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Questions that may not necessarily have a clear-cut right or wrong answer and are often subjective. If your question isn't a bug report, feature request, or request for assistance, or question with a concrete answer, it's probably a discussion.

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Community bot asking to "clarify your specific problem" [duplicate]

I just saw the comment below on this question: Why did Community comment this? I searched on meta but didn't find why. Maybe someone has already answered this question, in this case sorry about not ...
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Why delete a 'reasonable' (potentially fixable) question within 20 minutes of it being posted?

Three high-rep ('trusted') users decided to close and delete this question within about 20 minutes of it being asked. For those users without the required 10k reputation to see it, here are some ...
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How can I properly ask a question related to a less known SDK?

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: "this" pointer in constructor is not consistent with the address of the member object being initialised? I've encountered a problem with the ...
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Unable to get question reopened on Firebase community

After several attempts to edit this question and remove anything that might make it opinion based, I haven't been successful to get it reopened. How might I further edit this question? Body of ...
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Serial voting was reversed - downvoting and flagging [duplicate]

I ran through a list answers made by someone only answering questions with ChatGPT, and voted them down while reporting them I was given back a -1 I "pay" for voting down, and I realised ...
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Popular answer only handles subset of problem stated in title and question, poster rolls back edits to code

Recently I encountered and answered the question How to split a string into chunks based on specific length?. The question title may seem trivial, the cause isn't. That is because the user copied ...
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Closing a question for lack of clarity or focus or objectivity should require elaboration from the closer

I see a lot of questions about, "Why was this issue closed for lack of clarity/focus/opinion-based?" I'd like to propose something that could preemptively answer these questions before they'...
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How should we deal with "tool/technique -> problem" and "problem -> tool/technique" question pairs?

There are a ton of old pairs of questions I've noticed on Stack Overflow of the general form: Q1. When would I use X rather than Y? A1. In situation S, using Y naively would cause a problem P. Using ...
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What about helping beginners? [duplicate]

If Stack Overflow is a home to high level knowledge, where do you think is appropriate the low-level knowledge? Since people in the SO community strive for "high-level knowledge" what about ...
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How can many duplicates of the same question be handled?

There was recently a bug/new feature on selenium, related to Chrome not distributing the drivers on the same URL, and selenium now automatically fetching the driver from the installed browser. This ...
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The user research behind Discussions

As you might have noticed, we launched an experiment on Stack Overflow called Discussions (currently only available within the NLP Collective). This post is the origin story behind this feature, ...
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Canonical for browser applications with containerized backends

Once or twice a week, a Docker question comes up roughly like: I am running a React application and an Express backend in Docker Compose. I have a Docker network configured. My React application ...
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Discussions experiment launching on NLP Collective

Discussions are now available within the following collectives: CI/CD Collective NLP Collective PHP Collective R Language Collective Today (August 21, 2023), Stack Overflow is launching an ...
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Failed audit in Low Quality Answer Queue, why?

I was reviewing the Low Quality Answers queue on SO, and stumbled upon an audit which, in my opinion, is totally wrong. Here is the audit in question:
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PHP documentation links need a cleanup

Back in the earliest days of PHP, people ran various localized mirrors of the PHP website, including documentation. The main site has always lived at but mirrors lived under ...
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Question about building FFMPEG closed as not about programming or software development

For hours I had been trying to build the FFmpeg library to incorporate it in my project for audio processing, but I just couldn't get it to work. I asked for help on the main site, but it was closed ...
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Why was my question on Python lists closed as a duplicate?

I wrote a question on how I can turn items from a Python list into variables (Variables for unknown amount of list items in Python) (now deleted). It said my question was a duplicate, but when I ...
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Why was my question on what features in C# 10 are tied to the runtime closed?

I asked this question, Does C# 10 support the .NET Framework?, and it has been closed as “needs focus” (I am not sure how it was closed; I don’t see the close votes that normally appear, nor a ...
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How can we handle a user who sabotaged dozens of their old questions and answers and then deleted their account?

Recently I noticed a user had edited dozens of their old questions and answers. In many cases they were removing code and just leaving some short amount of original text. I flagged one of the ...
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What is wrong with my 1st question on SO?

Visual Studio 2022 missing project templates This was downvoted within the first few minutes. I can't understand why it's supposedly a "bad" question? What did I miss or do wrong? ...
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What is wrong with this question about PowerShell and user impersonation?

How to Register-PSRepository for another user? This question is four (4) days old with no responses of any kind. Questions in this area are usually responded to quickly, within one (1) day. Is this a ...
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Seemingly reasonable newbie question about pointers closed as "needs details or clarity"

A relatively new question asker asked: How do I access a particular instance of a C++ class when I only know the value of a member variable? The question body contains additional detail about why ...
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Why did Stack Overflow not maintain its own DNS services?

I am reading up on DNS and came across an article in which it's mentioned that Stack Overflow chose to go with 3rd party services because of maintenance complexity (paraphrasing). I find it hard to ...
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Why was my flag about profanity in a question denied?

I flagged a post, because the user cursed. That is against the Code of Conduct, as confirmed by a cofounder of SO. As a result, I thought my flag was pretty clear cut. However, I found that my flag ...
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Questions about best coding practice [duplicate]

I recently asked a question about a coding problem to which I had several possible solutions, and I was asking which one would be considered best practice, or if any of them would be considered ...
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Situation around [dbi] and [r-dbi]

We have tag dbi. Its excerpt clearly states not to use it for questions about the R package: DBI is a database access module for the Perl programming language. It defines a set of methods, variables, ...
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Call for volunteer reviewers for an updated search experience: OverflowAI Search

2023-09-07 -- We're now targeting next week for a first round of invitations. We'll have a more in-depth update to post around that time. Apologies for the delay. Stack Overflow is planning to ...
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Why was my regex question downvoted and closed when it's as good or better than other recent examples? [duplicate]

Extract last 4 consecutive digits in a string I asked what I thought was a clear, good quality question, which was downvoted within an hour of me asking it and a few days later closed due to ...
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What is the edit policy today for questions about obsolete functionality?

Reviewing these edits I see no reasons suggested. I also have an issue with this: Jul 16 2013 I provided my answer Nov 6. 2013 Gordon copied the quotation info about PHP 5.3.3 from my answer and ...
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Should code-only answers that promote the author's library be flagged?

I saw this answer and this answer posted in rapid succession by the same author. Both answers self-identify as shameless self-plugs and provide links to a library written by the author. In fact, both ...
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What "more details" can I provide?

I need help understanding what "more details" I can provide in my question to have it reopened, other than posting the stored procedure, which I cannot do.
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May old questions be repeated for new version of language standard?

This question is based on the following case: Recently, a question was asked which is clearly a duplicate of an older question. The new question was quickly closed as a duplicate, however, the answers ...
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Developer survey 2023: Hard to understand (or wrong?) sentence. Feedback

I think my English skills are very decent, but I have trouble understanding a sentence that came up in the explanation for the new "Admired and Desired" of the 2023 developer survey: Rust ...
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Merge [admin] and [administrator]

We currently have two separate tags admin and administrator. Neither tag seems particularly useful, but we definitely don't need both.
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Should [ll] and [lr] be renamed?

Should tags lr and ll be renamed to lr-grammar ll-grammar respectively? For the general public, these two letters might mean anything: ll : LinkedList, Low Level API, roman two(?), lr : Learning rate,...
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What is the correct followup action after editing a question in the Triage review queue?

More than once I've come across a question in the Triage review queue which would be fine if it were more legible (sentence structure, punctuation, and especially code/error formatting related stuff). ...
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Is Stack Overflow back to normal moderation?

The moderation strike is officially over as per this post: Moderation strike: Conclusion and the way forward. Is it safe to say that Stack Overflow is back to normal and fully moderated, or am I ...
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Will Stack Overflow disallow the GPT web crawler?

I do not know if Stack Overflow allows the ChatGPT Web Crawler to scrape information from this site so that it can use it to train its large language model, but OpenAI are reportedly encouraging sites ...
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This tag needs some re-[cnf]iguration

I stumbled upon the cnf tag today while looking for new tags to watch or questions to answer. It really was not what I was expecting which is why I'm here. The tag excerpt reads the following: Common ...
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Why is this link-only answer an audit? [duplicate]

I failed this review audit. The audit expects the answer to be approved, not downvoted or flagged even though it is a link-only answer. Why is this an audit?
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​[Face] it: this tag needs some work

I'm not convinced we should burninate it, so I'll bypass that criteria for now (so don't go burninating the tag). We have a face tag. It is... somewhat of a mess. Here's the tag wiki: A face is an ...
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Should Ask Different be added to the list of question migration sites?

Today I came across a question in the review queue that was asking about uploading a build to App Store Connect. The error the question was asking about seems to be entirely related to the upload ...
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Is any mention of ChatGPT still against the rules?

I asked a question on Stack Overflow, a few days later I solved the problem myself with the help of ChatGPT and I figured I would post the solution to my question in case anyone stumbles across my ...
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Should we [bypass] this tag (again!)?

The bypass tag was already removed five years ago. Unfortunately, it's here again. I propose that we burninate it a second time. Arguably, we should block it too. Criteria: Does it describe the ...
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Proxy: [es6-] or [javascript-]?

As far as I know, both es6-proxy and javascript-proxy are about the built-in Proxy constructor. The former is much more popular (239 vs. 35 questions) and informative (wiki created in 2015 vs. never). ...
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Link only answers - why not?

For removal of "link only answers" the reason is given that if link changes the answers become invalid. I have a few points here: There are other software changes which make answers or both ...
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Deprecation clause in small tag description

I have a question about this proposed edit for tag react-mui. Basically it introduces a "deprecation" clause into tag. While I believe this might be a valid approach for tags that are saved ...
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Why was this harmless looking question marked as spam/RA and deleted (by a moderator)?

Why was this question marked as spam or RA and deleted by a moderator? Screenshot for those who can't see deleted posts: It's certainly not a quality question and already got a close vote and there ...
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How do our moderators respond to the result of negotiations?

It was a big relief to see positive results of negotiations between representatives of Stack Exchange, Inc. and the moderators team. It may be too early to conclude that the moderation strike is now ...
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numeraljs vs. numeral.js: Dot or no dot?

Unless I'm sleepy enough, numeraljs and numeral.js seem to be about the same subject: A JavaScript library for formatting and working with numbers. Dotted numeral.js was created in 2015 whereas the ...
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