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For questions about display names (also referred to as usernames) and their restrictions.

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Pings in comments don't change when the pinged user changes username [duplicate]

Example: Error while executing os.getcwd()? - from context, it's clear that the answerer pinged the OP in the comment discussion under the answer, but the name in the ping doesn't match OP's current ...
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Declined flag for offensive username

I flagged a post of a user with an offensive user name, following the procedure here: What should be done about offensive names?. It ended up declined. How can I appeal that declination?
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Reply to Peter vs. Peter Cordes [duplicate]

In the comment section of my post, I have helpful comments from Peter and Peter Cordes. First Peter responds, then Peter Cordes. I want to reply to Peter. Peter: I'd question why... Peter Cordes: You ...
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Can moderators use their default username?

I just came across a question that was closed by a moderator (♦) However, said (currently active) moderator just has a default (user<number>) username that matches their user ID. Seeing as the ...
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Flag about possibly ToS-violating username declined

The user: (clipped for posterity in case something comes of this question). My comment in the mod flag I raised: this user's name could be considered ...
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Why was my flag on an inapproriate username declined?

I flagged an otherwise valid post that was posted by a user with an f-bomb in their name (brainf*** best language). While it was referring to the brainf*** language, it still isn't allowed. This is ...
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The "Create free Team" form displays my old display name [closed]

When I visit the Create free Team page, I see one of my old display names automatically filled in the form. Why is that information still being used? Demo: A couple of notes: That name is not even ...
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Are whitespace-only display names allowed?

I came across a user that has a username consisting only of zero-width whitespace (just 3 U+3164 characters) and I'm not sure if this is ok or not. Obviously the user was able to enter it into the ...
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What should I do if a username contains a violent message? [duplicate]

I have stumbled upon this user: which is a member since yesterday. The user insist on using user names, resp. profile description, ...
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If I change my nickname to my real name, will you start calling me "Thorn"? [closed]

This question is very much in jest, but related something that is still continually bugging me. The number of the number of people that can't spell my alias here... I get called "Lamu" (l a ...
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How to correct employer's name (developer story)

My company's name starts with a capital D and not with a d: How can we correct this error? I found the following ...
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Why am I seeing an "unknown" user at the bottom of a post? [duplicate]

By default, there is a username under each post: I can click his icon and view their profile. But sometimes I see this kind of user: I can't click on their icon, and I can't even access their ...
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Make it clearer that users cannot change display names more than once a month

Stack Overflow has a restriction that a user cannot change their display name more than once a month. While I have no problem with this restriction, I have problem from the fact that this information ...
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Both the Diamond Symbol and the Badge for mods?

I was glad when a new badge was introduced for the moderators to appear in their profile page because the diamond symbol was getting a bit outdated in design. But why the diamond symbol is still ...
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Usernames that consist solely of Zalgo text can't be clicked when associated with a post

I stumbled over a user whose username looks like this: For the sake of reproducibility, it's observable on this question. (The username has since been cleared.) Comments work fine, but it breaks ...
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Name change rate limit can be bypassed [closed]

Having recently changed my alias, I wasn't allowed to do so again until June 15. By changing my name in the "Display Name" field on my Developer Story, though, I was able to get around this time ...
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Comment custom flagged containing a user with a vulgar name auto marked as helpful

I just custom flagged a comment containing a link to a user profile with a vulgar name on this post (the post isn't really relevant to this question). I chose to custom flag the comment as the user ...
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Are there special or reserved usernames? [duplicate]

In this answer's comments I noticed someone trying to ping the most recent downvoter with “@Downvoter”. Does this work? If so, are there other usernames that do different things similar to this (”@...
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There is some kind of special character in someone's username

I just viewed this question where a user has some kind of special character in their username. I am sorry - I don't know what I should call this thing so that's why I am using the phrase "special ...
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Should disguised insulting words in a username be allowed?

Recently, I found a user with name YuckFou. This user name is obviously (at least for me) a disguised version of the f-word, which should not be allowed in a professional context. I flagged this user ...
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Fixed display name in the profile page

Currently the display name (user-card-name) and the title (current-position) in the profile page is in a <div> (about), which also contains the league rank (top-badge) and the about me (bio). ...
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How many times can a user change their profile name? [duplicate]

Is there a limit to the users to change his/her profile display name? If there is how many is that, until the user gets locked to the last name?
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My public display name in a Channel shouldn't be tied to my Private Information Full Name [closed]

I've found based on a previous support request I made (How can I change my display name in a Channel?), the display name I have in a channel depends on the “Full name” I choose in my profile settings. ...
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How can I change my display name in a Channel? [closed]

Whilst joining a Channel, I was offered to choose a name. I was informed it would be reflected in my developer story, so I chose a name I would only choose in that circumstance. I also made a large ...
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How to search all posts of a user of Stack Overflow directly using their username or alias?

I am looking for a simple solution to search all posts of a Stack Overflow user using their display name and not their numeric ID. I know that I can search using following command: user:12345 where "...
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How can I change my user ID in the profile URL?

How can I change the userid in my profile URL? At the moment, I can only change my public user name, but there is no way to change the userid shown in the URL. There should be a way to change the ...
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How can I hide all content from a specified user?

Is it possible to hide all of the posts from a specific user on Stack Overflow? Or perhaps just to hide the user name? There is nothing wrong about this user, but certain user names just look ...
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Error When Renaming My Username

I am trying to change my username. However, when I click the save button on my profile page, it returns the following error message: I am already logged in! I also tried recovering my account, but it ...
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User's political display name triggering government action against users who view it - what should I do?

What real action can one take in regards to a user display name (to distinguish from a user profile) that potentially endangers (not just "offends" - can cause them harm or damage from a third party) ...
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I've changed my display name, but messages in Jobs still show the old one

I've changed my display name in my stack overflow profile. First I noticed that my developer story on jobs was still showing my old name - but only, when I was not logged in... So I identified that ...
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Is it true that I am not allowed to change my user name after one or two times?

I think I changed it once and then a second time (but that was some 4, 5 years ago). And right now I cannot change it (I don't see the UI for changing it at all). One thing I found was that if I use ...
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Remove full name from Google search?

I have a Stack Overflow account with a chosen nickname for myself. When my account shows in a Google search, my name and surname are displayed. When I open the link, everything is alright and my ...
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Why are some users able to add special characters to their user name, but I can't enter a Malayalam one?

I saw that someone added a special character to their screen name. An example: 웃 When I copied that in my profile name and clicked on save, it worked. But when I try with something like സാഗർ വി (...
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How does Stack Overflow sanitize the usernames?

The usernames in Stack Overflow are well handled because it's possible to use a wide variety of Unicode characters. It's not so easy because of many tricks like this one. Very few websites (I don't ...
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How can I Search for Which of my Questions a Specific User has Answered?

How can I search for which of my questions user 13 has answered? None of these work: "user:me user:13" "user:me thirteen" (where thirteen is the user's name) "inquestion:me user:13" Is there a way ...
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Separate display name for CV and SO profiles

I noticed my CV is automatically pre-filled with my profile Display name. Can I prevent such behavior of SO? I want my real name to be displayed in my CV and my nickname is to be displayed on all ...
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No reputation displayed when hovering over a close vote user's name

This is a really minor thing, but if I hover over Pointy in the below example, I see their reputation: If, however, I hover over Alex K, I see no such information: Can reputation be added to ...
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22 votes
2 answers

What is the policy on user names that are obvious impersonators of actual persons?

I'm wondering what the policy/guidelines are for users registering with user names that are obviously impersonating actual persons? For example: Hillary Clinton. Politics aside, is this something ...
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How do I rename my user name (display name)? [duplicate]

I can't find it... could it be that I am blocked from changing my user name because I changed a couple of times before? I think right now, if I put Chinese characters in my user name, some people are ...
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Is there some way to look at a user's previous usernames? [duplicate]

I'm quite happy with my user name and have never changed it (that I remember...?), but some users do change their names, and just often enough to cause me occasional confusion. I run into these ...
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How to obtain the user name history of a user

Stack Overflow allows users to change their user name. Is it possible to see the history of names that a user has?
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Cannot save changes to profile, even though I didn't change my display name

When I edit my profile and save, it gives me this error: Oops! There was a problem updating your profile: Display name may only be changed once every 30 days; you may change again in 6 days I ...
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Accepted norm/process for handling references to offensive usernames in comments

Yesterday, through some random navigation I came across a user name that was distasteful and offensive. Though the username used Latin script but was either a hindi/urdu phrase and a translation of ...
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maximum size for display names? [duplicate]

I've came across a user with huge display name: Is there any size limit for display names?
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Users with untrimmed display names

Some users1 appear to have untrimmed display names. Untrimmed display names might become an issue in comment formatting, and in chat we have already experienced some markdown issues with it. Could ...
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Who can track display name changes?

Is it possible to see the history of all the display names of a specific user? If a regular user can't, who can? Or how much reputation do I need to see such data?
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Missing Username on a Deleted User's Post [duplicate]

I recently followed a link to this question and read through the answers when I came upon something strange. On the lower right corner of a post, one would usually see the username of the user who ...
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Username text design distortion for all pages of Stack Overflow

Just observed today, while I was browsing my answers on Stack Overflow: As you can see, the letter V's starting point is hidden due to the shadow on the profile image. This is the area where it is ...
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Unlinkable, grey profile

I ran across a stack overflow article that was written by 'GUIDED BOMB'. The font was completely different than a usual profile. There were no badges or profile picture. Does this mean their account ...
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Close votes continue to display the name of removed users while comments don't

If you look at this question, Preincrement faster than postincrement in C++ - true? If yes, why is it?, you can see that Neil Butterworth's name still displays in the close vote section. However, a ...
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