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Questions tagged [disputed-review-audits]

For questions related to specific review audits that appear to be faulty or with which you disagree.

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VLQ review failed. No, I don't understand This was an audit, designed to see if you were paying attention. You didn't pass. This post has severe quality issues. It is abusive ...
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Why did I fail this review audit when the post is clearly a comment?

The question is straightforward and pertains to a user's recent upgrade of the Spotify Windows client. It was well-received and gathered a reasonable number of answers, comments and views. https://...
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Can we have more clear instructions for review queues?

I just got access to the review queues and I'm a bit confused. The queues are just presented to me, without enough explanation of where the questions came from or where they'll go. In some cases it ...
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Failed audit on question asking for documentation/book

I failed an audit in the triage review queue on this question : (link to review audit) I flagged the post as Off-topic ...
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Is this answer really of very poor quality in Late Answers review audit?

The screenshot below is from an answer from the Late Answers Review Queue audit that I failed to pass. (This is my first fail ever, after some 500+ reviews and I take this seriously.) The answer is ...
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Bad question used as test in review queue gives me review ban This question is too broad or opinion based and should definitely not be used as a test for a "Looks OK" question in my opinion. Now I get a ban from ...
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Audit failure with reasonable actions

My first audit: I was making a review of an answer that seemed to be very good. I always like to check the question looking for other answers and I found that another user have the same answer. So I ...
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Should this zero-score, not NAA, deleted answer be used as a Low quality answers audit?

I came across a Low quality answers audit yesterday on this answer to Biopython: Local alignment between DNA sequences doesn't find optimal alignment yesterday - screenshot for users with < 10k ...
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What is the best way to dispute review audits

Is there a way to deal with audits that we disagree with other than to post about it in meta? I recently failed this review audit. The question asked how to get out of a for loop when they couldn't ...
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Yet more bad review audits, where's the option to disagree already?

I know this is an old complaint that will get closed as a duplicate. I've posted about it myself in the past. I don't even care about the suspension, it's only for two days. I've downvoted both ...
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Will be starting bounty for this unfair review audit (not)

I just failed a "First Posts" review audit for this question. It showed up as written by a user with 40 something reputation. After a series of awful questions, I thought to myself that finally a ...
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Failed audit - but question is answered by another

Looking at this review, I decided that the question was well-written and asked, but that it was answered by this other question, so I voted to close it as a duplicate. Should well-written questions ...
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How to dispute a review audit

I have just had a review audit failure with How can I reduce the number of arguments I have to pass around in Haskell?. It may have the basis of a good question but as written it is seeking opinions ...
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"STOP! Look and Listen" for trying to edit a bad answer in the first posts queue

This is the answer in question. I clicked "edit" from the review queue and failed the review. I understand that this is a low-quality answer, and maybe this is subject to debate, but I think this ...
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Bad Late Answer Audits?

There are numerous posts on meta, including You're doing it wrong: A plea for sanity in the Low Quality Posts queue that discuss when answers should be flagged, and the general consensus, particularly ...
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Appealing 4 day Review ban for 'Requires Editing' (

I'm appealing a 4 day review ban based on an answer in Meta which says I can do this. The basis of my appeal is that the ban I've been given does not appear to comply with the protocols (as I ...
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Failed audit for trying to close a off topic question

I recently came across 3rd Week of Programming, just looking for tips in the Close Review queue and failed the audit, because I voted for close and obviously the audit expected me to click Leave Open. ...
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A short-lived bug in a web page which isn't even linked in the question, is a known-good review audit

When I saw "Submit" for review button grayed out - Xcode 6 in the close review queue, I knew immediately that it was an audit (it obviously wouldn't have had the tags in my filter). I didn't ...
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Failed review audit on answer, where question itself should have been closed

I got this answer to review. Turns out it was an audit. This was the result. My problem with this is that the answer was originally closed as 'very low quality'. IMHO, that decision was completely ...
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Is this a good reopen queue audit?

I recently came across this audit in the reopen queue and failed it. It seems to me that the question is too broad for SO. While it is about a particular topic, it asks 20 different questions within ...
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Failed an audit for flagging a question asking for links to example code?

As a new reviewer, I was just reviewing some First Posts when I came across this question: How detect NFC payment on app? After a quick look, I voted to close for being off-topic because the ...
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Received a review audit in which I was one of the original close voters, even though this bug was supposedly already fixed

I recently received this review audit on the following question: Trying to find pattern in an array (Python) The audit itself is a good example of a lousy question that should be closed (it's ...
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Triage spam audit that doesn’t appear to be spam

I recently got this triage audit and reading the question I don't see any signs of spam. I almost submitted Looks Ok until I saw the comment saying it was spam. I looked at the linked meta post and ...
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review audit should handle "closed" questions as "bad"

I just hit this question in the review. As I was certain that it has been answered before I would have closed it as duplicate. But it turned out to be an audit that said its nothing wrong with it. ...
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Can this review audit answer be undeleted?

I failed this review audit because the post was deleted as spam or offensive. The user account is deleted as well, so I don't dispute that something fishy was going on, but I don't see a problem with ...
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Clarification on a failed audit

I just failed this audit which linked to this question. I thought it was actually a reasonable question, so wanted to get some feedback so I'm not causing more problems. :)
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Edited questions should not be used as review audits in Close Review queue

I just encoutered this audit that I failed. The concerned post is I can not connect my api with the oracle database. When reviewing, I saw everything I'm looking for: A clear issue: There are error ...
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Is this First Posts audit too broad a question?

I was very close to failing this audit review in the First Posts queue. I passed by pressing No Action Needed, but had I not realized it was an audit I would have flagged it as too broad. The ...
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Weird Close Queue Audit Question

My understanding of any of the audit questions is to do some basic sanity checking to make sure the reviewer is paying attention. Today I received this (
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Is "How does Google Chrome decide what to highlight ... ?" really a high quality question, belonging on Stack Overflow?

During First Posts reviews, I got this audit question: How does Chrome decide what to highlight when you double-click Japanese text?. It is a "How does a piece of software do something" ...
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Disputed review audit, am I doing this right?

I just failed this review audit on the first posts queue by flagging the question as Needs details or clarity, which I did for the following reasons (taken from how to ask): Title really ...
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Why some of my audits fail, should I report every issue?

Please, check the following screenshot: Here is the link to the review audit. I've chosen to Close this question, because we have exact reason: Questions asking us to recommend or find a book, ...
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Failed audit for answer that was deleted and posted again

I failed this audit on the low quality queue today: At first I was confused because the answer seems high quality going into great detail ...
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Low quality review queue, don't like audit result on this question

I was working through the Low Quality review queue, when the following question came up: I voted to close as "Unclear what you're asking", ...
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What about this post was wrong (that I didn't notice?)

There was a Python question I was reviewing while doing the triage. Before I did anything, they explained: Our system has identified this post as possible spam; please review carefully Okay, I knew ...
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Is this "Gimme-teh-Codez" Question suitable for a Triage Audit?

Actually, I think I understand how/why this question was selected for use as an audit - simply that it has had multiple up-votes. Further, it is a well-presented and clear question, and has attracted ...
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Bad review queue audit

This question was found in the low quality review queue. Could be closed for a few reasons - I was planning on closing it for Why doesn't this code work but it could also easily be closed as Too Broad....
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Is this really on-topic?

This audit: Is listed as a "Do not close". However, it seems to match exactly the definition of "looking for an off-site library" (maybe not ...
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Why isn't this question about a hypothetical scenario considered off-topic for Stack Overflow?

I recently received this Low Quality audit that was asking how "return-to-libc attacks could be performed if the attacker has no access to registers." I recommended closing it since there was no ...
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Where is the "opinion-based" line drawn with failed audits?

I failed this review audit over this question. I said it was unsalvageable as primarily opinion-based. The review system said I failed because the question "looks OK". The question is asking "I'm not ...
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Bad review audit - non-spam answer deleted by Community as spam

I just failed this review audit in the VLQ queue by clicking Looks OK when the post had been removed as spam. I think this is actually a bad audit. The original question. The post under review: ...
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Why is this answer that does not even have a link spam or offensive?

I got a 'STOP! Look and listen.' from clicking Looks OK here. For whatever reason the answer is considered spam and was deleted as such. Sometimes the answers have a link to an undisclosed affiliated ...
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Audit Review Flag or Challenge button

I would like to re-open the conversation around a formal way to dispute or flag ambiguous audits. TBH, I haven't been banned before, but I have seen my fair share of questionable audit questions and ...
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Failed "Close Votes" audit, closed Q. as "non-reproducible" (common error)

I failed this question that was presented as an audit in "Close Votes" review queue. I voted to to close it as "non-reproducible", as I've seen many ...
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What if your opinion conflicts with site audits?

Recently I found a question How to search a string with spaces and special characters in vi editor [closed] which was given to me as an audit for re-open votes. I think this is a genuine question as ...
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"Low Quality Posts" review audit failed on basically a link-only answer

I just failed this low quality posts review audit, which granted me a temporarily review ban. The answer only contains a hint to look into the Microsoft docs which is from my understanding a link-only-...
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This reopen test seems too ambiguous for a test

As a review test, I was asked whether this question should be reopened on SO. The test said it had been closed as opinion-based. Am I using Julia right? This strikes me as a very open-ended sort of ...
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I fail review audits by approving answers which appear blank *after* I review them

I was just given a 7-day audit ban for approving a potentially "low-quality" answer to this question: I thought that the original answer (...
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Since when are questions for opinions and resources "no major problems"?

I did some close votes reviews today and stumbled over this Review audit: A quote from the question: My Questions are: My idea is correct? Can I do ...
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Are reviewers expected to research for internet-wide plagiarism in the First Answers review queue?

I just failed the following audit and was thus suspended from reviewing. A comment from a mod taught me that the seemingly innocent answer was copied without attribution from this off-SO origin. I don'...
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