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Questions that may not necessarily have a clear-cut right or wrong answer and are often subjective. If your question isn't a bug report, feature request, or request for assistance, or question with a concrete answer, it's probably a discussion.

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Can this codespace pygame post closed as a duplicate be reopened?

For the following question that's not mine: Is it possible to to run and display pygame features on GitHub Codespaces? ("pygame.error: No available video device") This question was closed as ...
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Sunsetting the OverflowAI working group Team and moving feedback to Meta

Over the last several months, we have gathered feedback for OverflowAI during our alpha phase. This feedback has so far taken place in three locations: in a working group hosted on Stack Overflow for ...
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Failed to upload image; an error occurred on the server [duplicate]

When I tried to add pictures to my question like usual, I received this message: Failed to upload image; an error occurred on the server
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Can I ask questions on Stack Overflow with long code? [duplicate]

Can I ask a question on Stack Overflow with long code? I want solutions to fit my situation. And I don't know which part is wrong. So, I want to ask questions with my whole code. But I haven't seen ...
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Should [question] be remapped to [questions] on Meta SO?

Background On Stack Overflow and Meta Stack Exchange, entering [question] in the search field shows results for questions instead of question. Upon looking into the details of the tag questions, we ...
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Switch the [gpu-programming] and [gpu] tags

It was a good idea to merge/synonimize the tags tag:gpu and tag:gpu-programming. However - I think they should be switched. I believe it is much easier to understand what gpu-programming is about than ...
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Is this discrete-mathematics problem fit for the site?

I was recently reviewing posts on triage, and I stumbled upon this one: I ...
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Why is the answer about 'relative import path "$fresh/dev.ts" not prefixed' deleted?

Answer in question: Deno - Relative import path "$fresh/dev.ts" not prefixed Its first version was: In my case, I want to change the source directory. If the path contains a space or a non-...
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In what cases are solutions not appreciated? [duplicate]

I seem to be misguided when thinking that SO is not only for questions/answers, but also for simply writing a solution (without a question) for a not-so-trivial problem on a topic which is well ...
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How could dealing with bad tag wikis be improved for <20k user?

Sometimes, I find tag information that is marketing talk, or in other ways, problematic. I usually try to fix it. But, being a below 2k user, I frequently cannot make an edit suggestion, and as there ...
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Merge [mongoose-deleteone] into [mongoose]

I would suggest that the mongoose-deleteone tag would be merged with mongoose because the deleteOne() model is only one of the delete models of mongoose models. The mongoose tag already includes all ...
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Do we have a canonical for parsing indented code with ast.parse?

While doing a cleanup of some other IndentationError questions, I closed a bunch of questions - including IndentationError during `ast.parse` and `ast.walk` of a function which is a method inside ...
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Would a dedicated ChatGPT/AI flag be a viable solution to long response times to other flags? What can be done instead if not?

I have seen the post New flag for ChatGPT answers which suggests adding a dedicated flag for AI-generated content. The answer touches on the fact that Plagiarism flags were added for a specific ...
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Updates to the Google Cloud Collective and Microsoft Azure Collective

Today, the Google Cloud Collective and Microsoft Azure Collective transitioned to become topic-focused collectives (similar to CI/CD, Mobile Development, NLP, PHP, and R). The official sponsorship of ...
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Rename / repurpose the [coda] tag

The tag coda is currently used for the code editor of the same name from the company Panic. That product has been discontinued, and it appears that the last time this tag was used for questions ...
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Discussions update: Expansion to all tags

UPDATE: February 7, 2024 As detailed in the original version of this post, Discussions can now be created on a wider range of topics, using any existing Stack Overflow tag. To get started with ...
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2023: a year in moderation

It’s that time of the year again! As we wave goodbye to last year and welcome the new one, we have a tradition of sharing moderation stats for the preceding calendar year. As most of you here might be ...
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How to get a response marked as answered when the question author has low reputation score [duplicate]

I answered this question a while back and the poster agreed it should be marked as the answer, but they have too low a reputation score to mark it. Is there some way to get it marked as the answer by ...
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AI policy text may be improved about machine translation tools

As we all know, since January 2024, Stack Overflow shows a banner warning against generative AI (which I perfectly support). The banner links to this page, which contains the AI policy text, ...
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Widespread incorrect use of the [redirect] tag

The description of the redirect tag states: A response by a webserver, that asks the user agent to not show the response body, but instead request a different resource. Questions can be related to ...
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When will the conversations in chat be removed? [duplicate]

I have some conversations in some channel. For example, this: Will those conversations be removed at any time? Or are they forever?
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Want to add new tag "canva"

I tried to add the new tag "canva" but received this error: The tag [canva] is too similar to [canvas]. If you think this new tag should be allowed, discuss it on meta. So here I am to ...
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Migrate our community to Stack Overflow

At Exalate, we have been using for a while now, and we have over 2000 questions and slightly more answers. Still - we think that these questions/answers would better be hosted ...
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Help with my question [duplicate]

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: PyQt5 QWebEngineView inspect element Would this be considered an OK question? I am new to Stack Overflow, so I am trying hard to make good questions.
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What's the [pyspark-pandas] tag about?

There's a pyspark-pandas tag that has a lot of irrelevant questions. Almost all the questions are of purely pyspark. I suspect the misuse is due the fact that the tag has no usage guidance. Given that ...
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January 2024 post from Ryan Polk, Chief Product Officer

Ryan Polk, our new(ish) Chief Product Officer, has published his first blog post, which speaks to the path to socially responsible AI and his vision for the place that Stack Overflow has in that. As ...
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What is your programming stuff that SO can help with that generative AI can't?

I've been observing the changes of Stack Overflow and generative AIs like ChatGPT and Bard. I think that when it comes to things with different "versions", generative AIs might have a ...
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Shouldn't the tag "quotes" be "comments" or "strings"?

I just came across tags quotes and quoting: Surprisingly quotes seems to describe what I would call "comments" or strings. The tag excerpt is: Computer programming languages' facility for ...
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How do I write a question for an answer that teaches pros/cons/benefits/contexts?

From npm update's documentation ( Note that by default npm update will not update the semver values of direct dependencies in your ...
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Splitting out [nimble] BLE stack from nimble tag

The nimble tag (grails plugin) is being used often for NimBLE (Apache Bluetooth Low Energy stack) and sometimes Nimble Streamer(a transcoding & transmuxing server) and sometimes several other ...
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Merge tag [render] to [rendering]

The tags render and rendering seems to be about the same topic. render 5274 questions and this Tag Excerpt: Rendering is the process of generating an image from a model (or models in what ...
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Strictly enforce burninate criteria or relax the burninate criteria

I see a trend in burning these so called dependent tags, when they never actually meet the burnination criteria. The proposer of burnination mostly bluffs that it meets the criteria. This is not my ...
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Add a tag warning for [r]

I propose a tag warning for r, specifically pointing users to an R-Specific "How to Ask", to help with minimizing the curation efforts and providing a better on-boarding experience for new ...
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Stop closing duplicate pages; instead withhold rep on signposts

The Pain Points: For askers who treat SO as a help desk, a dupe closure is a point of frustration because they want to receive answers specifically tailored to their question. For answerers who ...
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In an [ide]al world, there is no need for this tag

Looking at the related tags list in ide's top-users page we can get a reasonable idea of how the tag is being used. It mostly doubles with a second IDE specific tag: eclipse - 1610 questions. ...
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What is considered to be a "good" question? [duplicate]

I asked on Stack Overflow about a concurrency implementation in Go (the deleted questions is at
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Are different questions that share an answer duplicate questions? [duplicate]

I often see a question closed as a duplicate of another when it is clearly a different question, because the other question happens to have an answer that can be applied to the first one. For example &...
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Why was my Visual Studio Code-related answer deleted?

I don't know who can even see it, but I don't know why my answer was deleted. If there's an issue with it, why can't someone just leave a comment explaining the issue? In the answer, I give options ...
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Should we prioritize in-review suggest-edits?

Issue Reviewing for a lower-reputation user is frustrating. When reviewing with less than 2000 reputation, one has to do a suggest-edit, when trying to improve a post. This leads to several issues: I ...
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How to not overly aggressively police against spammers [duplicate]

I wrote an answer today, to a question I found interesting. The answer started: This is my favorite weird constexpr issue: the constexpr array size problem resolved by P2280. [... multiple paragraphs ...
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Synonym proposal: [gml] -> [game-maker-language]

Both game-maker-language and gml are tags for the Game Maker scripting language developed for use with the Game Maker tool. game-maker-language has 128 questions and a tag wiki of General Game Maker ...
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A question that is not seeking recommendations (but which has attracted many) is locked and closed. Higher-value answers now stuck below 4th place

How can I test what my file will look like before committing to GitHub? is locked and closed by a mod as "seeking recommendations". The question itself does not ask for ...
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This question does not appear to be about programming within the scope defined in the help center

Why are goGTK widgets not initialized in init() function This question is clearly 'about programming' and should not be closed. Why was it closed?
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If I appreciate the effort and scope of an answer but cannot verify its correctness, is upvoting appropriate?

If I appreciate the effort and scope of an answer but cannot verify its correctness, and I am not the asker, is upvoting the answer a correct thing to do? For example, I came across this post. I might'...
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Set minimum rep to create collective discussion [duplicate]

We all know that Collectives are here, and since new users can create a discussion, this leads to spam on the site. This is with recent activity on PHP Collective At least 50 will be the best fit to ...
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Why was my technical question about a Microsoft API marked as off-topic?

I've asked a question regarding a Microsoft authentication flow. There're many other questions about Microsoft Graph API and OAuth that aren't marked as off-topic and closed. Question: Is there any ...
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Users are posting links to questions they want answered in Collective discussions

Over the last little while, I've seen a number of posts like this one. Most likely, that will be removed shortly so here's a screenshot: Basically, a user encounters a question without a answer (or ...
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I think someone copied the functionality from my code. Is that plagiarism and is that allowed on Stack Overflow?

Have a look at the question Can't figure how to get Input from html and set it inside js var: Why it doesn't work? var TextcolorRGB = 'rgb('.concat(TextcolorRED + ',' + TextcolorGREEN + ',' + ...
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How are duplicate chains resolved? [duplicate]

The question What is the difference between normal rvalue reference and template rvalue reference? is closed as a duplicate, but the linked duplicate (What is the rationale behind forwarding ...
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User making unkind comments in the [regex] tag [closed]

There's a frequent user of the regex tag who often posts unfriendly/unkind comments and, at one time, even post an answer that is basically just ranting. I flagged those on sight and most, if not all, ...
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