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Questions that may not necessarily have a clear-cut right or wrong answer and are often subjective. If your question isn't a bug report, feature request, or request for assistance, or question with a concrete answer, it's probably a discussion.

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Giving Advice on a Software Recommendation

I recently answered a question, in which I believed the user was looking for a decompiler. I know the question isn't worded great, and probably should have been clearer but i gave it a whirl to see ...
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How should I flag a literal plagiarism of a question?

I was having a look at a user's question since it's something I haven't faced yet, so as usual, I firstly had a search in Google. After a while, an answer appeared, whose content seemed to be pretty ...
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What is the reason behind the 6 character minimum for suggested edits?

Why must edits be at least 6 characters? There are some minor spelling mistakes which could be fixed by changing less than 6 characters; I think it would be nice to include them.
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How open is SO for the possibility of monetary bounties? [duplicate]

Many times someone have non-trivial questions that he can not solve by himself. An SO user will usually come to the site looking for answers from experts. If the question is simple for some expert, ...
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Shouldn't there be a "I'm done" button?

I was in the review section when I got up to a post. It had some content that I thought was commentary, the part where he said I temporarily give up here. If you fix these issues and edit your ...
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Reputation Points and badges on answers

Is it really necessary to display the Reputation point and badges on Answers? Wouldn't you agree that the reputation somehow influence in the selection of the answer?
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8 votes
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Old questions that clearly asks to find a tool was this not a close reason before?

While working review queue I stumbled upon old question The question clearly asks to find a ...
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5 votes
3 answers

Am I doing it wrong by downvoting a answer, which misleads OP?

I downvoted on an answer. And he gave the following comment: Does it really qualify as a downvote when you usually don't have to support IE7? Would you also downvote an answer telling one to use ...
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Accepted answers by self?

In This Question the accepted answer is from the OP. Under what conditions is that possible?
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2 answers

Add a badge for closing questions

I think by closing a question, we are keeping the site clean. So, I propose to recognize people who close questions with a badge. I'm surprised that there isn't one currently. Wanted to know, if ...
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Hidden option to edit tags?

Spotted in one of the questions, applies everywhere: Notice the white area to the right of all tags. Hover over this area, and you get a secret option revealed: Is it an Easter egg from ...
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1 answer

Is the Too Broad Flag being used Too Broadly? [closed]

I am going through that monstrous close queue now and I see too broad appears to be the catch-all flag for many users. It is like the I am sure there is something wrong with this question I just can'...
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4 answers

How should accepted link-only answers be handled?

Is the accepted answer of the question Highlight a word with jQuery not a link-only answer? I have raised a flag about it. A moderator has declined it. Here is a screenshot of the reply from the ...
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4 answers

How to deal with questions answerable with a simple web search?

I've seen a significant number of questions that could be answered with a simple {insert your favorite search engine here} search. Basically, had the Asker simply typed their question into Google ...
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What do I do with my downvoted question

My question has been answered well but down voted. What should I do with it: close it, delete it, ignore it?
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1 answer

Should I ask questions that have been answered on other Q&A sites?

I was recently searching for a question that I found an answer to on a Google groups site. If I had not found the answer on that site, I probably would have asked the question on SO. Which has got ...
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If this does not qualify as an answer, then how else would the question be answered?

A moderator deleted my answer: You cannot yield two blocks in a method. But you can take two procs. def by_two(n, a, pr1, pr2) end by_two(10, 300, ...
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Extend question with different tag

I have a question on StackOverflow Write decoded from base64 string to file where example is a snippet of Python code. Would it be a good idea to add a snippet of Ruby code and add tag 'Ruby'? Or ...
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3 answers

Why do we have an 'Unanswered' tab in two places?

Why do we have the 'Unanswered' tab on main tabs as well as as a subtab under 'Questions'? See the screenshot below: Suggesting to place a more common feature in main tabs, i.e. Privileges.
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4 answers

My question never got answered. What can I do?

Sometimes I ask a perfectly legitimate, well-formed question. It gets viewed 50+ times, and gets no answers, upvotes, downvotes, or comments... What can I do to attract people to view and respond to ...
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2 answers

I object to my question being closed

Andrew Barber closed a question regarding GCM servers. My question is at this link. In my opinion the question is not vague. I have been researching the issue for a couple of weeks. It's about a ...
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This commands should produce no [output]

Some Questions tagged output are really about io (or more specifically, about file-io; check especially those tagged [input][output]... over 200 of them). But some use the tag only because the word ...
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2 answers

Custom-flag for many off-topic comments - declined

Link Comment clean up. I guess you could remove the whole answer too (since people apparently hate it). - declined - flags should only be used to make moderators aware of content that requires ...
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11 votes
2 answers

larger than usual review queues?

I have been reviewing questions here for the last 6-8 months fairly consistently, and it used to be that the queues I have access to were always pretty small. Usually, I would see 0-5 items in each ...
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2 answers

Flagging old invalid/incorrect/wrong answers

I want to share a case that I do not understand, it is about the following answer: The answer had one upvote yesterday, I spotted it and downvoted it as ...
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94 votes
9 answers

When is using another poster's content plagiarism?

Is it considered plagiarism on Stack Overflow to take material from another answer on the same question and reuse it with modifications? Details I recently answered a question which had been partially ...
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1 answer

Does the number of useful comment votes add anything to reputation?

I see a lot of people on Stack Overflow who have very high comment votes. Does that add up to their reputation score? If not, then how do those useful comment votes get justified?
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2 answers

Unjustified downvoting, closing and voting for deletion. What am I supposed to do?

A question I asked on SO was closed and voted for deletion. I couldn't understand why, and the downvoters / voters for closing told me to take it to Meta, so here I am. The question is very specific. ...
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Meta hasn't changed at all

Yesterday I've received the following reply: Meta StackExchange actually recommends that most questions, even ones that are network-wide, are asked on child metas first. Then, if it makes sense for ...
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For searching questions there should be option for "asked today" or "unmodified questions"

For searching unanswered questions it shows questions modified x mins ago. To see unmodified questions or to see questions which are asked just today, there should be option to select "Questions asked ...
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How would I login if I deleted all my logins?

I just recently looked at the login managmeent UI, and it seems to allow one to delete their last login method, while logged in. This seems dangerous. How would one recover an account if they deleted ...
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2 answers

A user without a name on SO?

I just see a comment from a SO user but his name is seems to be blank or created by some special characters. Who is this hollow-man ? How one can create such named profile ?
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Is this retag right?

I was answering a question which was tagged as javascript and few more tags. After I answered, a user edited and removed the javascript tag itself, making my answer look dumb. I edited again to ...
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2 answers

I can't find a good close reason for this question

I know that this topic has already been addressed many times, but I am convinced that a good example is better than many dissertations. I simply can't find a good reason for closing the question. It ...
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Should 'dialect' and 'dialects' tags be merged?

Should dialect and dialects tags be merged? I think so. What's your opinion?
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1 answer

Should 'strict-mode', 'use-strict' and 'strict' tags be merged?

Should strict-mode, use-strict and strict tags be merged? I think so because they refer to the same action: activating strict mode. What do you think?
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C and C++ Tagging [duplicate]

This is one of my pet peeves, a vast majority of posts are tagged with C and C++ initially whereas it should have been C or C++. Quite a few of these posts are quickly edited and tagged correctly, ...
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1 answer

Why do most Stack Overflow users not like to report where they live? [closed]

I just created a query to see where SO users live: And I was amazed that 2.5M out of 3M users have an ...
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2 answers

Platinum Badges

I think it would be cool to implement (yet another :D) level of badges for the StackOverflow site. Perhaps a so called Platinum badge. These would have to be extremely rare and only given out for ...
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2 answers

Is there a way for an author to accept/improve a suggested edit after it's been rejected? [duplicate]

Here is a suggested edit that was rejected. Rejection is questionable, since it really was offering an improvement, not commenting. But I can see where the reviewers were coming from. However, if ...
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1 answer

Is Stack Overflow making programmers lazy? [closed]

Come on; I mean Stack Overflow is great, but programmers should help themselves by doing their best. Most of askers just want a ready made answer. I experienced it. What do you think?
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How to handle languages for which Stack Overflow's syntax highlighting is broken?

While tinkering with a Sass-related answer today, I realised that the Sass syntax highlighting is pretty broken. It doesn't even recognise comments properly. Here's an illustrative snippet: Now, I ...
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4 answers

Can questions that ask for a comparison be constructive?

Every now and then I stumble upon questions that are very useful to me, but are closed nonetheless. Most of the time this concerns questions that ask for a comparison between, for instance, two ...
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1 answer

Why Community's age is 0

Simply interesting. On SO no age displayed, on MSO Community's age is 0. Why?
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1 answer

How much reputation can I earn in a single day?

Daily cap is 200, but because of bounties and accepted answers it is extended. So how much can I earn a day? Maximum I saw is 871.
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2 answers

I just saw two mentions in a comment

I just saw that Eric Lippert had a comment in which he had mentioned two people using @ How is that? The syntax was correct. There was no space between @ and the name When I try to do the same in ...
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Downvoting on meta posts [duplicate]

After the MSO/MSE split there is no reputation system for this meta. So now there is no negative reputation for downvoting on posts? Previously there was -1 reputation (like on Stack Overflow) for ...
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Should I comment or just downvote?

I'm noticing that when I downvote some users with a comment, I get a -2(downvote) to my answer within 2 minutes. And the answer is a recent one, with upvotes on it. (I'm confirming that my answer was ...
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Dealing with an answer that wasn't accepted (maybe because a user is a newbie on Stack Overflow)

I answered somebody's question. It was a new person who joined Stack Overflow today. He/she thanked me and said it works, but he/she hasn't accepted my answer. The question is here for your reference:...
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Why is an answer with a link to a commercial product un-acceptable?

This question has an answer that I thought was fairly useful. That answer is now hidden because it got flagged for deletion. Could a moderator please look at the answer and explain why it is ...
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