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Questions that may not necessarily have a clear-cut right or wrong answer and are often subjective. If your question isn't a bug report, feature request, or request for assistance, or question with a concrete answer, it's probably a discussion.

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Should the tag [] be merged into [razor-pages]?

According to the tag info for razor-pages (3,743 questions): Apply to questions related to the Razor Pages Framework, which is a feature of ASP.NET Core starting in ASP.NET Core version 2.0. Note ...
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Should we flag human-written questions that use code generated by ChatGPT?

To be more specific, I flagged a question recently as it was of the type "ChatGPT generated this but I need some more help fixing this". But I was told by a mod that asking a question about ...
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2 answers

How to flag dozens of almost identical answers

There are a lot of questions asking about importing content from websites (web scraping) using Google Sheets formulas. Researching for a canonical Q&A, I found there are dozens of bad questions ...
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Why do I now have to click through comment notifications to get rid of the red number? [duplicate]

Until recently, the comment notification widget (the white number in the red circle atop the "inbox" icon) could be cleared by clicking on the widget and then clicking away. Now, however, I ...
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Should there be support for the same question being visible to multiple communities, to handle cases of overlap?

A frequent occurrence with the algorithms tag is that questions get downvoted or closed by people who think such questions are better suited for Mathematics or Computer Science. I don't know if ...
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How do pro Stack Overflow users look for questions to answer? [duplicate]

I usually use a filter like this one and read new questions every few minutes, but it doesn't seem efficient. Is there a recommended way of finding a question to answer?
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How can I nominate one of my own questions for deletion? [duplicate]

Some of my old questions could even be misleading, since they ask about some software or framework that is completely different today, or my own subjective understanding that a question from my ...
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Mute Topics / Tags How To? [duplicate]

I want to mute topics with a particular tag. For example, I subscribe to JavaScript tags, but I see a large amount of React questions that I don't want to see. Is there a way to configure that for ...
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Uninstall [installation]?

This tag is even more vague than its friend failed-installation that was uninstalled removed back in 2017. I don’t feel that it brings much information to a question, and I’m not sure why would anyone ...
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ChatGPT seems to be better than Stack Overflow, both in speed and accuracy—what does this mean for us?

I have signed up for an account at OpenAI and asked ChatGPT a programming question, namely: How to list all files in an Android device recursively with Java And in an instant, it generated an answer ...
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Why is it OK for someone to downvote my question without attempting to be helpful? [duplicate]

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: How do I keep Android Studio from stopping my app when I close Android Studio? Going into Stack Overflow, I thought this was a site designed to help ...
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Should I edit a bad question? [duplicate]

Is it worth editing a question for readability and formatting if the content is very poor or it meets one or more flagging reasons? I'm guessing no, since it's highly likely to be deleted anyway, but ...
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2 answers

Did anyone keep a [record]? [duplicate]

I think we should burninate or disambiguate/split up record. The tag Wiki states A record in programming is a data type with labels to access fields of the record. However, it is used for records ...
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2 answers

Is this question really opinion-based?

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: Should Redux Saga be learned in 2023? Sure asking if someone is worth learning or not is opinion-based, but is it really opinion-based asking if ...
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Why was my answer deleted due to a minor error?

I wrote this answer with a solution to my own question. But after a while it was deleted by a moderator. The reason was that there was a mistake in my answer which could've been easily corrected.
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2 answers

Is my question fit for Stack Overflow?

I recently posted a question and it got some downvotes, so I reviewed the Stack Overflow help center and didn't seem to find anything that could be the reason my question was downvoted. My question: ...
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Is it abuse to answer then dupe-hammer a question? [duplicate]

I recently came across this answer in the Reopen Queue. A gold badge holder answered the question (which went on to be accepted and gain a lot of upvotes), then exactly one minute later dupe-hammered ...
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Can we remove or merge tag [whatsapi] with tag [whatsapp]?

Tag whatsapi, all time 161 questions, Revision history: Created on Jul 26, 2016: Whatsapp allows direct linking to it's resources in mobile application. Whereby, you can create an application (eg ...
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I worry that ChatGPT answers could currently be too tricky for use in review audits

I just got Late Answers Queue review item #33495800, which used a now-deleted ChatGPT-generated answer, a/11107541 as a review audit. Since it was an audit, comments were hidden. There was a comment ...
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Make [PyPDF2] a synonym of [pypdf]

Proposal Replace the tag pypdf2 by pypdf Make pypdf2 (1001 questions) a synonym of pypdf (279 questions). Historic background pyPdf is the original project. It was developed from 2005 - 2010. It ...
27 votes
3 answers

How are bounties awarded to ChatGPT-sourced answerers handled?

Disclaimer: Some of the following is based on speculation, and may well turn out to be wrong. This does not invalidate the necessity to discuss the core problem, namely, how to stabilize a currency (&...
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How can I improve my question about an import issue in TypeScript?

I'm facing an issue when importing third-party packages that have external type packages like @types/packageName. Example: UUID, aws-lambda I wrote my question with details including app structure and ...
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2 answers

Is this First Answers review audit a good / unambiguous audit?

I failed a review audit in the First Answers queue after selecting “Share Feedback” when it’s apparently supposed to be “Looks OK”. The post sounded vague to me and it did not cite any sources. Hence, ...
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1 answer

Spam versus unsolicited self-promotion, and when to use the spam flag (or not)

Context: this question is based on the comments from this answer. When you go to flag content as spam, you are presented with the following text: Exists only to promote a product or service, does not ...
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1 answer

How to find a staff member profile

I tried to complete my Winter/Summer Bash, but then a question came up... Yes, I did visit some top moderators user data profiles, but nothing happened... Behind the Curtain View the profile of a ...
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2 answers

APSW tag significance

I do not see any significance to the apsw tag apart from product promotion. It appears that this tag was created by the developer, and over the years it has been assigned to 13 questions only. Even ...
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2 answers

Request for further explanation on a specific triage queue audit I failed

I just got (and failed) a triage queue audit for this question: How does one create a cube with Julia and Makie?, which seems to be asking how to make a graphic for a shape. It shows an example of a ...
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How much self-promotion is too much?

For specifics: I am asking about this answer. I recently saw an answer that did indeed answer the question, but then also linked to a youtube channel and asked for others to like and subscribe. I can ...
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Is there a better place on Stack Exchange for this question about a Perl+Tk RAM-related crash?

I donated now 250 points of mine to their question and with these "popping" bounties it will be the last. However, this user asks a good question and gets no answer. Is there a better place ...
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Merge [st] and [structured-text]

Can the tags st and structured-text be merged? They refer to exactly the same thing. The problem is that the st tag is commonly misused because it is either mistaken for ST Electronics, or applied to ...
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2 answers

Why not have a tutorials feature on Stack Overflow?

While there is no doubt that SO is great at uncovering problems and providing answers to specific needs and issues, many times general questions like "How do I do X" gets voted down, simply ...
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Is editing another user's answer like this a reasonable interpretation of the "add updates as the post ages" guideline?

I noticed a major edit to a 13-year-old answer today, in which the editor (who is not the original author) changed it from a short history-based explainer into a much broader treatment advocating for ...
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Is it time for a change of [administration]?

Stack Overflow has an administration tag with several hundred questions (at the time this post was written) that span a whole range of topics, many of which are borderline (or even blatantly) off-...
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1 answer

Some Very unClear tag: drop [svc] for ambiguity since 2013

There are 249 questions tagged with svc. I don't think it's ready for burnination, but it doesn't seem helpful. The svc info states: This tag is ambiguous. Consider using the video-encoding tag for ...
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Why does accepting answers not automatically upvote them? [duplicate]

I've seen this a lot on my own answers, where they have been accepted but received 0 upvotes. Is there a reason why this is possible, and not just automatically upvoted on accept? On the other hand, ...
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Asker de-accepted my answer, wrote and accepted his own which is mostly a copy/paste of mine. Should I do something? [duplicate]

An asker asked a question about TypeScript, I answered it, got a couple of upvotes, and the user accepted it. Now he's un-accepted it and posted his own. The only difference AFAICT is that he used ...
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4 answers

Are external URLs explaining a command not allowed?

Some user just posted a question about a Bash command, asking for clarity. The question was quite broad, so I've casted a vote close and commented a link to, with OP's ...
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Merge the tags [indexoutofrangeexception] and [outofrangeexception]

There are these two tags: indexoutofrangeexception with 399 questions. outofrangeexception with 250 questions. These tags have very similar tag wiki excerpt and also are used for the same type of ...
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Is there a non language specific general help chat room?

I was reading through the Mentors part of this post. I'm wondering if there's a sort of new user help room for new contributors to get help on how to ask questions and write answers. I know you have ...
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2 answers

"How do I ...X ?" - is this an opinion-based question?

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: Identifying host machine in python This question was marked as opinion-based. I can't see, where this judgement comes from, which is why I am now ...
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Should [import] tag be used for questions about code import statements?

There is an import tag (created in ~Aug 2008, 26.4k questions) which was originally intended for data import, but later on it was adopted for code import as well (such mention was added into tag wiki ...
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How can we improve the wording & navigation to the "not reproducible / caused by typo" flag reason?

As a reminder, we close no-longer-reproducible/caused-by-typo questions because: While similar questions may be on-topic here, this one was resolved in a way less likely to help future readers. Here'...
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426 votes
6 answers

I'm standing down as a moderator

I'm going to be short and blunt on this. I'm stepping down as an elected moderator for personal reasons - nothing related to SO. Heck... the current moderator team is awesome - you're not missing much ...
-28 votes
3 answers

Why does Stack Overflow restrict almost any users activity without points? [duplicate]

I've been using Stack Overflow for a long time and constantly try to vote for my favorite answers to other people's questions, but for some reason Stack Overflow still limits my actions on the ...
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2 answers

Asking about ChatGPT without using content generated by it

Temporary policy: ChatGPT is banned prohibits the use of content generated by ChatGPT, this means besides using ChatGPT content to answer questions the following is banned too: Asking help to fix ...
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1 answer

Calling up more moderators - Is this a new trend? [closed]

This happened two elections in a row now: Calling up moderators from the 2021 election - welcome, Dharman & Ryan M! 2022 Community Moderator Election Results - now with two more mods! Congrats ...
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How to get feedback about a closed question? [closed]

This question, Where is a CAcert's password used?, got closed for being unfocused. Honestly, I thought it was fine. I am still looking for an answer. That said, supposing it was unfocused, or ...
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Is a phishing site? [closed]

I accidentally hit this question from Google Search (written in code on purpose to prevent others to open it) while logged in on SO.
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Why is there a hat for Hanukkah but not for Christmas?

I couldn't help but notice that there is a hat for a Jewish festivity: Sufganiyot: Post a question, answer, vote, or comment during Hanukkah (Dec 18-26) but not a single one for the Christian ...
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Burninate or synonym request for [if-this-then-that] tag

I came across this question, which has a tag, called if-this-then-that. Apparently some other questions have this tag too. I don't see the sense of having this tag, while there already is an if-...
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