specific review audits that appear to be faulty or with which you disagree.

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Ambiguous audit reviews for answers? [duplicate]

I recently was reviewing posts and was met with an answer that needed review. The answer presented to me was a code only answer. My understanding of code only answers is that while they can be helpful ...
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Why this is a good candidate to reopen?

I have failed this vote to reopen audit today, I fail to understand why this should have been reopened? It does not have any code attempts, nor shows any effort (unless that drawing counts as such). I ...
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Failed review audit because question was already deleted

I failed this review audit a few minutes ago and I do not understand why. I clicked the link to the "real" question and it told me that the question has already been removed. So I thought that the the ...
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Failed Audit: Not sure why

Failed an audit in the Low Quality Posts category by clicking "Looks OK" with what seemed to be a reasonable attempt to answer the question by providing code. Now, this was not the answer of the ...
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Yet another llame "STOP! Look and Listen" [duplicate]

I clicked on "add comment", because I wanted to add some thougts to the question. The result? Well, listen to what? Commenting is a review failure? Why leave the "add comment"-option open then? The ...
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Clarification on a failed audit

I just failed this audit which linked to this question. I thought it was actually a reasonable question, so wanted to get some feedback so I'm not causing more problems. :)
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Why does commenting cause me to fail a review audit? [duplicate]

I was recently given this review audit for Convariance with C# Generics. The question asked for two things: Why the as conversion didn't work And how to achieve the desired effect As someone who ...
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Is this question really that bad?

I was reviewing close votes and thought this should stay open: (Specifically, edit #7.) Turned out it was an audit, closed as unclear. I don't quite see ...
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I fail review audits by approving answers which appear blank *after* I review them

I was just given a 7-day audit ban for approving a potentially "low-quality" answer to this question: I thought that the original answer (...
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(Another) invalid audit

I failed this audit. It appears to me that there is a description of the problem and sufficient code, unlike the reason shown for closure claims. Since the question has been deleted by a mod, I can't ...
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How to dispute a review audit

I have just had a review audit failure with How can I reduce the number of arguments I have to pass around in Haskell?. It may have the basis of a good question but as written it is seeking opinions ...
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Review audit dispute: Isn't this a duplicate? [duplicate]

I failed review audits a few times, and often mildly disagree. But this one just seems blatantly wrong: Array syntax in Java: what is the significance of the [] location I identified it as a ...
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Unclear spam review audit [duplicate]

I'm not clear on what exactly makes this answer (from a failed review audit) "spam or offensive". Some of the factors that went into my "Looks Good" decision were: The answer is from an established ~...
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Missed typo in first-post review [duplicate]

So I just failed a review audit for this first post, and handed a review ban. Apparently my Java is a bit rusty and I missed the same single character typo the OP did. Now it's not a great question, ...
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Questionable "Low Quality Post" Review Audit

I was in the "Low Quality" review queue today and came across an answer that wasn't great, but in my view was complete. It was three short paragraphs of text and included a link to an off-site guide. ...
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Source code on GitHub (failed review)

Review question: iOS 7, corrupt UINavigationBar when swiping back fast using the default interactivePopGestureRecognizer I'm not sure a question that includes a link to GitHub for the source files ...
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Is it possible to review a review audit? [duplicate]

I just failed my first review audit. After having clicked "Looks okay", I was confronted by the failed audit message, however the post itself that I had just reviewed was blank, leaving me unable to ...
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Review audit failed after just clicking "add comment"

I had a review audit yesterday, and apparently the answer was a "good answer." I don't disagree that the answer was good, I wasn't going to downvote or flag, simply leave a comment. But as soon as I ...
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Failed audit on what looked like a link-only answer—was I wrong in my judgement?

While reviewing low-quality posts, I was presented with this answer: It looked to me like a link-only answer, so I flagged it as such. However, it was an audit and I didn't pass. Why is this answer ...
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What to do about incorrectly failed review audits?

I failed this late answer review audit, but I'm sure the audit system was wrong here. Is there a mechanism to flag or challenge these incorrect audits, besides bringing it up on Meta?
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Failed low-quality post audit, why?

Here is the failed audit. here. I understand that this answer was deleted, and I agree that the answer was not high-quality. But I did not see a particular reason to delete the answer, it was not a "...
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How little information does an answer have to have to be NAA as comment?

arrayName.length will get you the number of entries. Set Devise::Async.queue = :default (sometimes even with a link to docs!) These kinds of answers are IMO better as a comment. And are regularly ...
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Why did I fail this review audit?

Here is the audit. This is a yes/no question, so I decided to close it. However, I failed the review audit. Can someone explain this behavior to me?
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Can code-only answers be high quality?

I don't like asking about audits, because it sounds like complaining, but I'm not sure about this: I've been review-banned once, and I haven't failed any audits since then (a few weeks ago), but I ...
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Why did I fail this audit? [duplicate]

I just failed an audit on (Is it required to explicitly list default parameters when using template template parameter?). The question was originally marked with an incorrect close reason. However, a ...
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Why was this answer marked as "not good" in "late answers" review? [duplicate]

Regarding this "late answers" review audit: I suggested this answer needs no action and is good "as is". However, SO failed me on this audit ...
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"STOP! Look and Listen" really? [duplicate]

I was reviewing a close vote And, It flashed that message, saying my "audit" failed The question was: So, Xamarin just announced Xamarin.Forms - ...
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Automatic review failed - duplicated answer [duplicate]

Today I was doing a first answer review, where someone has posted a very first answer. Interested by the topic, I opened the original question to see other answers, and I found that the best answer ...
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Failed Audit when the post looked good to me

I started reviewing a couple of Low quality post and suddenly I failed an audit, when I thought the posted content looked good. I read the post carefully but I am still not able to understand why it's ...
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Automatic Review audit - commenting as duplicate leads to fail [duplicate]

Today I had reviewed as "review audit" following question: Changed domain error - OpenId auth request contains an unregistered domain which ends with I have tried Googling that message but ...
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Is an answer to an off-topic question automatically low-quality?

I just failed a review audit because I marked this answer as OK. I did think about it for a bit before marking it as such, but it seemed to me like a valid answer to the question (and not link-only), ...
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Is this really on-topic?

This audit: Is listed as a "Do not close". However, it seems to match exactly the definition of "looking for an off-site library" (maybe not ...
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Improved link-only answer audit failed

I just failed this audit: Which was a link-only answer, had a comment to that effect, and was edited to include the content of the link. I ...
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Reporting bad review audit

I just got this review audit, which showed me the perfect example of a link-only answer, so of course I pressed the Recommend deletion button, but then it gave me the message that this was actually a ...
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Another (invalid?) failed audit

While doing my chores, I came across this audit and, as you can see, I failed. I don't fail them very often at all because they are usually so obvious so I'm not crying about my privileges possibly ...
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Failed Audit: Why is this a good question?

I recently was audited for close votes and failed for this question. In my opinion, this is a bad question since it shows no effort in solving the problem. It is nothing more then asking someone ...
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Review ban for not treating this as "spam or offensive"

After some years of doing edit reviews on SO, I managed to get my first review ban for approving this answer as non-low quality. It popped up as one of them review audits. It may be interesting to ...
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Bad Low-Quality Audit

Despite having received (before I saw it) 5 unanimous upvotes, I think this ought to be closed (off-topic / lacks sufficient information to diagnose). It has no code and is basically just asking for a ...
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What is the best way to dispute review audits

Is there a way to deal with audits that we disagree with other than to post about it in meta? I recently failed this review audit. The question asked how to get out of a for loop when they couldn't ...
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What was wrong with the review? Am I being incorrectly penalized for it?

My assessment: This question continuous video stream call using html5 is a low effort question. The way I see it, it doesn't provide much explanation either. What happened: This question landed in ...
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Bug: possible logic flaw in the review auditing system

Hypothesis Stackoverflow contains some automated review auditing logic. The goal is to ensure that reviewers are paying attention and not blindly accepting content without critical scrutiny. The ...
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Review audit failed on massively edited post that was now good

I just failed this audit. (It currently shows the "this answer was marked as spam or offensive" message; what I was shown in the review was the revision here along with a suggestion that the length ...
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Audit failure with reasonable actions

My first audit: I was making a review of an answer that seemed to be very good. I always like to check the question looking for other answers and I found that another user have the same answer. So I ...
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Why can't I mention my projects as answers?

So, I saw people asking questions on SO and decided to help. Instead of just talking about the solutions, I created the solutions as open source projects and provide to them as answers. People used ...
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Audit review failed too quickly [duplicate]

I failed this audit review because I clicked on flag. In fact, I saw this question some days ago, so I was thinking this is a duplicate because this question already appeared before. So I wanted to ...
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Since when are questions for opinions and resources "no major problems"?

I did some close votes reviews today and stumbled over this Review audit: A quote from the question: My Questions are: My idea is correct? Can I do ...
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Why shouldn't this question be closed as unreproducible?

I failed a review audit on this question: Eclipse 'Loading data for Android 4.4.2' all the time . I was going to mark it off-topic due to the lack of specific instructions for reproducing the ...
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Don't understand why reviews are considered objectionable

A suggested edit I saw had mixed reviews; my decision was to further edit the post. See This was cited as an example of an edit I should ...
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Failed review audit with closed question

Today I failed another review audit by voting "leave closed" on this one: When do you use std::unordered_map::emplace_hint? My vote: I usually vote ...
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language or language specification and audit

Failed audit: In the question, it appears the author wants to design an API and asked for a language or a language specification. I think ...
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