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Questions that may not necessarily have a clear-cut right or wrong answer and are often subjective. If your question isn't a bug report, feature request, or request for assistance, or question with a concrete answer, it's probably a discussion.

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Why is this question closed as 'unfocused'; how could it be improved?

Are there any languages that break the normal conventions of which enclosing glyphs mean what? Core of the question: Are there languages that don't use enclosing-glyphs in the most common manner: [] ...
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If I did not get an answer here, is it ok to ask somewhere else? [duplicate]

I have noticed some discouragement of duplicate questions (one question in Stack Overflow and another similar one on a different site). I guess the point is that the solutions should point to the one ...
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Introducing a new close reason specifically for non-English questions

As was proposed and justified back in December, the Stack Overflow moderators have [finally] rolled out a new close reason (under the "community-specific reason" category) for questions that ...
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What should I do with old questions where the problem was mis-identified?

The site is full of examples with a few upvotes and many years of history like: Need a way to load embedded, escaped JSON strings in Python The problem here is that the title implies a how-to question,...
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Should it be possible to explain your upvote or downvote? [duplicate]

Every question, as well as answers, can be upvoted or downvoted. What I do not understand ist why you cannot add a feedback to the vote. When you vote an answer, you can additionally write a comment ...
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My question was deleted and I completely disagree with the reasoning

Here is the link to the deleted question: The reason for the deletion as stated: 'opinion-based' But how come that a similar yet ...
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We’re bringing advertisements for technology courses to Stack Overflow

Beginning in late January, we’re partnering with two online course providers to present sponsored technology course recommendation advertisements on Stack Overflow. This is a pilot study for this type ...
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A dummy review queue could benefit question-banned, new users to learn how to ask good questions

For new users who get placed in a question ban, I think that some percentage of them aren't necessarily lazy and just don't realize the damage they are doing to the site. I myself actually was placed ...
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Should I flag comments that are encouraging OP to use ChatGPT to write their code?

A new contributor just asked a very broad question, something like: Can you write a simple broadcast script in JavaScript or php just give me an example or if you brief explain please explain The ...
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Change/Remove post improvement notification when downvote Meta questions/answers

I propose to remove this notice, because (as far as I know) on the meta, upvotes and downvotes literally mean that I am in favor of an idea/proposal/etc. or "against". Therefore, the ...
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Rename [jsf] to [jakarta-faces]?

Since version 4, Java Server Faces (or Jakarta Server Faces) has been renamed to Jakarta Faces (or simply Faces). I think the same should be done with the jsf tag (rename it to jakarta-faces). We ...
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Restoring a good question deleted by its author after receiving an answer [duplicate]

I recently answered a new member's question about an issue with their Java code here: but after they ...
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Synonymize [javax.persistence] to [jpa]

The tags javax.persistence and jpa are about the same thing - The Java Persistence API. Both tags have tag wikis and excerpt but the tag wiki of [javax.persistence] only contains a Wikipedia link. ...
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Post with "confidential information" repeatedly vandalized

A post by a 5k user about a simple shell script syntax problem was asked and rapidly answered and closed as a duplicate in October. Now, several months later, this user is replacing the question text ...
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Should self-deleted posts by users who violate rules be flagged?

Consider a user who creates a post on the site which violates one of the many rules, permanent or temporary, such as: They post content generated by ChatGPT They post copied content without ...
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How does impact (people reached) increase drastically [duplicate]

My impact was 456k the previous day, and the next day it was 1.2m. How can impact change soo drastically?!
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Custom post form for questions belonging to specific category

I'm a seasoned question answerer on Stack Overflow and tend to be a generalist towards the sql tag, occasionally answer to the regex and python tags. Everyday I scroll the questions thread and see ...
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Should I flag users that want to help but asking to remote control the PC, something like using AnyDesk, TeamViewer, or any? [duplicate]

I want to know if it is appropriate to ask somebody to use AnyDesk to try to resolve a problem in Stack Overflow programming question, something like this: oh ok, do u have anydesk ? I know he/she ...
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What should we do with [apache-vfs], [vfs], and [apache-commons-vfs] duplicate tags?

There are multiple tags related to the Apache Commons Virtual File System library (VFS): vfs, apache-vfs, apache-commons-vfs Given that they are the same thing, should they be merged or otherwise ...
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When is it correct to re-do changes that the author intentionally rolled back?

Another user recently edited an old answer of mine to remove this footer which came after a code suggestion for the answer: Do note the comment attached to your question. StackOverflow is not a code-...
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Are [nested-queries] and [nested-query] just sub types of [subquery]?

nested-queries and nested-query have the same meaning, although neither of them is too popular. I don't have a high enough score in either to suggest a synonym in the tag page, but combining them ...
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Ambiguity comes with an expensive [price] tag

After reviewing some questions in the shipping tag during burnination, I ran across price tag, and wondered how relevant it is for SO. It has 882 questions at the time of writing this post about ...
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On the road to the disambiguation of [post] (Vs [http-post] & Vs [posts])

There are several old posts asking to do things with [post], [http-post] and other related tags, like: Retag HTTP verbs Tag consolidation: post > http-post, and get > http-get One of the "...
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Merge [docker-swarm-mode] into [docker-swarm]

The docker-swarm-mode and docker-swarm mode seem to describe the exact same thing. Here are the two descriptions: docker-swarm-mode Swarm mode refers to cluster management and orchestration features ...
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What should we do with questions from users that didn't even try to learn the language? [duplicate]

Today I saw this question about Rust (now deleted, screenshot attached for <10k). The problem in the question is that the variable is declared incorrectly (like C/C++ Type name; instead of Rust's ...
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Should and could a GPT model be trained using Stack Overflow as a data source?

I'm aware that the creation of question's and answers using ChatGPT is banned for now. Accepting ChatGPT's shortfalls when producing code solutions and snippets, it does a remarkable job for a model ...
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Question deleted in 15 minutes, was it appropriate?

This question: Was closed, which makes sense, was swiftly downvoted, which also makes some sense, and in the matter for 15 minutes was deleted. Now, the question needs some refactoring, a title, the ...
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Is a ChatGPT answer reliable when asked about a given text generated by itself or not?

Stack Overflow already started banning ChatGPT-generated answers with a temporary notice. In some cases, it is really difficult to distinguish between a human-generated answer and a ChatGPT-generated ...
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Should the question “Why can’t I accept my own answer?” be undeleted?

I just came across a blog post titled Accept Your Own Answers on the Stack Overflow blog. It links to a now-deleted question on the main site titled Why can’t I accept my own answer?. I understand why ...
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Newbie C++ question closed for a bad reason

The recent question C++ Classes should I use this-> in the .cpp file was closed as opinion-based -- but both alternatives OP provided are objectively wrong, given the c++ code provided. The (...
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Should the string 'noob' be added to the blacklist for question titles?

Problem There appear to be quite some not descriptive question titles that boil down to [program language]-noob here..., noob-question why does y do y? (See for yourself.) The actual questions might ...
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Disambiguate [chatgpt] and [openai]

I just noticed that on the SO we have [chatgpt] and [openai]. Some questions, like Error when fetching on chatgpt api, error 429, are about not about https://chat....
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A user replied to my comment with a racist remark, I flagged it, both our comments were deleted?

The comments I'm asking about are no longer visible to normal users, but the question is here: How to Implement UDP Client Server File transfer in QT GUI in cpp? I was the first to comment on this ...
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Question closed within a few minutes [duplicate]

I've just posted this question. Within minutes, it was closed, no explanation given, with just a link to another question. I'm not sure this is a good policy. There's no explanation of why someone ...
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Why was my accepted answer deleted when it answered OP's question?

My answer to Is it allowed to fetch businesses from Places API and save them? [closed] which was accepted by the author was vote deleted 2 days ago (06/01/2022) after a discussion in the comments 4 ...
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Why this user can find Stack Overflow can be VERY frustrating

I'll probably get criticized for this too, but way too often instead of getting help on Stack Overflow, I get edited unnecessarily such as changing some bullet points to remove the bullets or changing ...
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Should it be [pinescript-v5] or [pine-script-v5]?

There are currently 3 tags for the TradingView Pine Script (TM) language. pine-script pine-script-v4 pinescript-v5 Note the inconsistency. Also, the official documentation for the language (all ...
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Can we donate rep for an answer even if the question is not asked by you? [duplicate]

Can we donate rep for an answer even if the question is not asked by you? If there's a good answer, people who asked the question can give them a bounty as reward. But if you found an answer that ...
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I got downvoted for a well-asked question, while ChatGPT gave me correct answer. Should I always ask ChatGPT first before asking on Stack Overflow? [closed]

I asked a genuine technical question on Stack Overflow: How can I customize Bootstrap with Sass if I use it via CDN? Currently it stands at -2 votes, 24 hours after asking. I am puzzled as to why. ...
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When asking, Is it preferable to use "I" even when there is a "we" and the "we" is not a useful or necessary detail?

I sometimes see question posts where the asker refers to a "we" instead of "I", where the "we" is their company or some other unknown group of people they are speaking on ...
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Not real sure why this answer was deleted

Not real sure why this answer was deleted. It appears to at least attempt to answer the question. In fact, the answer is of higher quality than the question itself.
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How can I change the Stack Overflow URL from user/12345/firstname>-<lastname to /<firstname><lastname? [duplicate]

I want to customize the Stack Overflow URL according to the user preference. I tried to change display name, but it did not work.
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What's the sense of [sql-and] and [sql-or] when we have [logical-and] and [logical-or]?

While browsing the newly created tags, I bumped into sql-and and sql-or. There are just a few questions about those tags (two and three) and I don't see the need of having those tags, as we already ...
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Cheating them out of an education or it’s just hypocrisy [duplicate]

If you read through this post (link to picture for < 10k)), there is a new contributor who has asked a question about reversing a string in Java. He was new to the site and someone provided an ...
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Am I allowed to edit questions so that they become entirely new questions? [duplicate]

Am I allowed to edit questions so that they become entirely new questions? In theory, it lets you achieve two things You have a chance to salvage an unsalvageable question (for example, a downvoted ...
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How do I improve the upvote/downvote balance of my question? [duplicate]

It's not that a person downvoting your question is under any obligation to explain themselves to you in the comments. Often, I have no idea what may be the problem. It's different from closing in that ...
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Are deleted questions actually salvageable?

I'm currently under a five-day question ban. It hinders my learning progress. I have so much more questions to ask! As I understand, it's because some of my questions were downvoted, though I'm not ...
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How can I solve being banned because of improperly formulated questions, but question deleted? [duplicate]

I have added many questions here and they got answered. My recent question has been downvoted and as result of that, I am banned from posting questions. I have deleted that last "dirty" ...
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Here's presumably the basic legal issue regarding "ChatGPT" which Prosus may wish to address. How would or should they? [closed]

Say you type or say anywhere on any device "Melbourne, Australia", or almost any geography-like issue. Google will immediately give you: text from Wikipedia. Say you type or say anywhere on ...
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Rename [overflow]

TLDR The CSS-related tag overflow is being misused for other purposes. 40-ish% of the tagged questions are unrelated. -> A rename of the tag should be considered. Issue An overflow of unrelated ...
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